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"Joash, Smite the Ground"

FAST TAKE: Joash was told by prophet Elisha to strike the ground with his arrows. He stopped after 3 and was scolded for not being more persistent. I remembered this at each challenge for preparation over documents and trip details for Uganda and Congo. Many miracles later, Dr. Rose, and two sons Ian and Kyle and daughter Jenny served in Uganda and Congo. We did not have funding needed. We were packed and ready to travel to Seattle but did not have gas money to get there, it was snowing and we had a mountain pass to cross that was closed. Remembering Acts of the Apostles pages 255-358 we prayed as the sun went down. God moved friends Pressy and Nester to come and pray with us and provide 60 dollars which fed the gas tank and our own stomachs for the next 7 hours as we proceeded to the airport for an early morning flight. The car was parked at the home of parents of friends for the 55 day absence. We had no funds for medications, for books, or for travel but we moved forward in faith. The Seattle friends provided 30 dollars and that was needed for porters and food in the airport. As we waited for departure in Seattle, the airline tickets were hand delivered and a fax provided the visa needs to satisfy the airline carriers. At Bugema University Uganda other plans for the chapel conflicted with our schedule. God urged me to tell those involved that I had been sent with a warning of the soon closing of the door of mercy. If I stopped telling the warning, I would be guilty of the blood of those God had sent me to warn. If they needed the chapel, that was fine with me but I would continue speaking outside on the lawn. In that way only I would be clear of heaven’s judgments on me. I did not know that a riot had caused so much trouble and this was the reason God had sent me. I did not know that the rioters had threatened the life of the president of the Seventh Day Adventist University. I knew not of the troop of armed guards that had been brought in to enforce order. I did not know that there were false messages presented on the sanctuary to clear up. I just knew I was under heaven’s mandate. Like Elijah sent king Ahab to proclaim God’s judgments of no rain, I was not invited to do this warning. God commanded and I obeyed. The Pygmy tribe warriors placed a gift set of bow and arrows into my hands in gratitude for service rendered to their tribe. In h

With smiles they watched my inexperienced hands try it out. God had a smile too. I know He did for He had been asking me to strike the arrows of faith for two months. He is my TEACHER on how to strike His arrows and drive them into hearts to capture them for Him. What an impact that gift had on me! My faith grows on each mission and this one was no exception. Jenny is in the other room studying

French in preparation for October 17 return to Africa to Kenya, DRCongo, Rwanda, Gunea, Tansania, etc. She and the boys are learning to beat those arrows too.


TEXT: 13:18 And he said, Take the arrows. And he took [them]. And he said unto the king of Israel, Smite upon the ground. And he smote thrice, and stayed.

2 Kings 13:19 And the man of God was wroth with him, and said, Thou shouldest have smitten five or six times; then hadst thou smitten Syria till thou hadst consumed [it]: whereas now thou shalt smite Syria [but] thrice.

“The lesson is for all in positions of trust. When God opens the way for the accomplishment of a certain work and gives assurance of success, the chosen instrumentality must do all in his power to bring about the promised result. In proportion to the enthusiasm and perseverance with which the work is carried forward will be the success given. God can work miracles for His people only as they act their part with untiring energy. He calls for men of devotion to His work, men of moral courage, with ardent love for souls, and with a zeal that never flags. Such workers will find no task too arduous, no prospect too hopeless; they will labor on, undaunted, until apparent defeat is turned into glorious victory. Not even prison walls nor the martyr's stake beyond, will cause them to swerve from their purpose of laboring together with God for the upbuilding of His kingdom.” {PK 263.1}

Over and over these words rang in my heart as I went through the “Red Sea” of impossibilities. How hard should I try. I felt emotionally short of breath after days of struggles getting birth certificates, passports, visa, tickets all in 8 days time for 2 sons. Those last days as we brought the boys home from school we learned Kyle was suffering from a tooth ache. At the same time God was blessing with help painting the new home, and carpeting.

First documents.

In the story of the sick woman who was healed when she touched the hem of Jesus, the lesson is taught that as we remember and thank Him for past miracles, He is more likely to answer prayer. Recounting what He did in the past and evidences that He wanted this program in Africa, is like beating the arrows. I made a list of evidences God wanted the Africa mission to happen on January 31. I kept rehearsing these which I have listed by number then added as we went along on the journey just for my own faith, not knowing this was part of beating the arrows.

1. January 23: Overnight service getting Ian’s birth certificate from 2,000 miles away in Missouri Tickets were booked for Ian and Kyle. Ian’s went through.

2. January 24 : Kyles overnight birth certificate from Portland

3. Jan. 25 boys were allowed to leave school with credit plan for work done.

4. January 26: Passport and visa photos were done. Spokane Passport expert recommends letter from school be done for ID and gives passport number for appointment in Seattle to have it made while waiting. A service granted only to those traveling in 14 days.

5. Jan 26 night: Andrew and Mr. Usher put together a school letter and faxed it into KINKO 24 hr office 25 miles from home. By midnight I had all documents ready. Snow made it difficult to see. I was so exhausted I wanted to give up.

6. January 27: (Friday) Kyle awakened me. His enthusiasm made me decide to beat the arrows one more time. We left 3AM encountering snow in mountain pass, driving a car damaged by a truck but not yet repaired. One headlight in the snow storm was not easy. We made it after delays by 10AM. The passport appointment was 10:30. It was such a blessing to have passports made while we waited. We arrived back home by 8pm

7. Jan. 27: VISA Washington DC Uganda embassy was contacted regarding time limit. He offered to fax a letter for us on Monday.

8. January 28: Sabbath REST till after sundown. We went to Kinkos and printed out the angel for the ark top and faxed the visa. We reached home by midnight, exhausted. It was then we discovered the tickets for the boys were cancelled. So I decided to beat the arrows another time. That night after Sabbath I contacted Ambassador Travel and requested tickets next day. He said I must have someone else provide a visa card and he could send to hotel in Seattle on Tuesday same day as flight.

9. January 29: SUNDAY. I almost ready to give up, I prayed with Diane just before her board meeting. I decided to “beat the arrows” another time. I called different ones and asked for email to be sent urgently asking for prayer. $3,200 was needed to get the tickets. We had only minutes and it would be too late to order. Then was impressed to call Warren Woodard. He surprised me. He offered his card and number and needs the funds when I get back. I needed to raise the funds and replace them but he instructed me to move forward in faith, I was not to worry till I returned. Upon return, I have only 5 days and then I am to go to Brazil. I was told it probably was too late to get tickets, but they would try. I determined to “beat the arrows” again. I felt my faith stretching.

10. Sunday night the snow came down so bad there was 3 inches accumulation very quickly. Again I lost courage. How could I get through those mountains again? The drive is not easy. On my knees I said, “God, if it just the same to you to put Your snow blankets out after we go, I’d appreciate it. Can You warm things up a bit and melt the snow all the way to Seattle?

11. Monday January 30 I started to pack up and felt silly for I did not have any evidence of visa or tickets or money to get gas for the car yet. How could I work so hard to get all packed if I was not going. Then I remembered the arrows. I determinedly kept packing as though I was a rich king’s daughter.

12. The snow was challenging and discouraging. We prayed for it to melt. A strong wind came up and by morning the three inches was gone and roads were clear.

13. Doug Cameron reported of the closed mountain pass due to avalanches I was to drive through. Then he called stating it was open.

14. By 6p we were packed and it was dark. Ian loaded the car top carrier. He did a great job. All the bags were in but some weighed 85 pounds. Nester and Pressy said to wait for they had a gift for gas/fuel to get to Seattle. Those 60 dollars were so needed. We even had enough to get something to eat. We sure needed the food because the airlines forgot to put the vegetarian meals on for us.

15. We were lost in Seattle for the hotel directions said to go North instead of South on I5 By 12:30 we stopped to inquire at the exit 189 because there was no 188.

16. JANUARY 31: found hotel. I was totally exhausted and had only 5 hours to rest before I needed to put the car where it would stay for 55 days.

17. By 2 AM we were at the hotel. We were so thankful for the rest till 7AM when I had to leave to park the car. Still the tickets were not visible. I felt silly. What would I do if the airline tickets did not come for the boys? My faith was being stretched so much. I prayed for more faith.

18. JANUARY 31: TICKETS The boys tickets were waiting at the front desk. (2 hrs before we were to leave to airport)

19. JANUARY 31: VISA The embassy in Washington DC had not yet faxed the promised letter. I called and left a message and left to park the car.

20. JANUARY 31: PARKING CAR –God had a man with cell phone waiting on the corner to help. I got lost a little bit. I was on the next street over at the right house number but wrong street. (225th instead of 224th) About 100 feet away was the house I was to find. A man from the county was standing there. He answered my prayer. He had a map and a cell phone. Within one minute I was there. Rebecca loaned me 2 suitcases for our overweight baggage and gave me 30 dollars for travel expense. I needed it. There will be a 30 dollar visa fee each.

21. When Rebecca brought me to the hotel again, Jenny was at the front desk receiving the visa letter. The machine was not printing well. Then the officer called and wished me well and tried to fax again to another machine. It did not go through. I felt I had enough to get the idea and was confident all would go well.

22. JANUARY 31:We were assisted by a very kind man “James” who had lived with an Adventist family while attending college. He knew about the health message and many other things. He had been on many missions giving Bibles. He volunteered this information after having helped us weigh and get the bags all ready to check on. James helped more than any one ever has. He told also how he took Bibles into Ukraine. He was thrilled to see Bibles in our luggage.

23. JANUARY 31: The KLM flight managers were very nice. I was grateful that I had the 100 for excess baggage. It is 25 dollars for any bag above 50 pounds and under 70. If it had not been for James, we would have paid more for our excess bags. He knew just what to do.

24. FEB 1: We had a 15 minute card to email out and get the appropriate communication. I had neglected to get phone numbers and did not know how to contact at the end of journey the help needed. I figured an angel would meet us if Arnold could not get something arranged.

25. FEB1 : I met a sweet couple headed to Kenya. They told about the Loi tribe. Where man is required to care for his brother’s wife if husband dies. They father children but do not support them. Immorality and poverty, and aids bring misery to the children. I wanted to offer my medical services to them and try to get off in Kenya. God reminded me that He had sent me to Congo and Uganda. In faith I went forward.

26. FEB1: Arriving in Uganda airport, I was nervous about getting visas. After each had a form filled in, we easily acquired the visas when paying 120 dollars.

27. FEB 1: There was Pastor Livingston waiting with a sign that signaled us he was the one to go with to the university. He had a nice van and we arrived and were welcomed, fed, given hot water, and slept from 2AM getting a good rest.

28. FEB2: KYLES toothache was taken care of by a dentist trained in Austria. Kyle complained saying pain was worse and did not eat supper. WE all gathered to pray. We may try again tomorrow.

29. FEB 3 CONGO VISA: We will applied in the morning for Congo visa and expected to begin work there as soon as we had funds for flight there. The cost would have been 1,000 dollars for the 4 of us. God moved on the ambassador to prepare the visa while we stood there and in a few hours we were on a rickety van with all our things crammed inside. The dirt roads were full of holes and the jolting made our spines feel like we had several compression fractures. After more than 17 hours we arrived. At the university, we are welcomed by the brother Baluku Kisunzu at Masindato University. He is president of the Kivu mission.

University Adventist University of Lukanga

PO box 180


Democratic Republic of Congo

North Kivu Mission/ Rwese

BP 45 Butembo

Democratic Republic of Congo

The mission is run by the brother to the doctor here at Bugema University. After Congo we returned for 20 days of messages in Uganda. There are 1,501 college and graduate students training here. Many are not members of the Adventist faith.

At every step, I was humming and singing this song: ONLY TRUST HIM, only trust Him, only trust Him now, ….

TEXT: During the last flight into Entebbe Uganda, I opened my “Daily Light” worship book that is full of scripture verses. This text leaped out at me. I was able to relax and trust. Blessed is she who believed, for there will be a fulfillment of those things which were told her from the Lord. Lk 1:45

Indeed, God was so faithful to do all that He said. He told me that I would first serve in Congo and then Uganda. All that He told me, was fulfilled. More than 35 miracles were seen in all the steps involved. Invisible to my eyes were the dangers we were protected from. Now, just 5 days later we are headed into Brazil. Again without enough funds for supplies or clear details of our destination yet how can we ever doubt the wise Captain? The General of the Hosts of Heaven has ordered our trip. We are in obedience to His commands. The E tickets have just been handed to me and Jenny and I are preparing for flight tomorrow morning leaving the home by 3AM. Remember to pray for us daily. Thank you for your continued prayers.

The same man who translated in Congo was moved immediately to a new job many miles away as mission president. He is calling for our services in his new region of Africa. God has requested us to go to Kenya, Rwanda, Guinea, Tanzania, and also Congo. Congo is as large as the United States. There are regions of warn torn rebel areas where the gospel warnings have not been able to go. They must be warned. There is lack of food and poverty and disease which we have never seen anywhere else in the world, we are told. We are going on October 17 to begin the requests God has for us this year. The dollars for these efforts are in God’s pockets somewhere. I only getting more health messages together along with adding more references and miracle stories to the presentations. Jenny is working hard on adding more Bible stories to her presentations. She is now learning the type of speeches where she must speak impromptu.


Others are watching as we try to use God’s arrows. They see that it is humanly impossible for the servant of the Lord is not able to do it alone, they have a chance to to help a little and see God step in and provide the rest. There were so many who came to my new home and put in carpet that was given to me after the fire. They painted with the paint that was given to me. They are like the warriors and translators at the pygmy tribe. All can see the impossible get done.

“The lesson is for all in positions of trust. When God opens the way for the accomplishment of a certain work and gives assurance of success, the chosen instrumentality must do all in his power to bring about the promised result. In proportion to the enthusiasm and perseverance with which the work is carried forward will be the success given. God can work miracles for His people only as they act their part with untiring energy. (Pray that I always have this) He calls for men of devotion to His work, men of moral courage, with ardent love for souls, and with a zeal that never flags. Such workers will find no task too arduous, no prospect too hopeless; they will labor on, undaunted, until apparent defeat is turned into glorious victory. Not even prison walls nor the martyr's stake beyond, will cause them to swerve from their purpose of laboring together with God for the upbuilding of His kingdom.” {PK 263.1}

“There are times when it seems to the servant of God impossible to do the work necessary to be done, because of the lack of means to carry on a strong, solid work…But if they advance in faith, the salvation of God will be revealed, and prosperity will attend their efforts. He who has bidden His followers go into all parts of the world will sustain every laborer who …seeks to proclaim His message.” AA 357

“Angels of God will prepare the way before them, and the means for the carrying forward of the work will be provided. Those who are enlightened will give freely to support the work done in their behalf…the work of the Lord will advance in His own appointed way.” AA 357-358

The Pygmies were so grateful for our free medical services to their tribe that the warriors gave me a bow and 4 arrows. WOW! They did not know that God had given me the text on beating my arrows of faith and now I also have real arrows. I wanted the warriors to show me how to use their hand crafted gift. I was thrilled at their expression of gratitude. I enjoyed the looks on their faces as my inexperienced hands held the chief tool they use to capture their food.

The women screamed and ran with their children to hide when the warriors were showing me how to shoot the arrows.

Their homes were so tiny and simply made. We loved these people and wanted to do all we could for them. How I wish to return and hold meetings there if God should so desire.

They were not the only ones who expressed gratitude.

The University of Congo freely provided us with food and a lovely guest house and transport from and returning to the border of the country in the School marked vehicle.

The president of the Uganda University was so thankful for the service to riot torn Bugema that he gave gifts, took us to the headwaters of the Nile and to waterfalls to bring us the much needed rest and restoration before going home. Also he insisted on helping by paying for the trip into town and xrays and CT on my arm which caused increasing pain daily for the 2 months after airport injury to the rotator cuff muscles. X rays revealed a possible diagonal fracture at the head of the humerus which is healing. I see this as a direct fulfillment of the Acts of the Apostles quotation. We were fed daily by several who had been blessed by the messages and by our hosts the Kisunzus whom we had met in Philippines and who had invited us. WE lived in their home with them. They slept on the floor giving us their beds. God will richly bless them for all the sacrifices as though they had done it to Jesus Himself.

At every obstacle, we were reminded of Joash smiting the ground and determined not to give up in discouragement. For God has also promised if we do not give up, He will personally work at our own firesides with our own family. What parent would ever want to loose out on such a blessing. Imagine it! God Himself visiting our own home and pleading with our own children and other family members whenever they are faced with temptation? I would rather go through any trial and keep working at His commands than loose out on such a dear promise.

Thanks for all your prayers and support in striking your arrows for HIM. May God increase our faith.

I am off now to Brazil,

Striking His Arrows,

Dr. Rose
27 Mar 2006 by Larose

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