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Getting ready for the Philippines
"in the last days perilous times shall come;" … 2 Timothy 3:13, 1; 2 Thessalonians 2:8. {GC 321.1} We must work while it is still day for night is coming…
Like Shawn Boonstra said this weekend at It is Written partnership, when you loose everything you have, you find out what you really do have inside your soul. Thirteen year old Jenny and I turned to each other with tears in our eyes as we helplessly watched our evangelistic equipment turn to ashes only 12 hours after a successful series in Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico on September 14, 2005. We had just returned from town trying to get my oldest son ready to go away to Walla Walla college. Our hearts sank to our shoes as we saw billows of smoke and 10 fire trucks working hard to put out a 6 acre fire. We lost it all. Over 10K in evangelistic tools were gone in just 2 hours time! In shock we just stood there. It didn’t seem possible. At midnight we were finally home and I had stayed up cleaning things nice in what was now just ashes. All those dishes I washed were now just powder. The floor I had vacuumed was gone. EVERYTHING----EXCEPT the most important in the world to us. OUR LIVES. In the face of this disaster, we were numb and decided since it was all God’s evangelism equipment Jenny and I lost, we could trust all to the hand nailed to the cross for us. We were so curious what was in the one piece of luggage that had not arrived with us.
Jenny and I at the exact moment began singing “All that I have is ashes is earth, but I hold in my hand the PEARL.” We kept hoping that when things cooled we would find our laptops, full of sermons and graphics, somehow shielded by God. Standing next to me was my 20 year old son with agony in his face as he saw he no longer had a laptop and items he was planning to take to Walla Walla College to start Engineering courses in 2 days. He had worked hard teaching English all summer in Taiwan. My other two sons in Academy were notified and immediately left their class work and sat on their beds and wept.
Red Cross was there in 5 minutes at the call of the fire chief and placed us in the Hampton Inn. Our home was nothing but ashes. My son’s graphic evangelistic art illustrations and movies of the sanctuary were all destroyed. What were we going to do for the meetings immediately to start in nearby Medical Lake? We had already rented the hall and advertised? Satan was obviously worried about losing territory.
God had a plan that HE arranged in January. On a mission in Mexico, I had borrowed a laptop from the hotel owner while my computer cord was giving trouble. I had at least put the evangelistic series all in her laptop. I sent a message to my translator, a university professor who found it all still intact with data. This was uploaded to his web site and my husband downloaded it just in time for each meeting we held in the city hall in Medical Lake. This September series was schedule a year in advance and facility was rented. We could not cancel. But we had no equipment. After announcing our intentions to move forward in faith, a friend sent her tiny laptop which I am using now to type this letter.
At Amazing Facts, Doug Garcia sent a replacement of the Final Events DVDS that were left to use in our Philippines evangelism in November1-December 20, 2005. The Lord has moved HIS friends to provide.
The president of the bank in Cheney read about it in the newspaper and came over and signed his own Ford Crown Victoria 1992 car over to us free. A very poor elderly woman with a very sick husband donated 1,000 dollars which was needed to start reconstructing the large sanctuary walk through model in time for Nov. 1 departure for 3 evangelistic series in the Philippines. A friend is having us sew on her machines in her home.
Jenny and I are hoping the airlines will grant our request to reprint our burned up tickets. We are grateful we were able to stay in the shelter owned by the conference while they were in transition phase and had no battered women clients. Now we are staying with a widow lady but long to be back on our acres where it is easier for Jenny to daily care for her flock of sheep. She lost her spinning wheel. She turns the wool into scarves and hats and socks. We long for a little simple home. We are hoping God will give us a little mobile home to roll onto our 40 acres before the snow hits and before departing to the Philippines Nov 1. In faith, I have obtained the permit. We have given everything to the work of God. We have kept nothing in savings. We have been overseas more than 22 times in 12 years. Never have I had so much satisfaction in doctoring as when I turned my reputation, finances, and family over to God.
A dream three nights in a row called me to preach the gospel in 1992. I argued that my practice in Gresham kept me too busy with the responsibility also of my own 4 little children under the age of 7. He reminded me HE had granted the children to me when I prayed and promised for 13 years like Hannah. I feared what my husband would say about God’s call. HE reminded me that HE gave me my husband. I told HIM I did not have enough funds. He reminded me of Philippians 4:19 that He would provide. I remembered promising God during every exam in medical school that I wanted to be a missionary. But now, I thought Portland would be the mission field. I was sure there were other people not as busy as I. Three nights in a row I saw thousands of people with faces upturned ready to hear the gospel. I was afraid. In 28 years of schooling, teachers could not get me to talk or answer questions. If I did, I was trembling afterwards. My cardiology teacher would point with his laser and demand we get up to read an EKG in front of the class. My anxiety was so great, I went into labor pains early and delivered my firstborn a few hours later when his laser pointer came close to picking me. I had such difficulty with shyness. HOW COULD I PREACH? I told God like Isaiah, even though I had a theology degree, preaching was not for me. Who would listen? I began to see I was arguing with the wrong PERSON. When I still hesitated, He reminded me of Jonah. I could see God was serious about selecting me. I did not want a submarine ride. He has taken me to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Borneo/Sarawak, India, Peru, Mexico. The web sight ministry of sharing doctrines and experiences has reached into more than 100 countries.
God asked me to train my 4 young people since they were 7 years of age. Each has learned to assist me as a nurse in our tropical medicine free clinics. They have learned set up sheets for screens and get power adjusted with transformers. They manage equipment and design needed graphics for each night. The youngest began preaching when she was 10 years old. Her largest audience has been 5,000. She makes cookies each week to sell for raising funds for Bibles in each evangelistic effort. She asks no price but only donations. She has gotten as much as 300 dollars for one cookie.
We have survived at least 3 known attempts on our lives.
God has blessed with hundreds of miracles which can be read on two different web sites: and You are welcome to follow events in the Philippines and beyond for I have established a blog page. My brother Jack Sample, sends out my emails to keep people posted with updates.
We are currently in great need of a little place to prepare our sermons and call home. Having given totally all to Jesus, we were given the past dwelling till we could build. It was too old to insure and was temporary till we could raise building funds. We have a permit to build a log home but have determined never to borrow. The Lord is coming soon and we have put all our treasures in HIS service. I left my practice when He called me to fish for people. He got my heart completely when I saw Him raise my little Jenny back to life when she died in our Portland home of crib death at 4 months. In all 20 years of doctoring, I have never seen a dead person brought back to life. I have seen him raise the sick up when we pray and do many other miracles. He got my heart 200 percent when HE did that for me. Jenny is now the best “nurse” I have ever had. She anticipates every move I make. She tries to carry any heavy load I have. She hears the patient’s complaints, and has the medicine ready at my elbow before I have finished figuring out what they said in Spanish. She is playing her flute for every meeting. Two men in our church couldn’t bear to see her tears and found her a flute exactly like the one which burned. I will serve HIM always even if I only have a tent or camper to live in. No Captain of an army expects HIS soldiers to do a war at their own expense. I expect Jesus is just about to provide so we can do Bible studies in our own home. They are expecting this after our efforts in the little town next to us that has no Adventist church. It was Jenny’s dream to see a church planted in Medical Lake. The fire destroyed her laptop, sermon notes, and projector. She laid down in the ashes under where her room used to be and just cried out to die also. It felt like to her that God must be finished with her services.
Since her 10th birthday, she has only asked for literature to give door to door as her birthday present. She has taken along her little home school friends and gone door to door on Sabbaths & Sundays for 3 years now. Ten individuals from this town are asking to continue studies and waiting for us to have our little 1,200 sq foot home to do it in.
Jenny’s little dog is so lonesome everyday since the fire. As we feed the sheep he wants to get in the car. It breaks our hearts as we tell him to keep guarding the ashes and the sheep for someday soon we will again live there. Last night he groaned and cried. He has been such a comforter. We prayed God would give him peace. After following us down the driveway and trying to stop us by standing up in front of the moving car, we carried him in the car back to the camp site and prayed. He seemed more relaxed and decided to stay in camp and was eating when we left. God has blessed us with so many dear ones who love us.
Our church family have buried us in pillows and blankets, clothes and kitchen things which are stuffed into our little camper which did not burn. The men’s ministry will be coming to clean up the ashes Sunday in preparation for a dwelling.
Satan will not win. He goes about like a roaring lion but he is a defeated foe. Like It is Written TV speaker Boonstra said, when we loose everything we discover we never have lost Jesus. He is closer than ever. He has prepared a place for us and it won’t be long. We will press on in faith. God promised to increase our efficiency. He promised to sharpen our threshing instruments so that we can even bring down mountains and hills. I have never seen a threshing machine sharp enough to do that. We are talking about impossibilities that God specializes in. I trust everything to the hand nailed to the cross for us. He allowed this disaster. We praise Him that we are counted worthy to suffer for HIS sake.
We are being given suitcases and are packing for the Philippines medical evangelism effort in 3 locations. We are dreaming big for we have a God with great big warehouses. We need to rent a large place to hold meetings, buy medicine 3,000 Bibles, 3,000 commandment posters and lessons, and rent buses for transport. We need help.
Isaiah 41:15 Behold, I will make thee a new sharp threshing instrument having teeth: thou shalt thresh the mountains, and beat [them] small, and shalt make the hills as chaff.
41:16 Thou shalt fan them, and the wind shall carry them away, and the whirlwind shall scatter them: and thou shalt rejoice in the LORD, [and] shalt glory in the Holy One of Israel.
41:17 [When] the poor and needy seek water, and [there is] none, [and] their tongue faileth for thirst, I the LORD will hear them, I the God of Israel will not forsake them.

Your fellow coworker in the Lord’s Vineyard,
Dr. Rose
Tax deductible donations can be sent through Missions Unlimited. Their address is on our website front page at Lable it “Feed My Lambs, Larose McCluskey”
Tax deductible home donations can be sent to pastor Jeff Kinne at Central SDA church in Spokane, WA. 509-328-5900. Lable: “benevolent fund, McCluskey’s”
We are currently staying with a widow: Betty Seagreaves in Airway Heights. 509-244-0306 and spending the day sewing with Sheila Cameron at 509-245-3933.
Our POBox is 351, Cheney, Wa 99004
Our phone where messages are picked up daily at a tree on our property: 509-299-6617 (which is 3 miles from Medical Lake town)This is where we will be packing our bags for the Philippines and keeping them under a tarp. God’s work must go forward no matter how much of a fight Satan puts in our face. God will win.
If this has been sent to you by forward, you can sign up with my brother’s letter update service as we head off to the Philippines. We have 3 emails in the event that we cannot get one while overseas. PRAY FOR US. THIS IS ONE OF OUR MOST DIFFICULT TIMES.
18 Oct 2005 by Larose

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