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(Note from homeboy wink I got private word that there were NO BIBLES AVAILABLE in the whole country of Congo. What a shame! Read on for what this means to Larose and Jenny's ministry)

Thanks for your help. God will bless with health, joy, and wisdom and so much more.
1. BIBLES: WHAT IS THE WORD ON BIBLES? We urgently need 150 Bibles.
2. NEEDLES: I am so happy the shipment is here and we are using it all. The needles did not get in the truck for all the excitement of the large packages. A motor cycle arrived just as the evening Bible lesson was being started. They had to make an extra trip when the package was left behind. I heard people praying that I can stay an extra two days on Sunday and Monday because of the delay of the needles. I cancelled the clinic of Thursday because of the delay of needles. I could not hold back the tears as I looked at the swollen disappointed faces. How I wish a dentist could come in here and help me. There is no money to pay them. They would have to volunteer. These people are hungry and suffering so much. God has heard their cry and has urged you to help us reach out to these people.
You will be blessed by God for your concern. Thanks so much.
3. FLIGHT: I am wondering what our options are for departing on Wednesday and reaching Lubumbashi by Friday so we can speak there Friday night and Saturday. We have Kenya airlines tickets to Nairobi 8AM on Monday Dec. 18.
I feel I am totally depending on God for exit from this place. There is so little communication with the electrical failure, no generator fuel and finally a broken modem making internet impossible. Wish I had a charter flight like I had in the Philippines. It was less than our flight cost from Kinshasa. I would like to fly out by noon or one o’clock on Tuesday from here. Is it possible? Is it possible to fly on Wednesday to Lubumbashi? I do not want to stay over night in Kinshasa. I wish to just go on to Lubumbashi if possible. We remember your promise to have someone ready to assist us in Kinshasa but we will be afraid to trust anyone we have never seen. They all say so kindly they want to assist then shout for lots of dollars.
You can follow details of the miracles here through my brother Jack Sample. We have helped at least 2000 people. There is a difference in the amount of suffering now. The little we have done has brought them hope. Orphans and widows and sick are now rejoicing that God is providing and helping them to walk and have hope.
Will tell you more later.
For 7 days I struggled for internet. First it was electricity and there was no fuel for the generator at the government election place. Then it was timing for the many patients waiting for help. Then it was a broken modem. I hope when I get my flash drive there this morning I can get this sent. I have so much left to do. I had hoped to finish up Saturday and leave Sunday but there was a delay in the needles reaching me. So many need help, I want to treat them Sunday and Monday and leave out of Kalima on Tuesday. It is a 5 hour drive through mud puddles and deep holes. It is only 100 kilometers but then we also cross a river in a dug out canoe. There is a cargo airport here in Kalima. I AM WISHING I COULD FLY FROM HERE TO KINDU AND ON WITHOUT THE STRUGGLES IN THE MUD. My luggage will be smaller with some going with us and some going with Dr. Matinda by bus and plane to Rwanda. Dr. Matenda is going to Goma and will assist us in traveling to meet us in Rwanda. We have written names of 27 who are waiting for the Bibles. Tomorrow we will have about 90 to 250 more names of those waiting for Bibles. In the future, I will work through Dr. Matinda on promises I made beyond the abilities to find Bibles. He has 7 children and will go to Goma to earn money as a doctor but will return and live here. We are hoping his return will not be delayed by lack of funds. He lost his job at the university because he wanted to invite us to his home town and have
The wife of the head leader has a business selling things from her garden. She sold some of her onions and saved some for her visitors. She has sold cassava to buy things for us to eat. Now at the end of the 2 weeks, the supplies are running low. She was surprised that the onions she has sold others are spoiling by now but the ones saved for our food is still so nice. They are on their knees praying for supplies so they can feed us. Rice was brought by a neighbor in answer to prayers and the corn meal supply has continued to stay the same even though for 2 weeks they are reaching into it for large amounts. When we eat, the left overs are eaten by the helpers.
The children on the way to school stop in for a Bible lesson. When their teachers commanded them to go to school, as a chorus they said, “We are not going”. They want to stay and paint the sanctuary and stay for fear we might leave and they never see us again.
Dr. Rose
08 Dec 2006 by Larose

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