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Aniban Update
I am so happy and content that God did what He planned here in Aniban church and the prison.
We are happy to say that we went to a beautiful outdoor swimming pool in gated community and had the baptism Sabbath at 1pm after church. There were 29 baptized and more studying. Then we proceeded to the jail where there was a baptism in a big barrel. There were singers around it from the church and the pastor stood outside. Jenny and I were ready with Bibles and Steps to Christ to hand out to each after their baptism.
God gave us help as we picked up our Bibles on Friday. We had challenges with the money but it worked out that they received the rest of the ballance using my US dollars that I had for travel needs. We know that God will always provide. We were able to get Bibles for the next place.
Yesterday we rode in the car of Dr. Vaughn to the baptism with a young man from New Zealand who was also baptized yesterday. He is an engineering graduate and has fallen in love with a local girl.
A young man came up and thanked me over and over for coming to speak for now his father is baptized. I saw his father in clinic. Then I saw him come to meeting and sit at the back. Each night he seemed to move up a row so he would not miss anything. His father had had a stroke and the light in his eyes yesterday at his baptism was something I won't forget.
I counted 29 but heard the number 30 baptized. Dr. Vaughn said the crusade had been very unique but really did produce fruit.
This morning I asked Jesus if we were going to work in Batangas and Mindoro as He had asked us to come and do. I need to know how to prepare. I have already in faith made 1000 lesson books for children. We also purchased the 1000 Steps to Christ, and Bibles and have other literature ready.
After meeting we packed up the sanctuary and we have put books inside of duffle bags we bought in market in case of rain or other challenges. We are ready--about one hour more and all is ready to move to our next work. We wait for Jesus to show us.
I asked Him for a sign and He gave it. So we know we will be working as planned.
20 Nov 2005 by Larose

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