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Good results in Ciudad del Carmen
We are being cared for very well. The food is great and we have a nice room we are staying in. Only 8 more days and we are headed home. Time flies when we are working hard night and day.

We are happy to report that the attendance at the metings is increasing continually. The response for the altar call last night was overwhelming. There were about 15 wanting Bible studies and baptism.

We were thrilled that all 8 bags made it here in spite of plane changes and one bag just being a thin plastic container when we had to unload from 100 pounds down to 70 pounds per bag. It was a handicap to have a hornet nest in the scales at home. We guessed wrong but in the end the blessings are that we took a greater risk and thus the amount of books and DVDs and tapes will bring a greater harvest for heaven.

Wednesday, as we arrived in Cd del Carmen we went to collect our bags off the belt and an American asked what we were doing. He called a porter and gave 10 dollars and instructed him to help us to the transporting vehicle. WOW! We did not know him. He works for Pemex, I am guessing from what he said to another man he knew. He said "God bless you" when he heard we were not moving to the island, just doing some Bible mission work.

We started meetings a few hours after arrival and the next day set up the sanctuary. We had very little help that day but God blessed. We still have work to do to get the ark the way we want but that first day we just put gold cloth over a little table and used 2 flag poles to carry it. We set the angel picture in the middle and covered with the blue cloth. Again and again we see the mighty power of God.
Sabbath all were attentive for 3 sessions. WOW!
The Lord is calling. There was a drug addict, an alcoholic and many others with problems bringing their hearts to the Savior. We sang, "Iīd rather have Jesus".
The childrenīs meetings are going very well. The first night there was one child the second, 10 and now there are about 40 coming. That is real good increase in 4 days. They are learning the Scripture songs and Jenny has a translator that is doing pretty good.
Keep praying for us. We start clinic tomorrow. There are many planning to come.
We made a house visit this morning.
We have an interesting story to share of a man here from Brazil who had an accident on his motor cycle during a stunt he was doing in a routine performance. He fell more than 15 feet head first. Both hands are in casts and the color is purple. A month has passed. He has been in 50 countries performing. Now God has timed our visit here to bring him some things to read and think about. He really likes the Final Events DVD.
More later.
Thanks for your prayers,
Dr. Rose
05 Sep 2005 by Larose

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