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For Such a time
May 12, 2006
Who knows but what God has you walking or driving your car to such a place as He has one waiting for your help. His plans for you may direct your path to such a place as He has one hungering and thirsting for light. He alone knows when accident, death, or sickness has rendered on of His children ready to listen.
A dear friend Kate, the registrar in Bugema University, Uganda, in Africa sent me this precious quotation from a book she read. It is just the comfort I needed. It may be also for you. Letting the Lord lead is really sometimes confusing yet we CAN TRUST THE HAND THAT WAS NAILED TO THE CROSS FOR US.
" And who know but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?" "My Princess. I will uphold you. I have raised you up to a place of great purpose, but there will be many who will not understand your position. Even you may not realize why I have strategically placed you here for such a time as this. You will be tempted to seek the approval of others and waste precious time defending the plans that I have placed in your heart. Remember, I am the Lord your God. You did not choose me... I chose you. I will lift you high above any circumstances that come against my divine purpose for your life. The only one who can stop my miraculous work in and through life is you. So instead of making one more plan, give your plans completely to me, and let me finish the work I started in you.
Love, Your King and Your Divine Purpose." I read the above words almost ever day and I thank God for sending them my way they are such a source of comfort to me. I pray to God that they be a source of comfort to you too. God bless you
Talk about miracles of the SPIRIT of God!
You should have seen us yesterday! We moved 2 hours across town of the huge Mexico City and set up the sanctuary in a big place owned by a kind Catholic man. We rented 100 chairs. Miguel and his wife have cared for Maria as her father and mother. Her mother lives near by in the same building.
Miguel took our sanctuary and supplies in his car and we went by bus and train and walking till we finally reached the other side of this huge town. (2.2hrs)
This kind Catholic man and his wife are so good to us because Maria has been telling them what she learned. He is doing all he can to accommodate us. He is advertising. He hangs out a huge sign out of his upper story window announcing our presence and our meetings. The rope is not red but green. It reminded me of the Jericho wall and those inside that home who were following all the light they had. Pray for us.
We are staying in his home shared by Maria and Elias when they are in Mex City. His wife also is helping. They both are 77 years old. They fed us and allowed us to cook vegan foods in their kitchen. They are rejoicing in the health message. We led in family prayer as best we could with the language barrier. They liked our vegetarian food. Their children and family are beautiful in their hearts. They were all helping make the signs for the meetings and inviting others. They loaned their karioke machine so we could have a microphone system. It frequently needed batteries but we made it through.
The SDA church is just around the corner from their home. I met one outside the church during the normal time for prayer meeting. The doors were locked up. Being short on time, having had to move across town due to resistence, and dwindling interest, we did not have time to meet with the local Seventh Day Adventist pastor. Phone calls from our Adventist friends in Cd Del Carmen alerted him to my presence and permission was given to local members to join us. God opened up this place so people could come who would never enter a church. I was so proud of Maria's father. He was out in the streets urging people to come study the sanctuary with us. He helped get the chairs rented and set up.
A policeman brought his family. He was on duty the night we arrived and swept and cleaned the meeting hall. He watched with interest and wanted to study with us. We met some in the market that cane. Motherīs day was Wednesday so everyone had plans and few came. But the family of Maria was there.
Maria left as soon as we were set up. She had 12 hours by bus to return to Villahermosa where she was doing a bicycle show with her husband. She had come to help me move across town and get food and a better set up for our survival.
We think of the quotation in Gospel Workers that says not to worry if you only have a few attending your meetings, there probably is someone that the Spirit is striving with that will begin following Jesus. Then they will in turn reach Thousands.
So my dear Maria attended my meetings in Ciudad del Carmen in the Seventh Day Adventist church, Mexico when her husband had an accident during his bicycle show. A Seventh Day Adventist friend, Israel visited the hospital and took them a Bible. It just so happened that the person in the next bed over was an Adventist that Israel had gone to visit. God works in mysterious ways. He sent me to Cd Del Carmen at such a time as this accident when they were in tragedy with Elias recovering from fractured skull and broken arms. He miraculously was not paralyzed after his 15 foot fall head first onto pavement from his stunt bicycle.
They came to a program as Israel invited them. Then Maria enjoyed it so much she kept coming. The testimonies touched her heart and she gave her life to Jesus putting Him first place in her heart.

We had just completed this work and reached home when our house burned to ashes September 14, 2005. She, Maria, has made 180 degree turn about in her life. She has stopped her dancing, using her body to bring in money. Now she looks so different. Her clothing has changed. She is covered well and now in the bicycle shows all are asking what happened to her. Last year they saw her one way and this year she is so different. She gives them literature. WE are determined to give her hundreds of Steps to Christ and Desire of Ages to hand out in the fairs. Her own personal testimony is the loudest witness. She is now working for Jesus among the drug addicts and those seeking happiness from evil sex habits. It brings me satisfaction that Jesus sent me to Ciudad del Carmen during their disaster while they were ready to listen to HIS VOICE. Now She is urging all to get ready for the door of mercy is closing very soon.
She used her tithe to buy the gold curtains for the sanctuary when our house fire consumed what we had used in Ciudad del Carmen. She literally took Revelation to heart and bought Gold. Her heart and eyes are set on Jesus. She is following the light she has. She is praying for her husband and 15 year old son. She is working for family.We now have met the sisters of Maria who are interested in what Maria is telling them from what she learned in Cd Del Carmen. These sisters climbed ladders and helped drive in the cement nails to hang the curtains and announcement banner. They made a giant banner sign announcing the meetings. Maria grinned and said, Ļ"Look what women can do for Jesus." We had no men who could help us. Her 77 yr old dad is supportive but not able to climb ladders. Maria had to return to the fair to help her husband in their last 3 days of bicycle show at the fair in Villahermosa. She had her arms full of Desire of Ages (Passion del Amor) and Steps to Christ (El Camino A Cristo). Oh, how I wish I could fill her hands with Final Events DVDīs. She has an open door to empty sad hearts in the path of sin. The fairs are full of these kind of people, she tells me.
If I had 200 Dollars, I could get 100 of these Final Events DVDīs and put them in her hands. (There is a special offer right now. How I want to take advantage of it. Anyone wanting to help with this can send to Missions Unlimited in our name Feed MY Lambs--Dr. Rose Final Events DVDS) It will go for this work. Any extra over that need will go towards the AFRICA needs. So many are hungry for the light.
Maria can reach people that would never even come near me. She walked with them for several years. She knows them. She knows how to reach them. She is on fire for Jesus. Pray for her courage. She has many difficulties in her path as do so many who turn from the world. Satan does not want their loud witness testifying to the power of God. God promises protection as long as she continues in His way. Every minute she has as spare time, she is filling her mind with scriptures. She has used the Final Events DVD I gave her and showed her sisters, mom and auntie. God has HIS hand on Maria. God is gathering HIS people. He won't let any that are honest perish. He can reach through our hands to pull them to His side before He closes His door of mercy.
Pray for us as we plan for the 7 country event coming up for Africa continent.

We again have invitations to Cd Del Carmen, Peru, Philippines and Africa. There is so much to do for Jesus. May He bring more workers into the front to help!
Dr Rose & Jenny
21 May 2006 by Larose

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