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Out of the Ashes
WOW! God is faithful.
My son Lloyd was so discouraged yesterday morning. He made the comment, that we work so hard on these missions and look at how God does not protect his workers. The questions are now popping up every day. WHY
BUT OUR LIVES WERE PROTECTED! He does not promise that our tools or our things will never be destroyed.
Like Job we cannot answer but we can trust the hand that was nailed to the cross for us.
THANKS, Doug Garcia at Amazing Facts is replacing the burned Final Events DVDs Praise God.
We are so grateful.
Yesterday the Mormon fire chief came to the motel with his wife. They are going to do a mission in the same city we worked in Mexico. We have a special bond. We spoke to each other in Spanish. They are calling everyone they know of their Mormon friends. Bedding, dishes, kettles, clothing, food is pouring in. There is no place yet to put these but there is an apartment possibility near where my daughter has rented a building to start meetings in 6 days. (There is no/little Adventist presence in Medical Lake city.) These Mormons are going out and buying new clothes it appears for they still have tags. WOW. I am planning on giving them the few Final Events DVDs I found in the car, as a gratitude offering. I can't make cookies for all those who helped for hours into the night putting out the fires on our acres. (maybe 30 people) They keep checking our forest for reoccurring flames. I am so thrilled I found those few Final Events DVDs in the car. I hope there will be enough for all those sweet Mormon people. I am impressed with their love and concern.
I will be out at the acres today much of the day and sending Lloyd off. Can't figure a way to go with him but will try to make phone calls regarding finances promises. So glad he was with me during the fire. He would have died trying to save the families treasures. That fire was so hot and all went to ashes in just a couple hours including metallic objects. Lloyd was sure his education would be stopped in the face of our losses. He is very anxious about leaving us but excited to begin.
Others are talking about taking up collections to get Lloyd into college today at Walla Walla College. (Engineering) This gives us hope that we can meet the needs of the 3 sons in school this year. (37,000) We are happy to camp in whatever as long as our kids get educated.
I am thankful for the Red Cross/Hampton Inn providing a room 3 nights and a business center for emails and phone. Out at the place where there was once phone is just powder.
In the little camper, I found a few CDs that I am hoping have some of Kyle's graphics. Hopefully we have what we will be using the first 3 nights. When God provides the laptop, we shall know what is on the CDS. The pastor promised to loan his laptop.
Housing is still an issue to pray about as the meetings start in 5 days. The apartment for rent for 600 a month is one possibility in Medical Lake. We are waiting to hear if they will allow us temporary lodging without demanding a 12 mo lease.
I am praying that we can build a little something and live on our place.
Dr. Larose
16 Sep 2005 by Larose

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