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Burned to the ground
We are thankful God worked in miraculous ways during our Mexico Mission. It was satisfying to see the children at the school so thrilled with their programs. The meetings went well and we are confident that God worked and continues to work in a mighty way. We are so thankful for all that God has done for us in the past.

He held a plane for us in Houston during our delayed flight from Mexico. We did a lot of running.

We reached the Spokane airport by 10:30pm and the since one bag was missing, the reports took time and by 11:30 or 12 all except mom was in bed. I stayed up to shine up the kitchen and living room.

In the morning, I had a nice breakfast finished and we went to get some shoes for Jenny then later, about 12 went for some things for Lloyd because college starts this weekend at Walla Walla College. The 20K school costs look impossible yet we are thankful he has been accepted to the school of engineering (mechanical). Now we are wondering how --THIS FIRE DISASTER is overwhelming.

While we were at Costco getting Bible lessons printed, our house burnt to the ground. There was nothing except a hand full of Mexican Coins and the head of a doll from Jenny's room. There was a tea cup from Cd del Carmen. The Fire chief saw the fire from Spokane and did not call trucks till he drove out to investigate. All was lost. There was only the metal ties of the trailers left. All mission supplies of sanctuary, robes, curtains, laptops, thousands of hours of graphics, and sermon notes and programs all lost to ashes. There is 8 days till our next program begins. Jenny lost laptop, projector and all her ten commandment Bible story and sermon notes also.

We drove in to our property by 3:30 and found maybe 5 fire trucks doing their best put out the fire. They called in more trucks till it looked like 10.

No words can describe the loss.

Red Cross came and put us up for the night.

We are looking for God to help provide us a dwelling. It is so cold at night. The camper left is too cold now. In a month the snow will make it very hard to survive. We are thankful a side shed has sleeping bags which should help us keep warm.


Knowing that He is able to keep us and not allow more than we can bear without His help.

You can see some pictures of the fire results here:

Larose, Lloyd, and Jenny

Fire Pictures
16 Sep 2005 by Larose

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