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Camping in the driveway by ashes
A dear friend of God whom I do not know personally and have never seen, provided us with a very nice motor home. This is a “donkey” that will not only transport the sanctuary but house it and the missionary whose house burned down. The licensing papers arrived to my sister’s hands the very day I arrived from the Philippines to the US on December 20. God helped me find a plane seat on Dec. 22 to fly to Sacremento where sis Jeanie picked us up, & headed for Modesto.

I thought the email offering of this home could not be real maybe it was done by someone playing around and teasing me. How could it be real? I found God also opened a spot during busy Christmas traffic on the plane so three of us could fly down to drive it home. The air turbulence showed me that God was answering my prayer for a drastic weather change. The snow melted all the way to Modesto. I prayed all the way home that God would help me think bigger. I was so afraid. I thought a pickup off road Z71 loaned to me to drive in Mexico was an “elephant” in January of 2005. Now, God was teaching me to drive a larger elephant. God provided wisdom and my son Lloyd helped when I needed a nap. I was still on the Philippines time zone. That is another miracle. ALWAYS it takes me 11 days to get back in time zone but I did not feel it this time. I have been to Russia 5 times, to Borneo twice, to India 3 times and I know how long it takes to get back on my time zone here after having days and nights upside down. God gave me this miracle so He could get all this done and get be on my way to Africa. This is another part to His miracle.

At every gas station the people were remarking about the drastic change in weather. I had a chance to tell them about my fire, ashes, and Gods motor home that needed to get through mountain passes so we could camp by our ashes and prepare for mission Africa. On the table in here, I can get the sermons ready, and keep my Bibles and books dry from the rain. I can hang my suit up and have a place to cook and keep foods in the fridge. Under many blankets at night I praise God how He keeps me warm and guides my footsteps.

In this only am I rejoicing in our disaster. God has again given me reasons to sing His praises.

As David says in Psalms, “Show me a token for good; that they which hate me may see it , and be ashamed; because thou, LORD, has helped me, and comforted me. Ps. 86:17

From inside the cozy motor home, I watched the gravel trucks coming and going. I was right here for every question needing immediate permission such as taking down a tree and filling a hole with gravel. I was here for the inspector. It all worked to expedite the whole project so we can get going on the next volunteer mission of these 10 countries for Jesus in 06. God is doing great things to conserve my strength.

God will bless you, Connie Anderson like He did the woman who provided housing for the prophet Elisha. (2 Kings 8:1-6) For more than 7 years, God blessed the woman. You can see that even during the time of trouble of 7 years of famine, God warned her so she could go where there was food and her son was not eaten during the desperate hunger times in Israel. Others lost their children this way but God helped her son to be far from danger and have plenty to eat. God even got her land back by causing the king to want to hear miracle stories. The old leper servant of prophet Elisha (Gehazi- a leper till his death because of coveting and telling falsehoods) was called upon to recite miracles. At the very moment her story of generosity, her gift of a son, and the son's resurrection was being told, she came to make her plea for justice in getting her land back. This land had been stolen during her absence. God will bless you Connie. Thanks ever so much for your help. Perhaps God has plans for the sanctuary to travel in this home for serving other cities on our continent. If so, He will provide the 1,700 dollars they are asking for paperwork to license here in Washington and get insurance. I want to take it into Mexico full of literature and the sanctuary program this year. I am praying about this. It may take too much time to drive all that distance when 10 countries await the message from us. (unless again God has mission work all along the road there like He did for us in Nevada and Arizona this year during our drive to Mexico)

Your fellow Co-worker in the Master's Vineyard

Dr. Rose

16 Jan 2006 by Larose

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