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Bill Colson memorial service
June 11 memorial in Salem, Ore
Bill Colson gave us assistance when he learned this missionary was in a terrible loss with the home burned down. I did not know him. GOD WORKS LIKE THIS. I move in faith when He asks me to go and share my faith. I start packing not knowing where the money will come from.
After our fire destroyed our home, we stayed in a shelter and later with a widow. It was getting so cold and snow was falling. Three sons were away at school yet in deep sorrow over our loss. We(Jenny and I) determined to go to the Philippines as promised anyway. A bright beam of hope came just a couple hours before departure. I found an envelope in my mail with return address of some retirement corp.
I thought it was junk mail and nearly threw it away. I was curious about it for it was written to my name with last name of my parents. I have been married 35 years. I just was so curious how this happened from Salem, our home of many years ago. I started to put it in the trash then I opened it the next day while cleaning out the car. It was Sunday and I went to my friend the president of the bank's home and asked if it was real. He assured me it looked like it and that I should cash it. He looked so surprised. He asked who this man was and I did not know. He had tears in his eyes for he had personally signed his own car over to me when the newspaper showed him our losses. I found a simple manufactured home that needed fixing up. I could have purchased a new one but wanted to do a bit of work, put it in place and get on to AFRICA University of Butare. THE amount of funds left after purchase were enough for my tickets to Africa to do service and get some literature.
This University and Lukanga University in DRC had students who wanted the sanctuary message to go to their people groups. The dean of the school of theology translated and then was moved to Lubumbashi as president of mission. He invited me there to work with him. From these University programs, many invitations come to villages. We love doing both.
Bill Colson contributed for our 7 country Africa missions. The costs are so extreemely high. God moves on hearts to support. I just pack my suitcases and hope. Sometimes just 10 hours before departure, I can purchase my flight. It is a walk of faith but it is a privilege to share as He leads us.
I love to sing: "He leadeth me"
The memorial service for Bill Colson was very nicely done in the convention center in Salem. funeral was set up for a king. (June 11) It was such a sad thing to find he had died of cancer as we were returning home from Africa. Even in his death, the memorial service provided gifts for all who attended. He was a good example of giving. God wants us all to be generous in sharing.

Mark Finley (Vice President of GC) gave the comfort message. He and Teenie came directly from Austrailia where they held an effort. There were 3k people there in the convention center.

Uncle Ken Fleck (age 91) was there and is so mentally clear. I am amazed at his health. Auntie Alcian is at home as she had broken a hip and had it pinned. I think they are so special. We have purchased their books telling the stories of their orphanages all over the world.

Lonnie Melashenko was there from Voice of Prophecy.
Maranatha gave the flowers. It looked so nice. It was a great opportunity for all present to think of eternal life. As the King Solomon said, it is better to spend time thinking on these things. It is better to mourn than to party. Eccl. 7: 1-3
Uncle Ken Fleck was there representing ICC. Bill Colson gave them funds each year at this time and also took furniture for orphanage needs. Uncle Ken fleck said that many orphans would jump onto the lap of Bill Colson in heaven and rejoice for all he had done for the orphanages.
Many churches have been built for the SDA church.
World Radio was supported by him.
Wently Fipps was there singing. There were TV cameras on and there was a grand reception in the convention center. All the food was great. WE found a lot of vegan items. We loved the huge strawberries. The food looked like at Partnership weekend.
We found Warren Woodard and Pauline and had a great visit. It was good to be in Salem Oregon where I attended school when dad (Vernon Sample) taught at Livingston Junior Academy.
We met and visited with Duane Mckee who is now pres of Arizona Conf. One of my friends told me that he had been in DRC when it was Zaire. That he was at Lubumbashi.
I had a chance to tell our family gratitude for their gift to us of a home and how we were encouraged to keep on in mission service.
We drove the long way home up the Oregon coast. That brought back memories of my childhood with mom and dad taking us often to the beach on weekends. We lived so close to it.
The beach was so pretty. We got here at sundown and enjoyed an hour of sun setting beauties. The weather was perfect. We swam, ran in the surf, fed sea gulls, made sand art and castles, took lots of pictures, studied our Bibles on the beach, and looked in some shops. The time went by too fast.
We learned how much sea gulls enjoy French fries.
We enjoyed the microwave and had a nice hot potato and topped it with some good vegies and had a pita bread full of veggies.
We saw beautiful sunsets and rainbows and were refreshed from our labors. The two days spent were therapeutic
On the way to the funeral we saw the beautiful roses in the Portland rose gardens.
God has encouraged us.
It was like we were getting our gospel shoes back on ready to go on His next mission. Jesus invites us to rest awhile but during the rest it is a spiritual refreshment and refinement as He places in us strong desires to help finish the work. He is about to close the door of mercy and needs many more missionaries sharing the light.
Dr. Rose
27 Jun 2007 by Larose

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