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In Congo
In Congo at last. Thank you all who are praying.
We are up on a mountain in some very beautiful buildings at 6,000 foot elevation. Historically they have suffered economically from war in this region yet this school is high up in the middle of nowhere. It is surrounded by so many eucalyptus and pine trees. The aromatic therapy is great. It is very beautiful. I was shivering at night and enjoyed the warm fire going in the fire place in the “condo” we are staying in. We are thrilled there is hot water and a tub. The vegetarian food is brought to our table by a sweet cook who can only speak French and Swahili. There are many I wish I could speak with but language hinders me. I pray to get the gift of speaking in French.
Tomorrow we begin meetings and clinic. We are praying we will have wisdom as we go out and come in for these dear loving people. I am very tired after a “short” trip into town for gold for the sanctuary. I found some cloth that is not exactly what I wanted but it will work. The sanctuary gold had burned in the house fire and I found gold paper in the Philippines.
Coming through the border, we traveled by road leaving 5-6AM and arriving 10 pm. The road is so rough in places. The cost by road was 100 dollars because the university truck picked us up at the border. The cost by plane would be about 260 dollars per person. We moved in faith not knowing if there was even 100. When we had gone 1 hour, we were able to get more shillings in Kampala before heading the long road that often was just dirt or gravel. We journeyed over a short cut that involved a ferry, and a section through a park that now has no significant animals as it had before the war.
How we wish we could have funds to go to a nearby region for Bibles in Swahili and Steps to Christ for the meetings.
My sweet friend told me how during the war, her dad was misunderstood and classed as enemy at which time he left for safety to other country. One time her little 2 yr old brother was so hungry as was the case for many others also. Her dad was a Seventh Day Adventist pastor. In his absence, there was no income for food or survival. They ate one meal a day and ate is very slowly so it would but totally utilized. Her little brother left the house. Her mother asked him where he was going. He said he was going to get bread from God. Quickly he was dissuaded by his mother’s statement that daddy would come bringing bread. He waited quietly and watching excitedly all day. By evening he did come and had bread. He knew God had answered their prayers.
More later,
Your fellow co-worker in faith,
Dr. Rose
07 Feb 2006 by Larose

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