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Blind eyes longing to see the sanctuary
June 25, Monday, 2007
Dear Family and friends,

STORY: Blind eyes longing to see the sanctuary: God’s miracle
Text: Isaiah 42:16 I will bring the blind by a way that they knew not….
Is 42: 7 I have called you to “open the eyes of the blind…”
John 9: 25 I was blind and now I see

I am thinking of a special miracle in Yurimaguas, Peru that happened before our house fire. I would love to show the pictures but they were consumed in the fire. I am asking all who went on that trip to please look through your pictures and share them with me.
We had gone with our church group as translators (Spanish). We went in 2 weeks early to do evangelism before the building began. I enjoyed coming close to the hearts of the people in Yurimaguas. The home visits, daily meetings and clinics kept Jenny and I so busy. After the fellow Spokane Central church members arrived to build the church we were busier than ever with both of us translating. Often after we finished late meetings there were urgent cases calling for a home visit and prayers, and counsel lasting up till 1AM sometimes. Up by 4AM studying the Bible and praying left so little time for rest. But God gave the strength each day as needed. We saw many miracles and answers to prayers in the lives of the people and among the sick at clinic.
There was a blind lady that always had a smile and thankful heart. She came to vision clinic and wondered if I could help her. I prayed for her and wished I could give her sight. She attended all the meetings and wished she could see the sanctuary. She made baskets. I was amazed at how she could do this. If I was blind, I would not be able to doctor, or to do anything.
I gave her a nice pair of sunglasses to cover the sad appearance of her unseeing eyes. I prayed for her and longed for the day when Jesus will give sight to the blind as He comes in the skies. He promises extra angels to guide and help those that are physically blind.
She told me how she longed to see the beauties of the sanctuary I talked about. I prayed and God did not give her the ability to see but HE GAVE HER A VISION. She saw the sanctuary and she saw me with the ark and it gave her so much joy.
We continue to praise God as He works in providing supplies for the Philippines journey. Bible funds are being collected each week for Africa and Philippines.
We are planning to share the gospel in the Philippines coming up soon. Before that we have a mission for Mexico to do—all in the month of July.
I am thankful for the sewing machine we were given after the fire. We were given funds for cloth and now we SEW! It is very busy around here as we sew up the sanctuary curtains and robes so we can keep a set in the Philippines with Arnold who is making a wooden set for use even after we are gone.
We do not have funds for tickets yet. Only 5 days remain and we are going to fast and pray till we see God do what He has promised in Philippians 4:19. (All our needs supplies) We are packing and getting ready. We have literature. We are packing the Spanish Desire of Ages 600 copies, praying for Final Events DVDS and preparing the stick model frame of the sanctuary and getting ready to leave in one week. Sharing the gospel is the best fireworks we like to do on the 4th of July. I need ticket funds and Jenny has a list of children’s supplies.
Tickets for 2 round to Mex: 1,600 dollars for the two of us round trip with a little extra for excess weight of literature. (destination: Ciudad del Carmen)
We also need tickets for Jenny to the Philippines. She is preparing her children’s program and praying that God will open the way for us.
Your fellow co-laborer in the Master’s Vineyard,
Dr. Rose & Jenny
Many are asking how they can help.
Some like to get things on the list.
Others like to send donations.
Thanks to all who are daily praying that the light can be taken to those who need to make their choice. He will call those who are in need of Him.
If you want to support financially:
You send to POB 351, Cheney , WA 99004
For a receipt for tax deductions; (takes 1-2 weeks)
Missions Unlimited is happy to do that paper work. It is the ministry of Jerry Dawes to do the receipts. Make sure you carefully label the donations: Feed My Lambs, Larose McCluskey or Jenny McCluskey
Missions Unlimited:
1617 Carson Lane.
Wenatchee, WA 98801
27 Jun 2007 by Larose

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