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God Alone Can Countermand His Orders
God Alone Can Countermand His Orders

King Jeroboam’s hand dried up when he ordered that God’s prophet be restrained.
God commanded this prophet to go directly home from Bethel. The prophet prayed and went towards home. On the way, a man wanting to know details said that God gave him a message for him to eat with him. He turned aside from God’s command to go with this man. He ate with the man and a message came that a lion would kill him.
TEXT: 1 Kings 13: 1-34
Ellen White comments on this Bible story with inspired counsel:
“He gives His chosen messengers a holy boldness, that those who hear may fear and be brought to repentance. How firmly the man of God rebuked the king! And this firmness was essential; in no other way could the existing evils have been rebuked. The Lord gave His servant boldness, that an abiding impression might be made on those who heard. The messengers of the Lord are never to fear the face of man, but are to stand unflinchingly for the right. So long as they put their trust in God, they need not fear; for He who gives them their commission gives them also the assurance of His protecting care.” {Conflict and Courage 202.5}
“The man of God had been fearless in delivering his message of rebuke. ..And he had refused Jeroboam’s invitation, even though promised a reward. But he allowed himself to be over-persuaded by the one who claimed to have a message from heaven.First I was told not to go. When I got there I was told not to share my exeriences with the Lord. The Holy Spirit kept reminding me of Acts chapter 5 where Peter refused to obey the counter commands to keep silent of what he had seen and heard. He said, "We ought to obey God rather than men." In Mexico, Brother C took the microphone and invited questions for me of the audience. One stood up and said I need not share what God had done for me personally. Another said he could have learned all I brought to share in just 2 hours not several days. Then the man with the microphone, brother C, told me not to tell what God had done for me.
I went to my room, dropped to my knees and asked God to direct my paths. He kept urging me with the text: "They overcame by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony"Rev. 12:11. God keeps records of those who do this. (Malachi 3:16-17) You rob God if you do not do this. Our testimony is heaven's most powerful witness. What we have seen and heard of Jesus is what we are to share.
"The more closely the believer walks with God, the clearer his witness, and, as a sure result, the more powerful will be the influence of his testimony upon others of a Saviour's love; the more he will give evidence that he prizes the Word of God. It is his meat, it is his drink, to satisfy the thirsty soul. He prizes the privilege of learning the will of God from His Word. {YRP 118.2} A comment by Ellen White
"...those only are remembered of the Lord who assemble to speak of His honor and glory and tell of His power; upon such the blessing of God will rest, and they will be refreshed." {EW 115.1}
"Of all professing Christians, Seventh-day Adventists should be foremost in uplifting Christ before the world."--Gospel Workers, p. 156. (1915) {Ev 187.5}

The crowd dropped to zero the next evening after their criticism. A few came very late but except for one, it was only those critical who came. They were not inviting any visitors and I sensed we were in danger. I asked Maria who had enjoyed the meetings in Cd del Carmen, to help me move to another place where people would rejoice in the light.
It was the first experience we had ever had in over 100 events where we had to leave without saying good-bye. There just was no one there to say good bye to. With agony, I wept for those who could not see beauty in what God had commanded me to tell them. They were not fighting me, but God. God is my friend. He is powerful and kind and loving. I hurt when people fight Him.
When I moved across town to another place to work where God could reach people, brother C. came there too. Again he made a commottion and got up and left with much noise as I told what Jesus means to me personally. Jenny watched his face as I began my testimony. He stood up and pulled those away that had come with him. Then he stood in the doorway and stopped the meeting to bid everyone good-bye. It seemed he had not come to listen. He had talked loudly during the meeting, came but left early. I lost my train of thought and prayed for God to help me continue where I left off.
It was strongly impressed on my mind that these people were fighting against God, not me. Instead of inviting people to come listen, they stood and condemned me and listeners dropped to zero in the first location. I prayed that in the second location, the listeners would enjoy. And they rejoiced in the light.
Gamaliel counseled "If this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought: But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God."(Acts 5:38-41) This man warned against fighting God.
My dear friends Kelly & Mike reminded me, before I left for this Mexico journey, that God had called me and I should not listen to the voice of people who try to stop me from going out on missions. She reminded me a call from the Lord is a very serious thing. He called me in 1992 & that call is still binding till He instructs me otherwise. He will tell me when to stop. 1 Corinthians 10:13 There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God [is] faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear [it].

He is providing for each journey. God had one of His men hand me a check for the Mexico journey just a few hours before His instructed day for departure. No banks were open but God helped me get an electronic ticket and go anyway. God commanded and provided for us to go give the warning of the very soon to close doors of mercy. (Rev. 22:11-14)
We have had to borrow for the Africa and Brazil one. Like the man who borrowed loaves to feed the hungry visitors, we are in the midnight hour. We must do all we can to give the loaves of God to the few who are really hungry to know truth. (On December 1,2 & 3 of 1992 the Lord called me in a dream to do this work. He has not released me from His request and His assignments are obvious to me. Daily I commit my life to Him and study and pray. Because at any point, I could fall from His hand unless I spend time with Him. He promises in Proverbs 3: 5&6 to direct my paths. In Isaiah 30:21 He promises guidance and in Habakkuk 3:19, He promises to strengthen me in to climb on His high places. In Isaiah 58:14 He promises we can ride on His high places of the earth if we continue to delight in keeping His Sabbath and in encouraging others to do the same also.
We are thrilled that many who came to the last place we were in a suburb of Mexico City are now determined to keep His Sabbath holy. They are rejoicing in the light they have and following it the best they can. God has His precious sheep in every church. The honest will hear His voice as He speaks to their hearts. Our duty is to keep going to where He commands with the sanctuary model.
Our suitcases and equipment are taking a beating on each journey but God helps us mend them and keep going. Jenny and I are also taking a beating emotionally but Jesus bids us keep going for Him. That was the reason we invited all to send us promises. We rejoice in the Mark 10:29 100 fold promise. Jesus has given us the most precious sisters and parents in the last subburb of Mexico that we were in. The Catholic family loved and tenderly cared for us. Raquel made us silk roses even when her eyes are dimmed at age 77. She stayed up late to finish these the night before we left.Maria's father, Miguel let us use his big room for meetings without charge. He came to every meeting. He made sure we were on time delivering us to the airport and Maria who invited us made sure we had plenty of food to eat at her parents home. She helped set up the sanctuary in her father's large fiesta room. We rented 100 chairs. She helped get her sisters to make the signs. This dear Maria enjoyed our meetings in Cd Del Carmen and wanted her friends and family in Mexico City area to also enjoy what she had learned. Her life has been changed. She is determined to share among those people who go to the fairs. Her husband is doing bicycle shows at fairs. We pray for her as she now loves to share Steps to Christ and Desire of Ages at the fairs. WE have given her many books to give out.
We are praying for $50,000 for our 7 country efforts in Africa coming up next. We will need our own microphone and amplifier rented and seats, tent rent and medical supplies for we will be going into areas that have had little work done in war torn areas in central Congo. Our passports have no room for more visas and that will be another expense. There is an extreme amount of poverty, famine and untreated diseases. Pray for God to open His storehouses and that we can get it all transported there.
If the work be of God, He Himself will provide. DA 371 He uses the generous hearted hands of His people who see the end is right on us and our money will soon not be useful for anything. Many will be throwing their money to the moles and the bats when the Lord brings on the plagues as He is about to do when He closes the door of mercy. (Isaiah 2:20, 21)
Your Co-worker in the Master's Vineyard
Dr. Rose and Jenny
19 May 2006 by Larose

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