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Where did the glass go?
People were up at 2AM going to the little stick church to wait for clinic. They tried to be first in line but the appointment list was made last week.
Why would they be able to do this? If only people were as eager to be purified and put on the robe for heaven. If only there was the same urgency to study and memorize Scriptures.

I saw 40 patients today and 45 yesterday. We are all tired and looking forward to rest on Wednesday. People know where we live so we will try to find a place to rest. We hope to see butterflies and flowers and have things quiet. We will be in prayer for the group traveling to join us. We look forward to their arrival. I have not had any communication from them. I asked in 4 emails if there was something I could do for them and still get no answers.

In clinic someone picked up a pair of glasses without lenses and said they could see better. They were so happy, Jenny kept quiet about the missing lenses. They hurried away so pleased for the pretty frames they had gotten. About five minutes later they came in looking embarrassed and asked if they could change for another that had lenses. We tried to keep a straight face but when we got home we giggled for awhile and shared the story with the pastor and his wife. We all enjoyed the humor. Well, again today the pair of glasses brought smiles as the helper lady had to wear them while she helped people find something to help them read. Another pair was missing one side and the lady again did not notice and scurried away with joy in her face that she had something good. She reappeared with a puzzled look and wondered if she had broken them or they had dropped out during her departure. We again enjoyed a good laugh and she ended up taking them any way.
We had many gifts from those in clinic including food so that we have had plenty to eat in the last 2 days.
From Yurimaguas Peru.
Dr. Rose
02 Aug 2005 by Larose

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