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BRIEF REPORT from Mindoro
Currently we are working our 3rd place in Oriental Mindoro spending a week in each location. We are doing 12 sessions of our Follow the Lamb seminar and health and children?s ministry programs. Condensing our 3 week seminar into such a short time is very challenging.
36 were baptized Sabbath. These precious fruits of our labors are after only doing 1 week in 2 different villages. Six more tomorrow and maybe some one from Bongabon. We finish tomorrow and move to do Roxas on Wednesday morning.
Villapagasa, Bonsud Nov 24-November30
Bonsud December 1-December 8
Bongabon Dec. 7-Dec. 14
Roxas Dec14-Dec.19
Baptism Location: Turbid waters of Typhoon troubled sea (Dyke broken at pier between mainland and Mindoro. Thousands in shelters and homeless. Many missing and dead. The storm and dyke were broken which caused cancellation of speaker for Praise Program Sabbath and opens the opportunity for the presentation of sanctuary to 2000 Adventists and neighbors gathered for praise program.
Sabbath services held Friday night, Sab morning, Sab divine worship and rented the gymn to complete the Follow the Lamb seminar started Wednesday before.

7 yr old boy axillary tumor for 7 years. High fever. Odor drew flies. Fever down in 6 hrs and swelling decreasing in axilla. Odor gone by Dec. 10. He and mom baptized.
Hannah and her mom Mercidita. Hannah planned to be baptized but was told by an herb doctor her leg had a spiral fracture and he placed a leaf over the leg. If the leaf dries up then she will get well. If not then her leg will not heal. This happens on planned day for baptism. They arrive late and cry when looking at us. God helped me find a dentist for the young mother who had been beaten nearly to death by her husband. She had many missing teeth from the beatings.
God kept providing fruits through contented customers in free medical clinics.
While weeping and crying to God for children and husband and burned home situation, God had Hannah run in to the home we were staying in, declaring an early morning impressive rainbow. It was comforting
While writing up the sermon and working on the statements of the pillar of cloud above the sanctuary and the application for the last days. (Isaiah 4:5&6) In this reference there is a promise that the pillar of Cloud again would guide us in our ways. I looked out the open door as it was just getting a little light before sunrise. There in the sky was an impressive dark pink pillar of cloud. I hurried to the river to get a nice reflection picture on the waters. I praised and rejoiced in God?s favor. Then a rough looking man drove up on his cycle and asked who my companion was. I was all alone. Who was he looking at? It might have been an angel seen by him or my dear Jesus as promised in the pillar of cloud.

Power 2 different times at time of need
Rainbow warning not to leave the village for Bongabon Wed morning. During confrontation over this, Jenny suggested doing meetings both places. She would stay in Bonsud doing children?s meetings while I would start at 5pm and return to Bonsud in time as she was doing quiz and begin the adult meeting with our only projector. It was a very brave thing for her. It was agreed upon by both pastors and Pastor David accompanied me to Bongabon to make sure he had a speaker back in time for his Bonsud church.

Nester?s nephew was baptized. His niece also was determined but was not seen on Sabbath to complete her promise.
I had planned to stay on in Bongabon but God did not approve. He asked me to do only till Tuesday. I discovered they were not inviting the neighbors. They were not advertising. They said they would advertise on cable TV but did not do as they promised.
Friday night we had 300 attending and on Sabbath morning the gymn was filled with 2000. My translators were the pastor from Bonsud and from the conference.
I had arranged for the gymnasium. I kept remembering the statement that we need a large space for meetings if we want success. Even that was blocked by the pastor. He said we had to tear down the sanctuary and put it up again in his church. I insisted we stay. Finally God rewarded our faith and sent the dentist to help. Evangelisto was friends with the mayor and arranged it for us with church member Annie. While they were visiting the Mayor in his home, we asked the pastor to kneel with his elders as we prayed for the success of our request.
We had growing crowds for the children. They loved their work books. We had the chairs filled during the children?s meetings but many ran home afterwards.

Your fellow co-worker in the Master's Vineyard,
Dr. Rose and Jenny
12 Dec 2005 by Larose

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