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Maranatha church Follow the Lamb Series in CONGO
Dear family and friends,
Keep praying for meetings and medical clinics. We need extra strength and patience.

The third night we had many turn in their pictures of the sanctuary after we handed out the first 19 final events DVD rewards. Interest was sparked and we saw more people doing drawings of the sanctuary.

Crowd size seemed about 600. There is a man counting at the very end. After the children’s meeting the young stay on to hear the adult program. We were able to get the first lesson translated into Swahili. Hopefully we will have the next ones done also.

Jenny led out in children’s meetings again with her brothers right there for tech support. The children received little plastic lizards for getting quiz questions. There joy was precious to us. They enjoyed the whole presentation on snakes and the flying snake of Genesis. The Great Controversy was her theme with the ten commandments story of the POUCHY LIP DISEASE of King Ahab when he wanted Naboth’s vineyard. The kids loved making the lips pouch out like Jenny did. The translator was surprised to see her face. It was amusing to all.
Her crowd is increasing to about 225 or 250 last night. They move so much it is difficult to get a real accurate count. They crowd up front and many go up to the balcony.

The meetings are broadcast by radio and it brings many to clinic. They are happy for the glasses we brought.
There were 90 checked in for clinic. They were disappointed when we stopped at noon and went to eat and then do meetings. We had only seen 27. The language barrier and the simple little setting rendered it difficult. We were happy that there is an exam room and we could have quiet as we did our work one by one instead of having a crowd pressing in on us. We went back after meeting and were able to help 17 more. We finished late and poor Jenny was falling asleep. I had told her she could rest but she came to help me.

A generator was running for our projector but the projector was giving us trouble
overheating. We are praying for the projector. We pray things will be better tonight.

Last week we did clinic Wed-Friday in the mornings before noon. With the language barrier, we do not know exactly how well it has gone but it seems ok. On Wednesday we saw 25, Thursday 29 in the morning and 19 after we were done with evangelistic meetings. Friday we saw another 33 in the morning. This morning at 6AM Four showed up at our door for help while I was treating my left arm and shoulder. It is worse. I washed clothes and then the pain was terrible. I cannot wear a sling while I doctor or preach and that leaves little time to heal from the injury incurred while pulling bags of equipment through the airports. I am so thankful for my two sons who carry everything for me.
Kyle and Ian were interacting with the audience last night while trying to make the projector work. When we reached our room we were able to confirm our suspicions about the projector. It is in fine working order. We only lack a heavy duty extension cord. The little wires used to transport some current to us are not enough to run our program. We were so challenged Sabbath afternoon trying to hold up the laptop so all could see the broken screen.
There were some special stories which happened

One woman was too sick to come to meeting. Her little girl attended and listened attentively to the lesson on charcoal and eucalyptus. She ran home to her mother, put a kettle on the stove, and boiled leaves from the eucalyptus trees which are all over the hillsides here. She took a treatment as I had shown in the program. She felt so much better she came and told the pastor how miraculous it was for her.
Another child also went home and treated a family member who recovered.
One adult on the staff was wondering what this charcoal and eucalyptus was all about. It seemed too simple to do such powerful things. They could not imagine anything so common on their hillsides could be used by drug companies all over the world selling it for a good price. I told them I want to gather some of the oil. It is free here but in the store I pay 50 dollars for a good size bottle of it. They said I could have all I wanted for there is so much no one will buy it. I showed them a container of vicks vaporub and right on it is the evidence that eucalyptus was the main ingredient. I told them it is in cough syrup and creams for sports pain relieving creams. They were surprised.
We have 200 waiting for us to do in clinic. They have walked 40 kilometers and sleep over night waiting their turn. Some have been here several nights. Pray for us. Time is so precious. Wish there were more of me.
The crowd size has increased. Jenny's classes have about 400-500 very attentive children. Adults ask the children to give them space in the church which holds 700-900.
There are attached photos for your enjoyment. We will need to serve in Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay as soon as we are finished here.
One patient gave us some food from her garden yesterday to show her gratitude. Praise God there are expressions of gratitude. Many are so determined and frantic to be seen that they become physical in their demonstrations of anger. Some are directed at Jenny. She was punched yesterday. We appreciate your prayers. I wish I knew the language. THat could help so much.

Thanks for praying,
Dr. Rose

13 Feb 2006 by Larose

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