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1. UPDATE clinic and gospel meetings
2. Jenny’s DREAM and Miracle for the Pastor
3. Food Miracle: Supply not diminishing
4. NEEDLES MIRACLE People with dental problems pray for needles
5. 3 small 760 dollar churches needed to house new 300 people
6. Challenges
7. Need for transport home from here to Lubumbashi to catch our connecting flights to Spokane Washington. Departing out of Lubumbashi on Dec. 18.
8. BIBLES: Still waiting for word. Supply difficult to obtain in all of DRC. Twenty seven 27 have not yet received theirs and on this weekend, we expect another 100-200 of the 230 who have pledged their hearts to Jesus.
9. ORPHAN I want to tell you of a young man of 22 who dreams of being educated at Lukanga University as a pastor. His parents were slaughtered by the Rwanda military in the neck. The parents were good church members loving Jesus. He was 17 years old and saw his parents slaughtered. He continues to dream of pasturing. He hopes someone can help and he will work his way through school.
His parents were Adventists but the extended family did not want him because of his faith. He lives with the head elder. He is wanting to be a pastor. Right now he is a youth leader and has gotten up early at 4 AM and traveled through the jungles singing the gospel and inviting people even in the rain for 2 hours with the choir of 12 members.
We have TRIED FOR 7 DAYS TO DO INTERNET. There is so much to share. Telephones fail due to lack of charge and air time. Each time our plans failed. We trust God will help us anyway to arrange our exit from Kalima in ample time to catch our departure flight out of Lubumbashi for USA on the early Monday morning Dec. 18. We planned to do some more in the region of Lubumbashi but at this point we do not know if any have given for our flight out of Kalima to Lubumbashi. I am in a region very difficult for travel. Even trains and busses do not come in here. It is rainy season and the road in here from Kalima is full of mud holes. A section sunk away when the truck was trying to get in here with our dental needles and sanctuary set. There was delay but we put up the back drop and just as soon as we laid out the gold cloth runners, the ark was proudly carried in, unwrapped and set in place on Wednesday evening. There is so much interest in the sanctuary message. The place is packed and the audience is very excited about this message.
"These are they which follow the Lamb withersoever He goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the first fruits unto God and to the Lamb." Revelation 14:4.
…all who follow the Lamb in heaven must first have followed Him on earth, not fretfully or capriciously, but in trustful, loving, willing obedience, as the flock follows the shepherd. {AA 591.1}
I am so happy to report that over 1,500 have been served medical treatments, health lectures, and the gospel of Jesus and what He is offering in salvation. The Adventist church here numbered about 100 when we arrived. Their church is a 6 or 7 miles from the lodge we have stayed in. This lodge was inhabited by Rwanda military who followed people here during the genocide and slaughtered many including inhabitants of his region. Now the healing of wounds is God’s plan. He has put salvation in the reach of the inhabitants and placed it right in the center of where the torment historically was located. We do not mention where we are going in January for they look frightened whenever we mention the country name. The gospel of Jesus in healing the sick and inviting to heaven knows no boundaries. Healing is offered to all.
Luggage bound for our next country will go there as we proceed on to take a couple weeks rest and Jenny speaks in Baltimore at the general youth conference Dec. 27. God has promised an army of youth will finish the work.
JENNY’S DREAM: Last night, Jenny fell asleep troubled. She had been asked by the dedicated Adventist pastor for a pair of reading glasses. She had given out the supply. She asked the pastor to pray. The pastor has worked so hard visiting and preparing and baptizing people as well as helping in clinic, that the supplies have dwindled till he finally asked for himself. His attitude is different from the 99 percent who are in the “ME FIRST” MODE. He is constantly serving others. When he finished baptizing last Sabbath, he was exhausted. 94 had been taken under and brought up out of the water for Jesus. We found him sleeping in the chair so tired while we were doing clinic the next day.
Well God was pleased to give Jenny a dream. The next morning, she asked me if I had emptied all 13 bags. I had searched them all except her children’s supply and her clothing bag. But I had spilled a little bag of reading glasses and perhaps I had not located all of them from under the edge of the children’s suitcase. She looked there and found the exact prescription and color she had seen in her dream. She hurried out to give as she saw the pastor outside. He reacted with the same laugh and excited joy she had seen in the dream and the strength of the magnification was exactly what he needed. Through the translator the pastor told Jenny he was touched that she was praying for him. He had also prayed asking God if He was giving glasses to all those people but not to him?
The supply of needles was finished last week and we ordered more. They were purchased in Kinshasa and sent Tuesday with the shipment of the sanctuary. Wednesday we received the sanctuary but the tiny bag of needles was no where to be found. They searched the food supplies of ADRA that they traveled with but no needles could be found. The swollen faces of those who had suffered so many years pleaded with me but I had no way to help them. There are no dental services here. I could not hold back the tears remembering my own tooth aches and misery when I had no funds to seek dental work for myself. I told them to close their eyes and we were going to pray. I told them God’s eyes could see the needles and He would know what to do. He knew who had them. I was sure they had been sent because Jean Pierre, from the Bravo airlines booking office had called me and told me he sent them on Tuesday morning. Jean Pierre called his dentist friend, learned what to get, bought them with funds sent by YOU, my prayer warriors and sent them on his plane. I heard the plane flying overhead and was excitedly waiting for my supplies. I knew God was looking right at the needles and He alone could send them to me for these sufferers. When I said “AMEN”. The sufferers asked for some charcoal to take their swelling down while they waited for God’s answers. I thought I had satisfied them and emptied the last of my charcoal I had brought. We taught them how to make more charcoal and went to wash our clothes while we waited for needles and some food to eat.
Another crowd of waiting dental patients was standing with hands outstretched praying for God to keep us here 2 extra days (Sunday and Monday) so we could do the dental they were promised.
Just as the electricity came on and the final program details were being put in place, the women’s ministry leader Marie Salome who has coordinated our cooking in her home, placed the needles in my hands. A man on “moto” (motor cycle) had gone to Kindu in the morning and just returned with the needles from the Bravo office in Kindu. I am hoping after all that to be able to fix it to the syringe I have. They look different. I trust after all that God will show me how to make things work to get the anesthetic out of the carpules.
Marie Salome is struggling to feed 2 pastors and 2 Americans and our translator from Kenya. She told of the miracle of the corn flour. They make something that is like corn meal mush that is thick and stiff. She said that the corn meal supply was in a pan and each time they go to get some to cook, the supply stays at the same level. They even have extra to feed their hungry neighbors. These people give to orphans and even house orphans in their home when they are rejected for following Jesus in baptism. Marie Salome is the women’s ministry leader and wife of the ADRA coordinator.
She was praying what to do for our food yesterday. We noticed each day they are coming later and later with food to feed us. They are really struggling. Her neighbor came with the rice and she had food to place before us. These starving people are being blessed for caring for us. Just like the widow who fed Elijah the last of what she had then planned to die. God kept her supply going till the end of the famine. God is also bless these people the same way.

BAPTISMS and need for 3 little churches
Ninety four last week end and over 230 more have promised God to follow HIM and be baptized and begin climbing the ladder (2 Peter 3; Genesis 28:12 And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it. The ladder is Jesus. He has us take the ladder about and invite people to climb, following the LAMB.
The SDA church membership will be tripled by tomorrow. To build a simple small church will cost about 750 dollars. They are used to simple dirt floor, and roof of tin. Dr. Matinda dreams of his people having a church right here. In 1987 the church began and still is being constructed and many stopped going for they had to walk 4-8 miles. They need 3 little churches for they come from all over the jungle. They are under the leadership of the headquarters in Lubumbashi where we started. Right now there are 2 more pastors here from Goma. I heard they were here to help baptize but they arrived after baptisms last weekend.
The needs here are so enormous. There is so much malaria. Their spleens are enlarged so much that the left half of their abdomen is firm from chronic malaria. There is extreme suffering worse than I imagined could be. I dream of using the cargo airport as a landing spot to bring in more medical helpers to do cataract surgeries and other relief. There is so much hunger. ADRA is helping yet more is needed. Many hands are cold as we greet them because of their hunger and sickness. The temperature is nice and warm. The cold hands alerts me to which ones are feeling so low physically. They are hungry to listen and just keep sitting wanting more when we are finished with 2 hours. The gospel is sweet hope to them. The warnings of the closing of the door of mercy and end of the world is stirring them so much. This soil is really ready after all they have gone through.

Our work is complicated by electrical failure, No generator fuel, broken modem, can’t open AOL mail, no telephone due to no electricity to charge phones etc. As yet we have no arrangements yet for departure due to these challenges.
This Section was written MONDAY Dec. 4
Electricity is a grand problem yet during our program last night it was nice and strong. As soon as the thunder and lightning and rain started, it went off but not till the program was finished. We tried to do internet but the ADRA truck stalled and would not move forward and I walked back to do the meeting with Jenny. I had tried twice to get to the internet Monday. Then on Thursday it was the modem that was not working. I am in the middle of a jungle and there is such a great need here. Hundreds are suffering. They surround me all having needs and supplies are running low. I have3 more days. I know it will be time to start home but I do not know how I can do it. I have not the funds yet. I would love to keep working here for another week. It seems I could help more of these suffering ones. If I could fly quickly to Lubumbashi, I could stay on and help another 300 people. I am praying for a charter flight. God knows the great interest here in the BIBLE. They are still hungering and enjoying hearing several chapters read a day.
Another educated teacher and his friend who can speak English were informing me last night that they are determined to be baptized and follow Jesus. They faces are serious as they see that He is coming soon and they want to know more from the Bible. They hear the texts of the last days and long for a Bible. They do not have one and hope to get one. God is telling these people time is short and they are wanting to follow HIM. They will sit for hours and most of them are standing. They want to hear all that we will tell them.
Jenny was so sick yesterday (SUNDAY). Anne and Jenny are feeling better today as God has done this miracle of rapid healing. He allowed them to stay weak and yet they are hungry. We are praying someone will bring us something to eat today. We are thankful for rice. People put their hands through the windows and pitifully cry out for food. ADRA provides food for them on a routine basis. We are thankful for Adventist Disaster Relief. Now that we are providing medical services free they also are happy with the Adventists.
Must close for the battery is beeping now for some time. I know Jesus is keeping it charging every 2 minutes as I pray to be able to type out this short message update. We are working from before sun up to way after sundown. We had a great sleep last night in spite of crashing thunder and bursts of light through the curtains. The low rumble of hundreds of sick people visiting outside our bedroom window urges us to get ready for another day of service to Jesus. There is so much more need here than we can possibly accomplish.
Pray that we figure a way home from here.
Kalima has a cargo airport that has a primitive runway. It is hard with a bit of grass. It is some distance and I have not seen it. The heavy rains seem to be soaked up into the ground quickly. There is a bit of mud around our court yard where thousands walk daily.
Dr. Rose, Jenny and Anne
06 Jan 2007 by Larose

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