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Butare University program April - May 2007
June 27, 2007
Butare University
Rwanda Africa
We were thrilled to be blessed by Amazing Facts staff members in sharing with us helping us get some Final Events DVDS. We challenged all in the university. News reached the ears of students in this public university that they did not have to attend meetings to get all the blessings. They learned of a DVD being given out on Final Events. They saw others watching it and were very interested to learn what is about to happen. They were told all they had to do was sketch the sanctuary and they could have one. Clusters of students hovered about the sanctuary during the day between classes. Each was making their picture.

It used to be that we gave back their picture but in other universities these same pictures were handed to others who scratched out the previous name and put their own on. We saw the same picture sometimes 10 times. This time we collected them each time they were made and gave them only at the day of departure to the chaplain. They could find them in his office.

The project being drawn awakened a desire to know the meaning of the symbols. I loved watching their curiosity and desire for the DVD.

Butare meetings were daily for 2 weeks. We saw several students make their promises to God. We saw many promise to be missionaries. We have 30 pictures of those who were baptized.

We started meetings at 5p. Jenny gave children’s program till 7pm. Many students found that time best for them and came hearing the doctrines presented. They gave their hearts to God. Many came and signed the book wanting baptism. From 7-8 I shared the sanctuary themes. On the weekends we had the largest crowds and were able to see sometimes 3,000. Some were coming from the village around the university.

Every day the student Erik came to practice for translation. It was so much better and went faster when he practiced.

The home where we stayed with the Pastor Abraham was broken into. There was a man who came to take things from our bags using some stick or hook reaching through the iron bars. I thought it was a rat and wakened and turned on the light to read. Then I saw him and called Jenny away from the danger. She was sleeping just a couple inches from that window that he opened. God protected. Psalms 34:7 “The angel of the Lord camps around about them that fear Him and delivereth them.”

Rain fell so heavy one night that the flooding came up 6 inches and almost got the sanctuary all wet. The rain did not stop when we prayed. So we prayed they all could hear in spite of the loud thumping on the tin roof of the stadium. They heard. They did not run home fast because of the rain. It was a blessing for many came up asking how they could be saved. There was no rushing off so the next group could come there and sing and dance. There was no one wanting to come do their program due to the rain.

Also the taxi driver had a miracle. The rain had kept his car from working. He had gone through flooded areas and nothing was working. He said, “I will ask God and see if He will answer me like he does Doctor Rose.” He prayed, and his car started right up. He was so happy that God had answered his prayers.

When our prayers are not answered the way we want or ask, we must not give up and feel discouraged. We just in confidence can know that since we asked for His will to be done, He would do the right thing for us so that there could be the most honor and glory to His name.
I am glad He did not stop the rain that night. He just helped them all hear anyway and had a miracle to show Himself strong to our taxi driver and others.
27 Jun 2007 by Larose

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