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April 30-May 4 MEXICO CITY
TEXT: If the work be of God He will provide: "Desire of Ages 371)
If the work be of God no one can stop it, if they try, they are fighting against the One Who commanded for the work to be done. Acts 5 (Gamaliel paraphrased)

God provided miracles to get us on to our work here in Mexico City. We had a check given to us on Sabbath which covered the ticket and extra baggage including 500 books of Steps to Christ and Desire of Ages in Spanish.
On the way home from Country Haven Academy Sabbath AFternoon, I puzzled how I was to cash the check and purchase the electronic ticket and get going Sunday as I had been so strongly impressed to do.
Sunday I tried 7 locations and finally, showing the ticketing agent at the airport the check, she was willing to charge my visa debit and I deposited it in the automatic bank machine and we were on our way 5 minutes later. My Jesus has put us on this earth for such a time as this. We are privileged to be trusted with the message in these last days. In faith we pack and prepare and because of electronic ticketing, God is able to accomplish in seconds what it used to take a week.
My husband was at work and had written up the permision slip for Jenny to travel into another country. We were happy to find that we had the Brazil permission slip handy which covered also the same month of May. With this we headed onto our assignment in full confidence that God had even provided for this needed document. However, no one even asked for this paper. Jenny is taller than I and all think she is past minor stage. Her experience in travel and her love for Jesus have given her the grace and dignity of one much older.
Desire of Ages says that when we are in obedience to His commands, He will provide all that we need. He makes sure we have enough to eat and sends people to the airport to pick us up.

The sanctuary was set up in a church with a little help. It looked nice. There was good interest but on Sabbath we were surprised by several negative comments. They refused to allow us to speak till afternoon as they said the platform was "holy". I was confused. The negative comments continued to build as attendance dropped of in proportion. I fasted and prayed that I would not do anything to block what God was trying to do for these people.

Mexico City is so large with all the problems of city life to discourage the faith of God's people.

We stayed right next to the place the sanctuary was located and so my arm was not stressed out in transporting to and from meeting place.

We prayed night and day for these people. We fasted and prayed every time we had hunger pains, which was all the time. When we had to move away after a week, we knelt in their church and with tears of agony prayed for their negative critical spirit. I used to think the counsel of Jesus regarding shaking dust off our feet was a revenge kind of thing. In my heart was the agony of seeing the rays of light from Jesus being withdrawn from those who know the truth but who do not have a hungering and thristing for more. Other things are crowding out their time for Jesus. My heart really loves them.
AGAIN the lesson was driven home to my heart how when Jesus shuts the door of mercy, He will be thinking of friends who used to be in fellowship with Him.
I also thought of the strange experience at the airport when I first arrived. A man came up urging us not to go with the man in the white van until all things were settled. Then he warned us not to use green taxis. I wondered if it was not heaven's plan "A" for me to go to that side of the city. Maria's family on the otherside only received 6 days of light because of this. In heaven, I will ask Jesus.
One detour that Ellen White had when she was lost made her wonder for several years why it was allowed in her experience. About 17 years later a family came up to her and told her they had turned to God as a result of her staying in their home that night she was lost. They in turn had reached to their neighbors.
EVERY DETOUR in our lives just might be a Divine appointment for such a time as this.

Thanks for praying,

Your coworker in the Masters Vineyard,

Dr. Rose and Jenny
21 May 2006 by Larose

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