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Slippery Mountain & Surprise sermon and open arms welcome



We were packing for transfer from Butare University to Kigali where we could exit the country. I was praying about funds for transport as I had given towards the church they are trying to build for the university students. I don't have a salary for my work. The little cash I have is from my praying friends who want to make sure this doctor does not sleep on the ground again. I don't mind if it will help the gospel go forward.

It looked like all was lined up for work in the Northern Province when suddenly there was a phone call from people I trusted in Kigali. They assumed I had been notified of the door that was shut in my face. I was the last one to find out.

I had packed everything and was praying all night for our next set of meetings and suddenly five minutes before the expected time of departure I was told I could fly home immediately.

I had just given my emergency funds to help build the new church and now I was faced with a week of searching for some place to lodge and to find something to do for a week.
WELL, this is not my work but God's. I immediately began discussing plans with Him and asking what to do.

I go and come as He asks.He is coming very soon. He sends me to so many different people groups with their unique customs and ways of thinking.

One place, they cried and with their runny noses they wiped their nose down my sleeve. I smiled and winced. I told them I loved them too. Later I was informed it was an effort to remember my smell. It was an expression of love.

I just keep my faith steady on Jesus and He informs me when to move and when to flee. He has in the past spoken in my ear when threatened by a pastor and his gang in India. I silently asked God what I should do. Since He sent me, I trusted He would tell me what to do. He did not disappoint me. He said, "walk through the Red Sea." At other times in a dream He has told us the secret thoughts of men and their intentions for rape. We knew what to do for our own safety because of this warning.

God knows all the secrets in the world. He hears every conversation. God has faithfully warned us when to change travel plans from train to a bus leaving 3 days earlier. He never leaves us. He promised He has a body guard of 45 attending me. Just one is enough to wipe out a whole army as the Bible account informs us, but this quantity is greater than many leaders in the world have on a constant 24 hour basis.

The door of mercy is soon to close. Those who are disobeying His commands and are focusing on funds will still be doing such things when he closes the door. (2 Tim. 3:1-7)

The gospel commission tells us to move in faith. As I prayed, God urged me to keep on moving in faith.

He promised to never leave me so I assumed He had arrangements for this emergency long before it came to happen.

He arranged the treasurer and the pastor hosting us from Butare to escort us. We sang the scripture songs which hold our faith steady. We trusted God had a way planned.

We arrived in Kigali and God provided a truck from a student. The president of the North promised to pray daily for us. He said it was his plan for us to do this work but while out of office another worker had said it was not possible. There were risks of rain and safety. I assured Him, I was not afraid of anything as long as I was where God wanted me. I knew if I did not go, the blood of souls lost would be on me. I had to obey and go to tell the people in this area to get ready for Jesus is coming.

That night Jenny and I claimed Psalms 4:8 and rested secure in a small lodge in the mountains waiting for government permission to lodge only 6 nights in the mountain village of Steven.
We heard drunks and worldly music and yet we knew we were heavily guarded and had a sweet peace that we were doing exactly as God had commanded.

In the meantime, the student went up the mountain in the rain. The road was very narrow and slippery. Four young men joined them and helped whenever the truck would get stuck. They had to push often. Finally they were successful in getting all the materials into the little church and the brother of steven slept in the church that night. There was a network of information going by mouth buzzing throughout that mountain. People awakened with such joy and began gathering fruits from their trees to feed the visitors from America.

The alternate plan B was assumed we could stay in this student's home and share the message of the sanctuary from there. (Just in case the church was not permitted to be a meeting place.)

The government official wanted to personally make sure we were well cared for. She offered me transport if I put fuel in her truck. I was happy to find a way to get up the mountain. She notified governor and local police and took us to the mountain top station of police to hand deliver papers and be warmly welcomed. The police were Adventists.

We were amazed at the power of God to work in our favor. At the village we were stopped in our efforts by a pastor who had another agenda. At this time, this is all I will share. The road was no longer slippery but the project has to take the route that Jesus did after the animals were cast into the sea. Later I will tell the rest of that story. (by individual request)

I asked the government leader if I could just stay in Steven's home but she was so concerned for the behaviour of the Adventist leader that she said she feared for our lives and took us to her home. Friends in Kigali informed me that historically this area of Rwanda was the worst in the genocide of 94. Pastors even murdered their own believers who came to them for protection.

Our government leader friend provided hospitality and kindness. After she fed us she took us to the kind man in Kigali who cared for us till our plane could take us home. She had spent over 16 hours caring for God's workers and His luggage. God will richly bless her for this.

The kind pastor she took us to received us and refused to let us sleep on his floor, offering us their own bed. God has much to say in the Bible about this kind of hospitality. This pastor later told me he had promised God he would not become corrupted. He was in another country during the genocide as his parents had fled years before.
He told of how he was called to be a pastor. He told of how one day while working in a factory, robbers came and tried to shoot him. He expected to die but later when looking at the metal where he had stood, he saw the bullets had gone on either side of him. He has seen our program in another university in another country. We both were surprised to see each other again. God promised to pour out blessings on this faithful pastor. Heavenly angels are especially abiding in his home for his kindness in housing us. God promised him the 100 fold blessings as He does all who bless His messengers. He blesses those who bless us. I have seen it time and again. (

The kind government worker was on the phone all that way in the car speaking with other police officers and government workers telling them what happened that day and that she wanted us safe. She offered to open the government hospital in the area for us to work in.

It would take time to meet the health minister and make such arrangements. We were nearing our time of departure. We were pleased that she was thinking of ways for her people to receive what God had intended for them. She wanted a Bible and I gave one to the pastor to take to her from Kigali. We gave her a final events DVD. It will be a witness to her perhaps for eternity. God showed us unmistakably it was His plan for us to spend those 2 days for a testimony of His soon coming. She begged us to come back. She wanted to show us the volcano that was in that region but it was safer for us to plan that for another time.

With the danger behind us, we attempted to fly home early but put it into God's hands. Friday night, I fell asleep with plans to visit the church I had done a series of meetings in during January as had been arranged by Dr. Phodidas. I was planning to meet those who had been baptized. There had been 40 who asked for baptism and we did not know how many had actually followed through.

Jenny was so "home sick" during our week of nothing to do. She spent much time Bible reading and praying and hoping for the plane change to happen but God had more work for us to do in Rwanda. He also wanted us to finish our promise in the future to the North. Three invididuals have requested this in different areas. I was asked if I could forgive and I assured "of course". I do not guard my reputation but the Lord's offer of salvation. His honor and glory is all I seek. Jesus was sent away from villages. Later He returned and thousands were healed and listened gladly.

Perhaps next time, my husband and sons will go with us. I hope and pray for such a blessing. My doctor husband is proud of the work we can do but he is not able to leave the hospital long enough for the long 6 days involved in travel plus the days consumed in evangelistic meetings. He is supporting 3 sons in their expensive Adventist universitiy and Academy fees. By October he will have some paid vacation time available.


In the night I had a dream of seeds of truth that need to be put everywhere we possibly can.
Yes, I had only 10 minutes to preach to those mountain people that were crying because we had been chased away. I had asked them not to loose hope over the disappointment but to keep looking for Jesus' soon coming.

Well, as soon as that impressive dream finished about the seeds,( IT happened at 11:30 pm.) I got up and found some seeds for sprouting in my supplies and took pictures of them for graphics. Then I went back to sleep. Again I dreamed at 3AM that I was in a vehicle that was stopped on a railroad track. I saw the train coming. I told the driver it was time to move off the tracks. He yawned like he was real sleepy. He said he had plenty of time and wanted to wait till the last minute. I urged him that car failure might make that last minute too late. He assured me the car worked fine. My voice began commanding him to move and he became all the more stubborn. He wanted to wait till the last second. The train was almost to hit us. I opened the door and ran from the car just before the train hit.

As I awoke I was in such distress. It was impressed on me that too many are waiting till the last second to be ready for Jesus to come.

At church that morning, Jenny and I were just about to enter the church session after the Bible study portion when I met the pastor again. He asked if I remembered him. I had met him briefly during our series of meetings but he was never around. He said he had many churches which keep him busy and he excused me for not remembering him. He was very friendly and then a man stepped forward who said he was going to be my translator and that we needed to move to the side with the elders to pray before going on stage for my sermon. I was so surprised. I had been impressed to take my laptop so I had what I needed. Jenny whispered, "As it was in the days of Noah". We moved to the platform for the service.

The translator had never seen a train so he was totally lost during the illustration I gave after telling about our need to be ready and enter into the ark. I wondered why I was impressed to tell something the people did not understand. I did my best and felt my best was not good enough.

A kind woman was waiting to transport me in her nice vehicle back to where I was staying. On the way she told me of the two places I had lost my translator. I knew of them both. I saw the disappointment on the faces of the listeners who loved me and were eager to hear from me. They did catch the story of Noah and God did move His people.

Then this dear woman told me something so important. She is a minister of justice and now appointed as an Ambassador to Canada for Rwanda. She had followed the whole sermon and was greatly impressed for the times we are in.

Now let me ask you, dear praying friend, why did God wake me up in the night and give me such an illustration to share in that service for just that one influential woman? God cares for each of us as though we were the only one on this earth. He has a right to give an illustration in a sermon to 700 people that is mainly for one person. He has the right to forgive those who reject His messengers that He sends to warn them of danger. He has the right to forgive and change the hearts of pastor's who would kill their own believers. There is no sin too horrible but that His mercy is even greater. He can open the eyes of the blind if they want it. He is not willing that any should perish but that all should live. (Ez. 33:11)

Your fellow co-laborer in the Master's Vineyard,
Dr. Rose

PS. WE are praying for funding for tickets for the upcoming Philippine journey. We have 7 weeks left to prepare. It will take all of that for the difficult sewing project.
We praise God for the funds which came in time to pay for and begin sewing a set of sanctuary curtains and robes to leave in the Philippines for Arnold to use. We are daily packing the suitcases and preparing to do what God has asked.
Pray also about the possibility of work in New Guinea with my brother. WE are also praying about an invitation into Kenya. We had such a successful series there in October last year. Many church leaders witnessed our program there and are extending invitation to return. There were many who enjoyed clinic services and many who were baptized.
We love those people and hope God permits us to go back near this place.
28 May 2007 by Larose

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