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Good progress in Peru
We are working night and day.
We have broken the record for the number of days one can do evangelistic meetings and still have a crowd. The pastor is surprised. We had a very full house on Sabbath and last night was good as well. The children are increasing too. The Day of Atonement is the topic tonight and on Sabbath at 10AM is the grand finale on the feast of Tabernacles.
The Peruvian maranatha worker cheif says we are making faster progress than others. Today is Wednesday the third day and the bricks are up to the roof. There are 14 rows of bricks. The internal rooms and baptistry are being worked on also the bathrooms. The trench is in and the drain tube to the out building. Tomorrow the metal roof goes on. The electrician Randy has his work in and the plumber Rick is doing his. We are real excited because the meetings have brought commitments and there are baptisms planned in the new tank and church on Sabbath at 3p.
Clinic has been very busy with a great variety of things. At night there are house calls. Last night I was out seeing one with a high fever: 14 yr old girl. When I closed my eyes to go to sleep, I saw a woman’s face before me with a purple black eye. I asked Jesus if it was the woman who had been beaten by her husband. There was only silence so I went to sleep. Today the pastor came to me saying I needed to go with him to see this beaten woman who had a black eye. Her husband does not want God and beats on her for wanting to join the church. He almost killed her. We could not find her at her home.
We will keep looking till we find her.
The group is helping at the meetings. They help sing special music as I make calls for conversions and help carry the ark. It is great to work together. They promise to help get my heavy bags of sanctuary supplies home. It looks like I won´t have to pay extra on the return flight.
We are really working hard. I am not getting enough sleep but plan to on the way home. I just need to confirm my tickets for return as I hear there is a strike going on the day of my return.
The Lord sent a heavy cloud cover and lots of rain during those first hard block laying days. Now at noon today the sun is out and things are warming up. No one has had any major accidents and all are in good spirits.
The air conditioned rooms have been a good noise blocker. WE are in the time of the fiesta de patrona and there is heavy disco music going and loud concerts in the park as well as a ferris wheel and motor bumper car things going. Some are totally unable to sleep at night.
More later,
Your fellow coworker in the vineyard,
10 Aug 2005 by Larose

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