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6th day progress in Kalima
Tonight we had clear sky and no rain on equipment. Clinic was busy and the night meeting went well.
Tonight more young people have committed their lives to Jesus. The crowd is growing each night. Wish I could give them all Bibles but that is difficult. After internet at the election office, I was so pleased to find that help is on its way. Baptism commitments are now at 125. We are into our 6th day now of service here. Since we have 64 Kenya Swahili Bibles we are needing more from Kinshasa very soon. We are needing Congo Swahili for there are many differences in the Swahili. They will be happy for what we have. I am glad my cousin Nadine has given through Western Union. I wait for reports from Jean Pierre as to how expensive the Bibles are and shipping. I am praying for a low price so we can get many into this village. Without this, how can these people change? I am now seeing we may need 500 Bibles. Our priority is now shipping in the sanctuary tools and getting Bibles and needles for dental work. We are not even concerning ourselves with our flight home. We do not yet have funds for the 1,800 dollar flight to Lubumbashi. From there we catch our return tickets to Nairobi then on to Amsterdam and Los Angeles and home by midnight on Dec. 20. From there we enjoy family time then go on to Baltimore the 27th for Jenny to speak at a youth congress.
Every morning before the dawn even makes things light enough to see, there is a choir announcing the presence of the gospel meetings and clinic. I am amazed at their faithfulness. The immune system is boosted with singing and the faces of these choir members glow with health and happiness. They sound like there is 100 but just 14.
Among them is an orphan whose father died then the poor mother trying to provide from her garden for her children. She was raped in the jungle by 15 wild men who tortured her all night and she died 2 months after she made it home. She left 6 little children orphans.
The people want a better life. They are wild and violent but are demanding to know a better way. They donít want to leave after we have read 6 chapters from the Bible plus given a childrenís program and an adult program. Jenny and I shake their hands at the gate and tell them goodbye and they come right back inside unless the security team shut the gate and lock it.
I see each day a little change in their violence. There is less pushing and beating of children with sticks. Jenny just smiles sweetly and goes up to the security men with sticks and takes the sticks and lays them on the ground. She is afraid another child will be blinded as they get pushed from behind during the daily giving of prizes. There were no sticks used last night. That is progress. The crowd was controlled by requests for silence.
Over 150 glasses have been given in clinics and the supply is dwindling quickly. Today I plan to do dental extractions. My needle supply is diminished and I have only 3 left. I am praying to find something but am informed there is nothing like what I need. I tried but did not get them in Lubumbashi or Kinshasa due to the mountain of other challenges. How I wish to get the needles with the shipment from Kinshasa.
I need also 50 needles for the dental extractions I am doing. I have only 3 left. I know you cannot get them to me today. You can pray for my dental clinic today. There are no dentists serving these people. There are so many needs. But I sure need these by Monday. They are about 1.5 inches long and a bevel size of 27 or 30. They are a very fine tiny size of bevel. I pray that it is possible. I wanted to get these while in Kinshasa but the time spent there was complicated by bullets and danger on the streets and waiting for funds.
07 Dec 2006 by Larose

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