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Laptop smashed but still works
I am thinking about the amazing miracle of God's power to preserve our testimonies that fill our laptop. We run through airports and are in and out of planes and it is a wonder to me how the computers keep going. Sometimes people knock over our carry on bags and the computer is jolted or smashed onto the floor in airports as people push and shove.

The laptop in it's bag as well as the projector were placed behind the car ready to put it into the trunk ("boot" if you are from Canada or in Africa). The trunk was locked. My helper is always so faithful to care for me and carry my things. I had just finished the program for the church program that morning. We were short of time. It was so cold. As we scurried out of the home and through the crisp cold air, we all got into the car fast so we could get warm. The keys were obtained and the driver demanded them so he could quickly warm up the car.
The helper forgot to get the luggage into the trunk. All entered from the front of the vehicle and no one knew the equipment was still waiting to be put inside. All were shivering and we were concerned about getting there on time. No one in our family wants to be late.
The keys were given to the one demanding them.
The car was started and all were inside.
Suddenly as we began backing up there was a terrible sound of crunching. The driver asked what it could be. I screamed in panick---OH NO! It is the laptop and the projector. Immediately the driver shoves the car in gear and returns over the top of the crushed items without thinking what more crunching smashing could happen.
We all piled out and looked under the car. There we saw the projector. It was examined and put into the trunk. Then we determined nothing else was there and got inside thanking God that the projector was possibly able to work for it did not look to bad. It was in the center of the car and only was scraped on the case. The shock might have stopped the bulb. We could determine that when at the church.
Again the car was backed up and there was a small thump. Then as we headed forward, there was a dragging sound. The lap top bag shoulder strap was atached to the wheel well and was dragging the laptop along on the ground about 7 meters or 21 feet.
We all piled out and the agony in my heart and the grief as I saw my smashed laptop was so bad. It came out in moans and tears expressing my loss. My son said he would not give up without trying to start it. He opened it and the shattered screen showed nothing. He said with a projector I could still do my program at church. We were a little late and my eyes were plenty red.
Hooking it up to projector, we saw God had worked a miracle to save my files. The laptop is used only for His work. There is no games, no movies, and nothing but praise for our heavenly Father and He had preserved it. I took and used it in Mexico. My translator after the program was seen to walk full circle about it knowing how delicate computer laptops are. He praised God for His mighty power.
You know, every miracle is performed for to teach us something.
I learned that God allows disasters to be able to show Himself strong to all minds. Those who love to spend time on computers have a huge example of the strength of our KING. I have seen Him raise the dead, heal the sick, cast out demons and charge laptop batteries, heal light bulbs of projectors, send electricity when there was none in India, give visions to blind eyes so they could see the sanctuary, and multiply food and supplies of widows and students who are hospitable to HIS DOCTOR AND NURSE.
With God all things are possible.
He can provide all that is needed Phil 4:19
Dr. Rose
Story happened in 2005 not long before our house fire
The laptop was destroyed in the house fire.
But God prepared a laptop in Cd Del Carmen at Chachos hotel that had the files in it while mine was having charging problems 6 months before it was run over. My God whom I serve continually is able to keep His files. For innocense was found in me as Daniel said to the king when it was proved God could keep the lions mouths shut.
We contacted Amos, our translator who had admired the crunched computer and told him of our loss. We asked him to go to the hotel and ask about that laptop we had used in January 2005 fire was Sept 14, 2005)
He found it, loaded our files onto his web site and my husband downloaded in time for our next journey. God is faithful.
He has delivered from the crunch of car and the heat of fire that burned 6 acres.
27 Jun 2007 by Larose

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