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Meetings still on
Second day after home burned (Friday)

FAST TAKE: We are starting meetings next Friday in Medical Lake. We are going door to door inviting people today. We will announce it in faith. The fire destroyed laptops, Jenny's projector, flute, all external hard drive back ups, and Bibles but not the literature ready for this event. We began planning one year ago. The Medical Lake City Hall is rented and we begin in faith Sept 23 at 6:30pm and go to 9pm each evening till completed except Wednesdays.

We know God will provide. We are not canceling or postponing for we see the final events are being fulfilled. Satan is about like a roaring lion but he will not be permitted to consume us. With a loud voice we proclaim the warnings. ALL MUST GET READY now. You will all lose all that you have on this earth. The Bible says so. It is coming soon. VERY SOON. GET READY everyone. Now is the time to give to Jesus all that you have.

We suffer our loss knowing that soon a better place is to be experienced in heaven. We are determined to be invincible till He has finished His work for us.

IN SHORT: A place to stay for 2 weeks or more has been arranged. Contact us through email or through Pastor Jeff at Central Church SDA. Meetings are not delayed for Medical Lake starting Sept. 23 in faith God will replace burned equipment. Lloyd is starting college on Sunday. Kyle and Ian are at Country Haven Academy grieving the loss of their items left in their rooms now turned to ashes. All pets are alive. No one is harmed.

GRATITUDE: We are so grateful to all fire fighters who worked hard into the night and for 2 weeks continue to look for reemerging fires from root systems of the pine trees.

We are eating very well and want to thank those giving food, clothes, etc.

God is providing a laptop and camera to get graphics ready for next Friday opening night.
God will provide helpers to pass out announcements of meetings.

Jenny is trusting Jesus to keep her calm during her meetings she has planned for more than 1 year as a birthday gift to Jesus on her 14th birthday Sept 27. The city Hall is rented and the children's part starts 6:30 and adults start at 7:30p. Jenny trusts that God will provide a pianist and all the helpers she needs. God is faithful. Satan will not win the battle.
Gorgeous flowers are gracing our table in the hotel compliments of the garden of Joyce Brown. (The ranch where the boys worked pitching hay)

Fire chief Bruce and his wife provided clothing, and other blessings in their concern. We are so grateful for the whole team of fire fighters. They are so kind and sympathetic. They were greatly relieved no one was killed.

Red Cross provided food and clothing assistance and 3 days in the Hampton Inn. We have been so comfortable. We appreciate availability of internet service at this Inn in the business center. We were too busy to enjoy the swim and hot tub and did not save any swim wear from the fire experience.

Thanks for all the letters, cards, assistance, food, clothes, love and concern. God is so good to give us friends like you.

We are so grateful for all the calls (18 of them on the message phone) to the Hampton Inn on our behalf. There were many more that we picked up in person.
Exhaustion is still a huge factor as I drive about accomplishing the tasks. I have fallen asleep so many times in the opposite lane of oncoming traffic. Pray for us. I will try to stay awake as I drive to WWC (Walla Walla College Engineering course) to register my son Lloyd tomorrow. I am grateful the pastor has called ahead to facilitate this for me. The Lord did not permit Lloyd's truck or car to burn. The car he assembled out of two broken down cars. It is very precious to him. The pickup was earned with hard work pitching hay last summer in 2004.The fire went under his truck and burned all about it but did not harm it. Many are thinking of him and his needs for college. He is grateful. He was shivering as he watched the flames take away all his pictures of people dear to him. His treasures from all the countries he has been in are all destroyed. We all felt the same pain. No one can, however take away the memories printed in our hearts.
We find our remaining items in the literature supply camper (Elijah Room) are so very precious to us. I discovered a cd of back up programs made when the laptop was in trouble in 2003 in Mexico during the Tecpatan event in Chiapas. We are thrilled to find many of the doctrine lessons there except lesson 21 on tithe and 22 & 23. The number of hours represented on this CD is over one thousand. We are so grateful for this. We hope we can get copies of the rest through friends in Mexico.
There is a blessing with temporary lodging (2 weeks or more if needed) in a ranch which is fully furnished with food, furniture and heating. We are so grateful. This will help us be able to deliver our meetings in Medical Lake in good form. We are busy with these meetings till Oct. 20. Then we have 10 days rest and Jenny and I are scheduled to fly to the Philippines for 3 series of meetings. WE WILL NOT ALLOW SATAN'S EFFORT TO DISCOURAGE US OR CAUSE US TO POSTPONE GODS REQUESTS FOR MEETINGS.
So many are willing to help. We are so grateful for that. So far we have no where to put the offers of furniture.
God is providing what we need to keep working on HIS projects in Medical Lake. I am awaiting a reply from my translator in Mexico. I am hoping he will be able to send me the files over internet by ZIP. If not by postal on CD. I am praying he can obtain these from Israel and from Eva Chachos at the motel we stayed in Cd del Carmen, Mex during January 1-15.
We need to start sewing the sanctuary curtains and tribe banners but the materials cost so we await God's funds to begin. I just made a new set in 2003 so I know it will be about 500 dollars. The old sanctuary robes Jenny hopes is inside the last bag we packed which was lost during travel. It was to be delivered right during the fire. The firemen did not permit entrance, or they tried and found the porch delivery impossible for the porch was ashes.
I called and the person answering the phone was distressed that the bag had not yet been delivered. I reassured him it was perfectly fine with me and that I could hardly wait to see if there are items in there I desperately need for the next mission. It may only be the one which contained the cords to the computer which is now burned up and the our clothing. There is a hope that the robes for the sanctuary are in there. I will be delighted to get my Bible from that bag. They will deliver there today this morning to the car which is parked in the driveway.
Praise God, Lloyd's car was not destroyed. It was at the edge of the inferno next to the stack of literature under a tarp which had melted from the heat.
It looked like at the trailer stocked with literature, there was a line that God drew. The corner of that camper is gone. It was on fire when the dear volunteers arrived and put it the fire out. They unloaded some of the literature. God used their hands to save the leaves of autumn. (The everlasting gospel which is ready to go on missions)
It was in this camper that the cd was found with extremely important power point programs. It seems that the video files are not yet found. I keep hoping because Kyle made some very nice video files for the sanctuary.
It was like God said, "This far and no farther".
God is faithful. He even gives the warm fuzzies during our tragedy.
The neighbor loaned her little lamb "teddy bear" to Jenny to hug. She goes to bed with it tucked into her arms. I felt so bad that the big teddy I had purchased for Jenny's birthday the morning of the fire, was destroyed with all her other treasures.
The neighbor also provided alfalfa for the sheep as the ton of food supplies had been burned in the inferno that took at least 6 acres.

JENNY SAID through her tears as she saw me in agony, Mommy, don't worry, God must have permitted this loss because He plans something bigger for us than we have ever done.

She later was digging through ashes where her bedroom used to be. She found the mangled metal that used to be her flute with the cleaning rod still inside. It really was not recognizable except for the rod inside it. She began to sob. I reminded her how God provided that flute when January 2005 loss claimed her second flute. Satan is so angry with her witness.

She stood there trembling in grief. She said, "I guess I won't be playing for the sanctuary program. That is burned up and so is my flute."
"But," I said, "We can sew. The majority of the frame was over by the pile of literature in its luggage bag direct from the airport. It was saved from the fire. We know how to sew but we are not able to make any wood parts. We can always find screws to put it together. We just need funds to buy the material. The place we will be staying has a sewing machine." We will need help sewing because we are so busy with the meetings.

These words will comfort many of you who are also suffering. They come from my brother Jack and are so well written I want to quote them directly with his permission.
"When Peter and the other Apostles were put in prison shortly after Pentecost, Gamaliel made his famous statement and the apostles were beaten and then released. After their release they made an interesting comment in Acts 5:40-42 They rejoiced that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for HIS name. God allowed the suffering because He could count on their response as a witness to others.
"Imagine Job, one who was known far and wide for his relationship with God, when everything was lost, including his children and his own health, did not consider losing his confidence in God. The same idea prevailed then as today. That somehow you must have offended God because surely He would not allow one of His own to suffer loss like this. Even those very thoughts are planted in our mind by the evil one and must be banished immediately because we know they are not true and are very dangerous. "
"I can almost imagine the devil challenging God on your account. You take away all their precious tools and belongings and I bet they won't keep going on these mission trips. They will give up, just you wait and see! And God's response... Go ahead and burn their stuff but you can't burn a hair on their heads. I know my servants Larose and Jenny. They will never turn away from trusting me. They will only rise from the ashes stronger and more powerful in my Spirit. "
Trusting all to the hand that was nailed to the cross for me,
18 Sep 2005 by Larose

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