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Amazing Jungle Exit
Jesus is coming soon and these unreached tribes must be given the gospel. God will use who ever is listening to Him and wanting to help.
Hurricane winds challenged our struggle through the jungle to get to the airport. It took 10 hours to travel 50 miles. The jogging and jolting, thumping and pounding of the ADRA land cruiser vehicle loaded top rack and inside the ark, in heavy jungle rains passed through that road that was like a river. It was some experience. Challenged by tipping over on our side, trees over our path, flat tire, and people all over the narrow one lane road through jungle terrain we made it after crossing the river in a huge dug out canoe with a motor on it. All our 500 pounds and all 8 people in that one tree that had been hallowed out. These people are so brilliant for using their natural resources to accomplish tasks we would not even tackle.
Crazy immigration fines and fees in each village as though they were their own country making their own rules. Entering and exiting was like customs for a country. I guess their warring made them set up like this. It is way out of hand. It is a way police and officials cooperated to get money quickly for themselves. It did not work in Kalima. The protesting brothers insisted for all of the 2 weeks we were there and we left without fines.
150 more Bibles were promised and I intend to go without eating and any extras I need till I get those to their hands. ADRA is feeding them but there are so many needs for school and church. I know who I can trust. God will guide us as we try to finish what we started there. They proved themselves by working 12 hours a day and never asked for anything from us.
Leaving behind many large tribes of people who must be reached with the gospel. The extra 2 days was spent doing dental and meetings. Twenty five more gave their hearts to Jesus and made their commitments. I wished to stay through the Sabbath but we have to reach Lubumbashi to exit to USA on Monday.
Dr. Matenda is a very kind doctor who served till he had no strength left. During meetings he stopped his doctoring to welcome his people into the meeting. God will bless him. He wants to support his family yet wants to raise up churches and schools. His mother was baptized. His whole family now are interested and over time we expect more will accept Jesus. His was born 5 years before I was. Her husband died when Dr. Matenda was young. He helped a sick man and later he was surprised to have his way paid through med school. He gives God the credit and wants to serve. He is so attentive to orphans for he knows how it feels. He is praying for directions. I know those poor people can not give him money for service. They can not even buy food, let alone medications. I am praying God will give him work that pays well yet permits him to do the gospel work. Many are content to work for only 30 dollars a month.
14 Dec 2006 by Larose

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