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Arrived in Kisumu
Dear Family and Friends,
We have great news. Miraculously all 18 bags made it. The sanctuary frame was delayed in Amsterdam but was forwarded on from Nairobi to Kisumu. Large groups met us at both airports with grand welcomes. We are very comfortably situated in uncle Joseph's home. There is no electricity or telephones. We had generator problems and now the first public electric line was installed over 500 yards from a man's home who wanted to help. All are excited because now on the 5th meeting we finally were able to use laptop and projector.
Attendance is at least a thousand with spilling out onto the lawn until it rains. And how it pours. Children's meeting had a huge tripling of attendance last night for the night before there was the distribution of the Bible lesson books in English with a set of color crayons. WOW. Jenny had fun for she also had the projector servicing her program instead of having to hold the laptop.
The clinic first one was yesterday. From 11A to 2p we saw over 100 in total including helpers. 69 glasses were given out yesterday. Brian had a wonderful devotion and we prayed and gave a health talk before we started seeing people. All are enjoying the programs. A couple of drunks are enjoying it too but are a bit noisy. We have microphones running off batteries and are thrilled at all the help we have. Wish I could take the team on with us. I never had such a great team of medical helpers. My nurse Annie is gifted in organizing and willing to do anything. She is willing to go on to Congo if I had the airplane funds. She asks for no pay. She is thrilled to do mission service. The rest of the team are excited also but they would be hindered by passport needs.
I must run to clinic.
A sweet missionary lady in a nearby mission station has graciously let us use her battery and cell phone to upload this message for you.
I am asking for all to pray for all to be done as the Master in Heaven wants.
There are some very sick people who need your prayers. We also are in danger of working too hard.
Your fellow co-worker in the Master's vineyard,
Dr. Rose
31 Oct 2006 by Larose

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