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VISA Miracle in 10 min.
Dear Friends and family,
Visa stamps in my passport are a continual necessary bother for every trip. I had to get extra pages for this last trip before I left. While in Nairobi, I looked for and found the embassy but it was 8AM and even though we were told the ambassador always came that early, we could not find anyone. We hurried on to the cargo area to pack all the medical supplies and sanctuary to be able to fit into smaller airplane doors. We had to be under a meter in each direction and we were right at a meter. It took security time to give us permission to enter the cargo area and do the dismanteling of the altar of sacrifice. I had intended to return to the embassy by 10AM to work on visa stamp for Congo and did not get there till 3pm. We were coldly told to leave the waiting room and return the next day. Then it would take 3 days after it was submitted. I smiled and pulled the forms out from under the mans hands and began filling them in. He growled and ordered us out. I kept smiling and sat in the sofa there and finished the form. Brian called his brother Arap Kurui who is a lawyer and was working in Nairobi Parliment debating on some laws. He responded to the urgent cry for help. He called the ambassador and told us to meet him back on 11th floor to speak with the ambassador. We met the same people who ordered us away earlier. Arap Kurui greeted us all warmly.
One of the requirements for visa was an official letter with our names on it and an official stamp. Dr. Kavis had sent it by email and the problem was there was no listing of our translators name. Anne had all the other documents except that one. We were praying. The only plane was to leave in the morning and the next option was the following week. Our meetings were to start that day. WE were already delayed 3 days.
The door opened and the ambassador came out and Arap Kurui greeted him as "Your excellency" and the ambassador said, "You must be madam Dr. Larose going to my people with free medical services." He shook my hand and showed me honor. He turned to his aides and ordered them to prepare our 3 visas and then left office for the day. In ten minutes we had our documents and were singing our praises to God and thanking Arap Kurui. He went back to his work in law making and we hurried to the airport to finish our departure plans.
With God all things are possible.
Dr. Rose
06 Jan 2007 by Larose

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