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Pillar of Cloud
Since we had to go down the mountain 30 kilometers to town to find gold cloth in market, I had not time to set up the sanctuary on Monday. I was surprised that the 15 miles and the simple things which normally take a little time consumed the whole day. As a result, the plans to set up the sanctuary were postponed till the morning. We worked so hard to complete the set up but also simple things like screws which fell out of our bags in transit were impossible to replace unless that trip to market be done. I was unable to make a very nice furniture representation. The table of showbread did not even come together. I used the piano bench and draped it with some gold cloth. The tin bucket I was given is so plane also the altar of sacrifice is just sitting there as a table uncovered. No one can even realize it is part of the sanctuary message. They kept asking if they could remove the strange things in the outer court. I did my very best to get done in time. I even had to cut the curtain in half that took me 40 hours to make. The other veil was missing in the luggage. I kept hoping to find it and the gate curtain but it was not there. I was also missing a purple cover for the altar of sacrifice.
As I left the church, I had 20 minutes to eat, change into my suit, fix my hair and walk the 10 minute distance each way. I looked up into the sky as I left the church and there was a huge pillar of cloud right above the church. The rest of the sky was fairly clear and the sun was shining so brightly. I thought of Isaiah 4:5 & 6 and Patriarchs and Prophets page 283. I was thrilled. I used some of my minutes to get a picture. Then I walked very fast. My watch is broken so time was not as pressing as it should have been. On the way back I again looked up. A thrill of joy flooded my heart as I thought of the pillar of cloud and the bright light of heaven that had flooded the tabernacle of Moses. Then I heard a little thunder. I remembered how the people heard thunder at the foot of Mount Sinai while Moses heard God speak. How I wished I could hear God’s voice like Moses did. Then I heard it again louder. Others heard it and as is shared with the friends from Pakistan, they said they marveled at it for the sky was clear and the thunder in that large cloud was first soft then strong.
Well, the sanctuary did not look as nice as the one Moses and Bezalel and his helpers had put together. But the presence of God was my promised blessing. How I wished that the furniture Arnold promised available could be here. A pastor showed me a flannel graph of the sanctuary the size of one large hand. He said he was so thankful for what I was doing for he has been trying to teach these things with this tiny picture. If I can find him again, I will get a picture to show you how challenged these people are to have any materials. How I long to order in Bibles and literature to give them.
The children’s leaders have nothing to work with. Yet hundreds of children love coming to hear anything you want to tell them. They loved Jenny’s projected pictures and her story of Balaam. During quiz, she was asking who made people be mean to animals and beat them like Balaam did. The answer is Satan but the child reported it was “her brother”. Jenny had told them that her brother had made the pictures for her story on the computer. The talking donkey really makes the children laugh as they watch how Kyle makes the donkey’s mouth move like he is talking and his eyes roll and his ears move. The translator thought Jenny was asking who made these pictures. When the answer came “her brother”, Jenny was waiting for the answer to “who makes you be mean to animals”. I was handing out the quiz prizes and both of us politely stifled our laughter but we could not hold back a few giggles. Back home, we laughed heartily.

That is all I have time for. I have been informed that the local radio station has broadcast my evening meeting. It also has announced my free medical clinics at the dispensary here on campus. I must get this email to the computer lab, eat breakfast, have family worship, and speed off for my 9 o’clock clinic. Every moment is consumed without time to do the normal eating, drinking, sleeping. There is so much need here. The university is very beautiful with very expensive buildings and the grounds are kept so nice. The lawn is lined with bricks and all is so tastefully done. There is a church being completed and due to be dedicated on the 19th. I have not yet seen it. The president of conference will be there for the ceremony at a 6AM meeting and a week of prayer follows. We are in a lovely round church they call “Maranatha”.
Bye for now,
Dr. Rose
08 Feb 2006 by Larose

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