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Flowers of Promised Value
It is with great pleasure that we breathe the fresh fragrance of the pine trees and walk among the spring flowers so abundant in our woods. Coming from the noises in the streets of Mexico City and Igguasu Falls of Brazil, and Kampala of Uganda and those busy airports, our souls are refreshed as in quiet we enjoy the quiet place with Jesus. Our time is filled with joy as we soak in His precious promises and prepare for His next command. Pray with us that God will provide for those funds which we had to borrow for the Africa Journey. WE want to pay our debts.
Yesterday the sheep broke out of their pen and the ram who beat me up almost killing me a couple weeks ago kept watching if we would exit the door of our home. He would charge towards us. We cancelled plans for going anywhere. We needed to go to the faucet to get water for we still do not have plumbing fixed in our new home. We were thirsty but not so thirsty as to risk death to get water. We prayed for God to lead the sheep back into their pen and finally at sundown, they all went inside. Jenny was able to close the pen and now we are safe. The LORD IS OUR SHEPHERD. It looked like they were being led into their pen.
I gathered wild flower and decorated my table. Each flower is an expression of Godís love to me. Then I gathered His promises of His tender love. I remember Daniel and his faithfulness in praying. He showed how important his fellowship with ďGod by praying inspite of the new law. Daniel's experience declares to my heart that no earthly power has the right to come between me and my beloved God of the Universe. Sanctified Life page 43

Here is a copy of HIS fabulous bouquet of flowers and promises for your thought table. It is rich with colors of what our God is like.
My Jesus is all the World to me
I put Him first and He is everything I need.
I am hungry for His blessing. Each morning and evening and throughout the day, I open any Bible or Spirit of prophecy book in sight and grasp His hand as I pass by His WORD in my work about the house.
He is my Shepherd Psalms 23
He is my Father & Potter, Iím clay in HIS HANDS. Isaiah 64:8
He carries me like the eagle for I get tired. Deut. 32:11
He is my ROCK. His love for me never changes. Deut. 32:4
I am the apple of HIS EYE. Deut 32:10
He is my GUIDE. He leads me. Deut 32:12
He makes me to ride on the high places of the earth Deut 32:13; Is. 58:14; Habakkuk 3:19
He is my husband Is 54:5
He holds my hand. Isaiah 42:6
His cell phone number is Jeremiah 33:3 Call upon me, and I will answer thee.
He will protect me from those against me. Isaiah 54:15; He sets me in safety from him that puffeth at me. Ps. 12:5 He camps around me with his troops. Psalms 34:7
He gives me the desires of my heart. Ps. 37:4
He promises to teach my children. Is 54:13
I am His precious jewel for I speak often of what He has done for me. (Malachi 3:17)
He sings about me. Zeph 3:17
His requirements of me: Micah 6:8
He will guide and teach me with His eye.
Whenever Iím thirsty: He invites me to drink Isaiah 55:1
His kindness will never depart from me. Is 54:10
In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths. Prov. 3:5 & 6
When I pass through waters of difficulty, He stays with me. He makes sure the fire does not burn me. Isaiah 43:2

He urges me to keep talking with Him. Pray without ceasing. 1 Thes 5:17
Everything that happens to me passes through His hands first. In everything give thanks. 1 Thes 5:18
He knows I am just dust but in His command is His promise of help. ďBe strong.Ē Ephesians 6:10
King Saul determined to kill David out of jealousy. God turned the arrow out of itís course and it lodged into the wall of the palace. David escaped by Godís miraculous power. Saul, Davidís father-in-law heart turned away from God and was controlled by demons. He even killed Godís high priest. Many years of torment were the lot of David as he waited patiently for God to work. 1 Samuel 21-27

The hand pointing at the prophet and demanding his capture withered instantly. God protected the prophet until he disobeyed the command to go straight home. OBEDIENCE
IS THE KEY for special protection from my dear FRIEND, FATHER, BROTHER, CREATOR.To examples are the prophet killed by a lion, and the prophet who swam in acid with seaweed about his head.
An old prophet came with a lie that an angel had a message for this man sent to warn Jeroboam. Because the lie was believed this poor man died. If God had spared him, Jeroboam would have had excuse to disobey God also. The lesson is for us. God will tell you your duty and you must obey only HIS command. No other voice which contradicts His command must be obeyed or you could loose Godís protection. I Kings 13
Jonah was commanded to go and warn an enormous city Nineveh that was known for its violence. He refused and went for a cruse towards Tarshish out of Joppa. A great wind troubled the sea and eventually Jonah was in the water at his own request. God had prepared a great fish to swallow him. When the seaweed was wrapped about his head, he prayed. Jonah 2:5
When Jonah was willing to work, the Lord sent the whale to land and made it vomit till Jonah was on the land. Then came the second command for Jonah to warn the people of Nineveh that their door of mercy was about to close.
I promise to follow His commands. His dream in Dec. 1,2, & 3 is still binding of me. I must proclaim the warning of His coming and keep on doing this till He says to stop. We are preparing for AFRICA mission in the fall. We have appointments in 7 countries.
We need flower, butterfly, and Jesus stickers for children, Bibles, and Final Events DVD's as well as Bible lessons and funds for building and microphone rentals. We are repairing sanctuary supplies and working on making a DVD for them to review on the sanctuary. God promises to give us all we need.
I love to sing of His faithfulness morning by morning.
Daniel's experience declares to my heart that no earthly power has the right to come between me and my beloved God. Sanctified Life page 43
25 May 2006 by Larose

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