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The father schooled and was good friends with Dr. Matenda. When Matenda went to Lukanga for work, the first letter he received was from the crying orphans of his friend. His friend died of TB of the bone and left his widow to care for their 6 children. The mother was struggling died a month later also with TB. Then their little boy died probably of the same. The 4 little girls remain here. They are very short but the oldest is 14 and mothers her sisters. An older sibling has gone to Kindu for schooling. The children are “supported” by a drunk grandma, mother of the children’s mother. The deceased parents were Seventh Day Adventists. The oldest was taken by grandma to live with someone and school in Kindu. One of the children is in the choir that gets up and sings from 4AM inviting people to clinic and meetings. I have asked for the rest to come for picture. I include a photo with Jenny. Jenny is planning to give all her clothing except what is on her back. The head elder’s wife is a seamstress and can change size as needed since Jenny is so tall. The parents were short like the pygmies. Just north of here are pygmies and no one claims to be of them but so many are the same size and live in a temporary way. All our shoes are too big for them. We gave our blankets to them and little things. Their needs for shelter and schooling go beyond the 5 dollars we have in our possession. I will send a picture of their faces as soon as I can. Dr. Matenda broke into tears and wept in agony for his friend. He wants to be a father to them. He dreams of moving here with his own family and including these children among his own. May God assist him for he has lost his position in Lukanga university on account of his desire to evangelise his home town here. All people in Congo are pressed down in discouragement for they are not trusted anywhere in the world. Their reputation for dishonesty and warring have left them with out hope that anyone will even want to help them. I have been told so many lies that I also have difficultly trusting but I believe Matenda is telling the truth. The grandma is coming to the meetings and we hope she will be converted. The youngest is 5 but they are not sure because mom is dead. None of them know their birthday. Their teeth tell me the youngest is about 7 or 8. They are so short like the pygmies. These orphans are committing their lives and taking baptism preparation steps. The Lord is changing so many lives.
One orphan has a distorted arm which she says was that way from birth. I suspect TB infection. Her hand is enlarged yet she has a sweet smile.
The only way I know to receive orphan funds is through Jean Pierre as he can pick up Western Union and send it with our Bibles. Funds will be managed by Dr. Matenda and not the drunk grandma. We would like them to be schooled and fed. ADRA feeds them and when they run out of food, they go to the head elders wife who shares what she can with them.

Dr. Rose
07 Dec 2006 by Larose

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