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Daffodils OUT of Ashes
Dear family and friends,
and Prayer Warriors.
More than nine thousand people (9,000) have heard our testimony, the gospel and have been given the chance to put Jesus first in their lives since fire claimed our home Sept. 14, 2005. DAFFODILS BLOOM near where the porch to our home once stood. It is a symbol of how God gives life. That fiery blast claimed every thing within 50 feet of the home plus 6 acres of timber, 2 green houses, storage sheds and the hay beside the animals. The flower bed and the tomato crop were cooked. How could these flowers smile at us this spring. It is the flower bed that 14 yr. Jenny planted for her own joy in 2004. For her birthday, she had been given these flower bulbs to plant. She moved a piece of metal looking for signs of life and was thrilled to see how the daffodils had struggled to find their way out from under the fireplace metal guard and smile anyway. Her irises are coming up and next month when we return from Mexico, we expect their fragrant blossoms. We are like those flowers. We have gone to 7 places in the Philippines, to two countries in Africa and to Brazil and Paraguay smiling like the daffodil and telling how much we love Jesus. No matter what happens to us, we love Him and are excited for the signs of the times tell us, He is coming soon.
Many read our stories but we do not know you are following our work for Jesus. Why not surprise us by sending us your favorite promise. We will keep it in our Bibles as we go to battle with Jesus against the roaring lion who knows his time is very short. This dragon, keeps throwing obstacles like the metal on the flowers but Jesus gives us just enough room under the metal to keep on blooming.
WHEN I AM HOME, I read all I can get my hands on to fortify myself for the next mission.
This morning I was reading Doug Batchelor’s “To See the King” 7 Steps to Salvation.

He told about a house fire. It was amazing for I had just read a story to Jenny out of the Bedtime Story book about a house fire where a little girl had been prevented from running in to get the Bible her daddy had given her before he died. She wept and prayed as she watched the flames finish up her home and turn it to ashes. Tears were in my eyes for our own fire experience still hurts. Her father had been a pastor and all his library was destroyed in the flames. After the fire, she found the Bible had not burned while all about it was just ashes. It caused her as well as the rest of the family to read this Bible every day as they finally had their new home.

In Doug Bachelors book it said, and I quote,

“When I was growing up in New York City, it was a “cool” thing to make fun of the police. We called them ‘pigs’. We took great pride in sharing stories of how we had insulted a cop without getting caught. One time while I was driving a stolen car, I pulled up to an officer and asked him for directions just so that a friend and I could later laugh at him. Cops were the ‘enemy.’

But my whole attitude about the police changed one night, when , flipping through the TV channels, I happened to see a very graphic news story. A building was on fire. The camera was capturing all the drama of the firefighters rushing in and out, spraying water on the building. People were trying to climb off the roof onto a ladder. Then one of the cameras focused on the main entrance to the building which by this point was engulfed in flames with smoke billowing out the windows and doors.

Suddenly an officer came running out the door with a blanket in his arms. Smoke was coming off his singed clothes. The firemen hosed him off as he rushed through the crowd to an open spot and laid the bundle he was carrying on the grass and unwrapped it. Inside was a baby- unconscious. Completely ignoring his own burns, the officer proceeded to administer artificial respiration seeking to revive the unconscious infant. My whole concept of policemen as the enemy changed when I saw that he was willing to risk his life to save the people he served. Suddenly, I realized that maybe I was the bad guy and the police were the good guys.”

AS I WAS READING THIS, tears came to my eyes. Many, not all, who greeted us after our return from Brazil told us we should not serve God more on missions. We needed rest. God has told us to go quickly on April 30. We have to obey. They tell us we needed to stay home for our family. While the boys are all away at school, the home is empty. Ron is gone 3 days at a time. God has a work for us to do. God is urging us to go and share the message of the Ten Commandments and the soon closing door of mercy using the Sanctuary walk through model motif. God tells us the days to go and come. He made it so very plain that He loves us. He gave us a new home, furniture, and a motor home. The checks and gifts were in my name. We just obey His directions and trust He can provide our rest wherever he sends us. We do not have any funds for the airline tickets, visas, immunizations, children’s and adult meeting supplies, but we begin packing up, repairing the torn suitcases, and torn sanctuary curtains.

It grieves our hearts to have such statements made for it is a signal that our friends don’t realize the fire is raging and we are rescuing unconscious people and God is resuscitating them giving them the breath of life everlasting. We are not the bad guys, we are only working with Jesus as He commands us all to do. “Rescue the Perishing”. Jesus is coming very soon. I can see it. I am so delighted He is coming soon. I love Him so much. I trust my everything into His arms. (family, belongings, life). His cross is not heavy for He is working right with us. He is in a hurry to come. There is no doubt in my mind. The signs are all about us. It is time to be ready for when the door of mercy closes in heaven, there is no more opportunity to change living for Jesus or living for the world. God loves so much He is providing more opportunities for rescue.

God does care about my arm that is crippled. He sent me to a home on this last mission that was equipped with what I needed for healing. It had a whirlpool tub and a swim pool. I was able to get adhesions freed up and more use of my left arm. My new home does not yet have plumbing so God sent me where I could work and get healing at the same time. The CREATOR of the Universe cares about my health. His tender heart is so precious to me. I trust my reputation, my needs, and my appointment calendar into the hands of the ONE Who died on the cross for me.

Doug Bachelor then goes on to say:

“That’s the way it is with God. For many years I thought God was against me—a great big policeman up in the sky, watching and waiting to see me doing something wrong so He could thump me with His billy club! He was there to restrict my happiness. But then I saw a new picture of Jesus dying on the cross to save me. John 10:10

Out of our own ashes of our home, we see daffodils blooming where the porch once was. It is a symbol of what has happened in our family. Life goes on and it is more precious as we realize not one of us died in that fire. Out of the ashes of our fire on Sept 14 of 2005, we have gone with greater zeal to share with more than 9,000 people the story of salvation and of His completing his work in the Most Holy place and of His plan to save those who are keeping His 10 commandments. We have been in Philippines (Nov4-Dec 20, 2005). In Africa: Congo, and Uganda(Jan 31-March 22) and Brazil & Paraguay (March 28-April 19). God is urging us to go April 30 to Mexico City. Like the fireweed flower is better after a fire, our love for Jesus increased our determination to go anywhere He wants. WE have less desire for this earthly home and more desire to go home to our mansion He is preparing. We hope you live next door to us.

We do not have even one dollar for this next project but are fully aware that the God who created all the universe owns everything in this world. He promised that in the last days, people with property would give to His cause. When He closes the door of mercy as I was shown in vision He is about to do, no one can use their money anymore for spreading the gospel. There will not be any more mission trips after the door closes. My work will be done. Everyone will have made up their minds. No one will be changing their hearts to serve God after that door is shut.

God has so many who are ready to help provide the loaves at midnight when the neighbor comes asking for a loan to feed hungry guests. Luke 11:5 (He showed this to be true when HE had many of His dear friends give us another home, melt the snow so it could be in place, then send all these loving people out to help paint, put in carpet, and fix it up. There is no way that our God will forget to give us the money for our airline tickets to help carry the loaves at midnight to those perishing in the flames. E tickets can be purchased overnight and we are leaving on the next day. God did that for Brazil.

We have a great powerful God.

Your fellow co laborer in the Master's Vineyard,

Dr. Rose and Jenny

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24 Apr 2006 by Larose

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