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Sunday & Monday Nov. 13
Dear Friends and family,
Jenny woke up singing this morning. She is singing, “Thank you for giving to the Lord, I am a life that was changed.” Last night she was singing, “Here am I Lord send me” I am so happy to hear this for yesterday she had difficulty getting going.
Though many challenges face us, we see God working on hearts. There is a difference as they shake hands. It seems they are trusting now. We completed the 5th meeting last night. It was fun to have the sanctuary all set up for the people as they came in. The altar of sacrifice was assembled by a young man. It looks so very nice. All is set up except the laver.
The meeting attendance is fair but there is still more room. I think we had one thousand on Sabbath. The children are not as plentiful as they were in the little village of 200 in Chepkumia. The other meetings are attended by about 500. It took a long time to shake their hands as they left the meeting place.
Yesterday was first clinic day. In order to be seen in clinic, the people must attend the meetings. A poor blind man wanted so much to see but the glasses could do nothing for him. It was reported that he was blinded after a basket ball hit him in the face. We referred him. I keep praying for him. Organization challenges rendered our services limited for only 5 people. Jenny had no helpers who could speak English. She sure misses the helpers from Chepkumia in Kenya like the ladies who did vision screening and the equipment set up helpers and transport people like Elisha and Brian.
ADRA helped negotiate the release of our things from the CARGO office. Finally by one o’clock on Friday things were moving. We knew God’s luggage had arrived with us on Wednesday and by Thursday we found it but they wanted some large bribes. The ADRA representative was able to get it out for a small fee. It was a pretty sight to see the ADRA truck filled and moving towards the meeting place Friday. Jenny and Anne rushed over to meeting place by car to set up furniture while I opened luggage hunting for RGB cord to connect projector to laptop. Still we were late but many had waited for us. The children are so happy to have their own program. We at least had the ark and altar of incense ready for 4 Sabbath services.
Sabbath night we started setting up all curtains and by Sunday morning we completed except for the gold cloth on the floor. I am waiting till tonight to do that. I am trying to present the reason for the shoes off in the tabernacle so that no one walks with their shoes onto the gold cloth.
PRAY for Jenny has no desire to eat. She just does not feel good. We are filtering our water and it seems Sabbath food caused us so much trouble. Pray for us. We need energy and to be able to absorb our food.
We have enjoyed the nice flavors in the cooked vegetables yet Jenny is troubled by texture. She tried so hard to eat it anyway and not complain but she kept gagging. Since she hated the long strings of onion in the food, she just could not eat another bite. She also has not gotten over the respiratory infection which started last week in chepkumia. I brought out the chia seeds that Dr. Nedley, an internal medicine specialist, had recommended for such difficulties we always face during our travels. Jenny put the chia seeds on the white bread they have been giving us. White bread and honey with the chia seeds was Jenny’s energy for all day. I was so happy to see that her energy needs were provided. Jenny works hard all day setting equipment, fitting glasses and greeting hundreds of people. When the diet is not adequate her hands begin to tremble and she gets head aches. Yesterday the chia seeds (also known as “running seeds”) provided the help needed. Now that we have our luggage, I will look for the mung beans and lentles and start making some sprouts.
The Mayan Indians used the chia seeds for running all day. We read how they kept a few in a pouch on their belt. We had brought about a fourth of a pound of these tiny seeds. I found these in PASCO Washington in the Harvest health food store.
PRAY ABOUT TRANSPORT TO KINDU. We are trying to reserve flight for next week’s travel to Kalima near Kindu and find that it is 350 for each of us one way going through Kinshasha. There are 4 of us. Jenny & I, our clinic coordinator ANNE, and the mission president. It would involve an overnight stay in the capital. I am praying for a shorter route up through Goma. In Goma I want to get my visa documents for January 9 entry into Rwanda. We are looking at train but we were informed it is not traveling. Again like the luggage, I have been impressed to seek this information from the airport ourselves. We have zero funds for this move but know again that God has funds in one of HIS pockets. In confidence we are obeying His commands to go to Kindu where no one has wanted to go work, we prepare by searching out the possible routes.
We can receive donations only by Western Union. Just send them in my name : Larose McCluskey
Lubumbashi, DRC
I can receive funds using my passport ID and the number on your receipt anywhere in DRC. (Democratic Republic of Congo)
6th Day After Left Leg Accident falling into a hole while the rest of me was running across the street in front of cars in the airport, at night in the rain, in Kenya.
My left leg has mostly new skin now and it has not even been a week since the accident. Since this miracle at the Lubumbashi airport where wheelchair was needed in Nairobi and as I exited the plane in Lubumbashi, I have walked freely and had no pain to distract me from service here. I felt the hand of God on my leg after I was seated in the lounge after the flight here. The ligaments of the knee are now strong whereas they were unstable and my leg was often unable to support my weight. PRAISE GOD he has healed me!
God has commanded and I am going to Kindu as planned but just yet don’t have funds.
“Faith moves in the strength and wisdom of God, and not in the ways of men. By simple faith Moses was enabled to press through difficulties, and overcome obstacles which seemed almost insurmountable. When they relied upon Him, not trusting to their own power, the mighty General of armies was faithful to Israel. He delivered them from many difficulties from which they could never have escaped, if left to themselves. God was able to manifest His great power through Moses because of his constant faith in the power and in the loving intentions of their Deliverer. It was this implicit faith in God that made Moses what he was. According to all that the Lord commanded him, so did he. All the learning of the wise men could not make him a channel through which the Lord could labor, however, until he lost his self-confidence, realized his own helplessness, and put his trust in God; until he was willing to obey God's commands whether they seemed to his human reason to be proper or not. {FE 344.2}
We feel like no matter what, we are to be in Kindu Nov. 21. Thanks for praying about this.
Your fellow co-laborers in the Master’s vineyard,
Dr. Rose, Jenny and Anne
15 Nov 2006 by Larose

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