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Back Home from Peru
Dear Family and friends,

We have been home now 4 days. On August 30 we start off on a mission to share in Mexico. Thanks for your continued prayers.

It is fun to have Lloyd home from his mission in Taiwan where he taught English to 60 students all together.

It was such a delight last Sabbath in PERU to have the new Maranatha church filled with visitors and members. The service got off to a delayed start and I shortened my sermon so I could start at the other church on time. It was hard to say goodbye for we had come to love these people in Peru.

The 3:30 pm baptism in the new church was thrilling for all the builders. The emotions were hard to describe. The filling of the baptism tank was complicated by dirt in the line. We watched them cut the new line and heat up a rubber hose and seal things back up again. Buckets were brought for filling and soon it was deep enough. Twelve were baptized and many more wanted to but had issues to clear up.

The woman with the purple eye had a dream where she saw me Sabbath night. She located the pastor Sunday morning who brought her to us while we were getting ready to leave for the airport. My heart was moved. I tried to imagine why God informed me 5 days early about her visit. The pastor, the woman, and I have seen God show pity on her and yet I wonder if more is to be done like a home for her.

When she saw me, she trusted for she recognized me from her dream. God taught her through this divine intervention that she is precious though bruised and broken. We must pray for her and her 5 hungry children. We must pray for her drunk husband. He hates God and does not want his wife to join the church.

Our home trek was special. God gave us opportunity in LIMA to meet a very precious family and share the Final Events DVD and our stories of Godís blessings.

In His Hands,


24 Aug 2005 by Larose

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