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9 Rainbows & Lost sheep needing loaves at midnight
9 Rainbows
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2 Parables and The story of a Lost Child nearly Frozen
Parable 2 Shepherd notices one of his 100 is missing and is in danger of death. He risks everything to find it and rejoices over it.
Parable 1 Loaves at midnight from the neighbor even though the neighbor refused a couple times.
A little girl is lost in snow and is nearly frozen when help arrives. She could not cry for help as she was unconscious.

After praying for several people in Brazil, I was thrilled to look up and see 9 rainbows in the sky at the same moment.
The story of the shepherd was impressed on my heart as a description of the earnest love and urgency of our time. He knows the sheep would not come back on its own. He went out. All who love Jesus will look at the lost with the same love and be willing for any risk or sacrifice.
Loaves at Midnight
Our Master left so many parables describing the need for persistence/ I am fascinated by the one who went to his neighbor and kept asking for another person. To ask someone at midnight when culture dictates, you never phone after 9pm, shows a grave breach in manners. There is an urgency felt in this parable that made him willing to risk offending the man who had the resources to meet the need of a hungry stranger.
I am willing to risk offending the prayer warriors to state need for loaves. I am content to go without enough to eat, and now my funds are totally depleted. God has requested another trip in April and we are packing up getting ready for a specific date and as yet have not the funds for ticket purchase.

It is now midnight of this world. There are so many who do not know that the door of mercy is about to close. They do not know what that means. They are under the heavy burdens of life and see disasters and increasing crime and know something is about to happen. God has urged us to keep sharing the sanctuary message. Each day He provides. He is setting our schedules. One day while tempted to discouragement at the small crowd size, I opened my book on parables and it opened to the 99 sheep in the fold.
One was lost and at great risk and physical suffering the loving shepherd went out looking. I am glad he found the sheep. It is like a promise to me that each of us is so precious to Him.
Midnight Loaves
Luke 11:5 Jesus is showing me something here. I am to persist in asking for help to feed those perishing. I have been commanded by the King of the Universe to do this work. Those giving are blessed.
1. Visitors were not invited
2. Visitors had needs
3. Host did not have and woke up neighbor and was finally given bread after not taking "no" for an answer. He asked for the bread to be loaned. He was even willing to go into debt to help his visitor. WHAT IS THIS Jesus is saying.
Look what Ellen White says.
“This illustration should be most carefully considered. The traveler needs food; and his friend renders him all the assistance in his power. Tho his neighbor is unwilling to be troubled, he will not desist his pleading; his friend must be relieved; and at last his earnest importunity is rewarded; his wants are supplied.” {ST, January 14, 1897 par. 5}

We need to ask you to pray that God will send funds for our journey in 5 days to our next work assignment. We ask that we may take the loaves to the hungry at midnight.
Nearly Frozen child
The following is a true story recounted by Ellen White
"On a scrap of paper I read the story of a girl who was lost in the woods, imprisoned by snow. Days and nights passed, and she lost the power to make any effort, and lay motionless. At last some woodmen passed the place. The snow had melted, and they found her unconscious. They gently raised her, laid her on some boards, and carried her to the warmth of their own hearth. They cared for her tenderly, and had the joy of seeing her restored to consciousness. Then they learned who she was, and let her parents know in regard to her. The parents came for her, and when she was strong they took her home. {BEcho, May 30, 1898 par. 5}
It is a wonderful story of a hardy girl; but this is not why I tell it to you. I tell it because I want you to understand the anger of love. Suppose, if you can, that these men had seen the helpless girl, and had passed by on the other side, leaving her to die. Suppose the parents had heard what had been done to the child they loved. How would they have felt toward those men? Thankful, do you think? Would they have been simply indifferent? Would they not rather have been terribly grieved, wildly indignant? Would not the knowledge that their child might have lived, make more bitter their sorrow at her death? Had they chanced to meet these men, would their words to them have been soft, honied words? Would they not have denounced them with righteous indignation, hot as their tears, intense as their love? {BEcho, May 30, 1898 par. 6}
Here, I thought, was a human life, saved by human sympathy and tenderness; but how must the anger of God burn toward those who see souls in peril, ready to die, and yet say nothing, do nothing, to help them.
They give all attention to the ninety and nine that are within the fold, while souls in peril are all around them, and no hand is stretched out to save them. If one goes astray, they pass on indifferent. And that soul has all the responsibilities of an immortal life. To lose heaven is to lose everything, and yet how indifferent, how careless never to give him warning, or show him the way of life. {BEcho, May 30, 18
98 par. 7}
The sufferings of every man are the sufferings of God's child, and those who pass by their perishing fellow beings without pity or help, provoke God's grievous anger. His righteous thunders gather. His vivid lightnings flash; it is the wrath of the Lamb. Be faithful to your fellowmen, and you will please God. He loves the world; love it too, and you will be accepted by Him.
He looks to us with the hope we will be like the policemen rescuing the baby from the fire, like the shepherd rescuing the lost sheep, and like the woodsmen rescuing the frozen little girl. If that baby, or lost sheep, or little girl was yours, would you be angry if I decided to just stay home and rest my arm and be with my family. I just can not do this wicked deed and be able to expect joy in the face of my beloved Jesus when He is calling all of us to help Him in these last hours at midnight. I will give Him my crumbs of my loaves and He will continue to multiply them. All who join me will find the He will be their everlasting Friend and take them to heaven. Continual giving is one of the conditions of entering heaven. You cannot outgive the LORD.
Invisible armies of light and power attend the meek and lowly ones who believe and claim the promises of God AA 154

“The Lord has need of money. It will do them good to help to advance My work here with their entrusted means. Tell them to lay up treasure for themselves in heaven, where moth will not corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal; for where their treasure is, there will their heart be also.'" {LS 364.1}

Dr. Rose
24 Apr 2006 by Larose

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