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Clinic challenges
Need more power for projector
Need blood pressure cuff
More patients than I can see
My arm is getting worse not better

Sunday was such a busy day. We headed up to clinic delayed because many came to our home for clinic before we could even eat breakfast. I also had to treat my sore shoulder by soaking it in charcoal.

At clinic, the nurse had moved my things into a building that is under construction. The room was dark and would not work for trying glasses. It was not clean. There was no bed to use for examining patients.

The confusion lasted more than an hour. People had walked 40 kilometers to see me and the waste of time cost them another day of waiting. Some of these have waited now for 2 days to see me. Meanwhile the coveted glasses supply is diminishing. I pray that God will multiply or save for them what they are needing. I told them I would tend to them as they are on the list. Those who have lots of money and those who have nothing are the same in my eyes. I want to do my best for them. The language barrier makes it so difficult to treat quickly. There are 200 people waiting to see me. They stay by waiting through the nights. I wonder how they can get food, water and rest. I have seen the same happen in India. These people know how to deal with delay. A few however, keep impatiently pushing their way to the front of the line and make so much noise demanding, they are better to serve and get out of the way. Oh, I wish I had a team of doctors willing to assist those who need help. Word is getting out by mouth and radio. The radio is broadcasting the health messages and sanctuary themes each night. They are taping it then going to their station.

I was told that the message last night was extra special. It contained the concepts of giving and returning tithe. I stressed how we cannot be saved unless we are giving. The point was made that the King of the Universe could have spoken the word and His own sanctuary could have been made. Yet He asked the poor people who had been slaves in Egypt to give and make it. God could just hand me the money I need for doing mission work and for medicine, but there is a need for His people to be constantly giving or they will not become like Him. It is so important that if we are not constantly giving, we cannot be saved. I shared the stories of how God provided food for us when we were without any. The pastor translating the message said it was such an encouragement for everyone. They had heard how God blesses when tithe is returned but had never personally seen anyone who had received such blessings.
01 Mar 2006 by Larose

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