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Brazil Miracles part1
Mission Adventures of Dr. Rose and troops

April 4, 2006

The VISA needs for Brazil are strictly enforced. God had arranged it so that the only ticket we could find took us through the very city that had a consulate who could get the visa stamp in our passports. United would not allow us to board without this visa. We could not get the visa upon arrival in Brazil. The consulate was down town busy Chicago. A taxi could take me there for a great sum of which I did not have.
We thank you for praying for our visa problems. We found our way downtown Chicago via train. We walked many blocks pulling our luggage. Up on 30th floor we found the consulate general for Brazil. Usually you submit passport and wait 3 days but we waited 2 hours and were very glad to leave with mission accomplished.
With my crippled, painful arm with a rotator cuff tear, it was not an easy task to take luggage on train and walk pulling it so many blocks on the street. I bought a pull cart at a store near the hotel which eased the load on my shoulder.
The projector which bounced along being pulled for many blocks did not seem to mind the exercise. It served well. The bulb has long been past it's life. ANOTHER of GOD'S blessings.
SEE pictures of downtown building highrise we had to go up to 30th floor.
The building is across from Wriggleys historic building.

Miracle of Flight change :)
Getting back by train we prayed, emailed home from the lobby of the Hilton and headed over to check in. We prayed for just the right one to help us so we would not have to pay 500 dollars for rescheduling our flights. A sweet smiling lady beckoned for us to come. We told her what a wonderful thing happened that morning in getting our visas. We had shed many tears as we stood helplessly trying to go on but being denied flight by United till we had visas stamped in our books.

She was so happy for us that we had our visas and as she began to book us on the night flight, another worker told her to just put us on. She did not know what to do about some notice that showed her the normal fees. Her supervisor came and whispered softly that we had the same flight plan, just put us on and waive the fees. He then turned and smiled at us as we thanked him.
Then the luggage which we had left in their baggage area was automatically transferred and placed in international flight area. All of it arrived with us. How thankful we were to see all bags and know that God had done this thing.
Travel was 10 hours to San Paulo, Brazil then 2 more to the city called Iguassu falls. We had a nice view of the shadow of the airplane with a rainbow encircling it. WOW

This place is known for its beautiful water falls. When the pilot announced it was on the left side of the plane, we all wanted to go look but he ordered us all to sit down for he was going to land the plane.

We waited 10 minutes in the airport and a sweet woman came up with a sign asking if I was Dr. Rose. She had come on the other date and waited but was disappointed for we did not yet have visas. She did not hesitate much. She was sure we were the ones because of how we were dressed. It is really nice staying with Ruth and her husband. They have a ranch with many fruit trees and plants. We are eating very well.
WILDLIFE New and interesting
There are many beautiful butterflies, waterfalls, a couple burrowing owls, and some birds that say Quiero Quiero like they are always wanting something. We laughed for they are not content. Thus they are breaking the tenth commandment. They stand guard over the swimming pool and scream Quero Quiero every time we go near the pool. The temperature is nice. It seems about 75-85 degrees F.
The sanctuary is set up in a place in good view of water falls. Last night there was a nice crowd of children from the neighborhood. (about 80) We were real pleased. The sanctuary is together and I am on the 5th lesson tonight. In just 12 days we are done and packing up. Time flies. We do not have easy access to internet.

Thanks for praying for us. My arm is improving. We praise God for all His blessings. We were surprised to see so many blond and blue eyed people here. Many speak German and Russian, then there is language for Brazil Portuguese and language for Paraguay which mixes Portuguese and Spanish. Then another language only for Paraguay. WOW. Sometimes during quiz time I get lost.

In His Service,
Thanks for your prayer partnership and support,
Dr. Rose

smile smile smile smile

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Monday Falls viewed from meeting house and health restaurant where we ate delicious vegan meals and the best bread ever. YUM!
Pastor who runs the health restaurant:
26 Apr 2006 by Larose

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