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Finishing Brazil and PARAGUAY
Hola from Brazil and Paraguay

We are finishing up here and looking forward to returning home from Brazil. The waterfalls are gorgeous. I watched a transparent butterfly as it sat on a flower. As it turned, there was a brilliant outline of gold seen. The eye was highlighted with gold. WOW. How beautiful heaven must be. We gathered huge fragrant white flowers that looked like orchids. The falls are larger than Niagra and possibly not as tall as Victoria but have more water. There is plenty of electricity.

We had a nice crowd of children who are enjoying the meetings. Jenny and I have no translator and are challenged. When she is upset, Jenny gets lost but usually does a fairly nice job. It is her first time preaching in another language without help of translator.
While gathering flowers and ferns and palms, she stepped on a thorn. At first it did not seem too bad but today she is miserable. We need prayers. We have only Bactrim as an antibiotic and are also using charcoal in warm water foot baths with eucalyptus leaves. Please pray for I think she is due for a tetnus booster. We are praying she will be able to walk better tomorrow. She was not well enough to come to town for internet. It made her very sad for she looks forward to getting letters. She is afraid I will forget to update her on all the details. We are sleeping on the floor in the church where we hold meetings. That does cut down on the walking she has to do.

We are getting many good things to eat and are enjoying the nearby falls. This morning it had a rainbow across it in the mist. It sure was pretty.

We ran out of Final Events DVDs from Doug Bachelor and Doug Garcia at Amazing Facts. Please pray that we will have funds for one thousand more. It is amazing how these are blessing homes of people who would never venture into any church. We need these DVDs before we head to Mexico this month and then 6 countries in Africa in October.

Thank you for your prayers and support of God's work.

Your fellow co-laborer in the Master's vineyard,
Dr. Rose

24 Apr 2006 by Larose

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