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The Bells are Still Ringing!
January 8, 2007

Dear Friends and family,

As I teach the Bible sanctuary details I mention significance of each item on the high priest robe and how it teaches us what Jesus is doing and will be doing for our salvation. It is so strongly impressed on my mind about the bells. As I walk in the robe, I cannot hide behind stage for all know by the sound where I am. Likewise as we see prophecy fulfilled with increasing crime and frequency of upheavals of nature that the time of the end of the world is near. We know the final work of Jesus is being accomplished as He finishes the judgment of all we have said or done or thought. As we see more crime we know the SPIRIT OF GOD IS WITHDRAWING from those who resist HIM. So many are into spiritualism playing with spells and games of death and immorality. Movies claim the imaginations day and night of those who should be searching the Bible writings like the shepherds near Bethlehem.

It has been 3 years since that most amazing night I will never forget happening 7 hours after I preached this end time message in the mountain village of Chiapas Mexico. At 2 in the morning I heard those bells. For some time I was walking about the room praying for my beloved family. Weeping and asking for some more time to warn the world and those specifically that I know are not serious about HIM. I figured if they had a little more time maybe things could change. I long to see Jesus but there are many not ready and would be forever lost.

Since that time, I have been given an increasing number of responsibilities in preaching the gospel. When people invite us, we pray and ask God if it is His will. Then if He says, "Yes," we ask when to go and come. Then He provides for that journey in the way that He knows best. He is looking at the school or village and sees every secret thing and every need. He knows when certain ones will need to hear such a message and when they will be in a different location.

Last year alone we were sent into 10 countries with the 2 week program on what a kind Father we have yet judgment is being passed on details over the 10 commandment law. Thousands have been treated in medical clinics and thousands have committed their lives to climb the ladder of 2 Peter 1. Our job is to take the LADDER (Jesus) to their feet and ask them to climb. We tell of all the miracles He has done in our lives and urge them to watch and pray for He is coming very soon. The sanctuary curtains and furniture are the back drop setting for our stage even in the jungles.

We do not have much time left. There is a sense of urgency. Promise me that you will pray for us in our work in Rwanda and Burundi. I would love to have you respond to me that you are praying.

MY work is soon to be over. Soon no evangelist will preach. Doctors will be needed on to the very end but it will no longer help any change to be like Jesus. Many do not care. They are too busy having "fun" or studying or working towards a goal of financial security or fame.

READ THE FOLLOWING QUOTATION on the Bells. Only shepherds and distant wise men were notified of the birth of Jesus when He came to this earth. What about now? How many are praying for this event of HIS coming? I am sure the closing of the door of mercy is very near. No one will know it has happened. I expect some will be notified like the shepherds so they can pass the warning. Three years and 2 months ago I was warned. As I prayed and wept for those on my prayer list, after some time the bells stopped. A couple months later in the US a friend told me she also was told by a voice that He was coming soon and she and her family were not ready. We do not know when only that it is very near. I want to be ready. He says we can only prepare by watching, praying, and sharing the light we have. Tell your family and friends to get ready. I can't bear the painful thought of any being lost. I tell people on airplanes, in lines for tickets, in the bank, in market place. I think of the ones who may read this or who may be sitting next to me on a bus. Could it be that God has put me here for such a time as this to give His final warning call. I cannot disappoint the KING OF THE UNIVERSE who is counting on me as HIS AMBASSADOR. He places people in my path. I hope I am not missing the appointments He set for me. I just pack the suit cases when He tells me to go and come. He provides through the hands of HIS friends. I may not even know them. I received a blessing in the mail from one in Manhattan who had been on the airplane with us. God has His people in all places of the globe. Their eyes are looking for the final great event of His coming. Some do not even know of it.

Quoted from "Early Writings"
As Jesus moved out of the most holy place, I heard the tinkling of the bells upon His garment; and as He left, a cloud of darkness covered the inhabitants of the earth. There was then no mediator between guilty man and an offended God. While Jesus had been standing between God and guilty man, a restraint was upon the people; but when He stepped out from between man and the Father, the restraint was removed and Satan had entire control of the finally impenitent. It was impossible for the plagues to be poured out while Jesus officiated in the sanctuary; but as His work there is finished, and His intercession closes, there is nothing to stay the wrath of God, and it breaks with fury upon the shelterless head of the guilty sinner, who has slighted salvation and hated reproof. In that fearful time, after the close of Jesus' mediation, the saints were living in the sight of a holy God without an intercessor. Every case was decided, every jewel numbered. Jesus tarried a moment in the outer apartment of the heavenly sanctuary, and the sins which had been confessed while He was in the most holy place were placed upon Satan, the originator of sin, who must suffer their punishment. {EW 280.2}

Then I saw Jesus lay off His priestly attire and clothe Himself with His most kingly robes. Upon His head were many crowns, a crown within a crown. Surrounded by the angelic host, He left heaven. The plagues were falling upon the inhabitants of the earth. Some were denouncing God and cursing Him. Others rushed to the people of God and begged to be taught how they might escape His judgments. But the saints had nothing for them. The last tear for sinners had been shed, the last agonizing prayer offered, the last burden borne, the last warning given. The sweet voice of mercy was no more to invite them. When the saints, and all heaven, were interested for their salvation, they had no interest for themselves. Life and death had been set before them. Many desired life, but made no effort to obtain it. They did not choose life, and now there was no atoning blood to cleanse the guilty, no compassionate Saviour to plead for them, and cry, "Spare, spare the sinner a little longer." All heaven had united with Jesus, as they heard the fearful words, "It is done. It is finished." The plan of salvation had been accomplished, but few had chosen to accept it. EW

Early Writings is a book by one of my favorite writers of this century. She has focused on the life of Christ so much that my heart longs to be like Him.
Ellen White

We do not have much time left. There is a sense of urgency. Promise me that you will pray for us in our work in Rwanda and Burundi. I would love to have you respond to me that you are praying. You can encourage the young 15 year old teen daughter with prayer and Bible comfort as she goes into front line battle. Satan is trying to stop all this but angels surround us. People ask how large our team is and we say 2 of us that are visible and thousands that are invisible.
We are on our way in less than 20 hours. We just barely have within 50 dollars of finishing the cost of our Kenya airline ticket. God has given us no extra dollars for food on the way or for any lodging. We go in faith again as countless times in the past. If we stop, we will be guilty of the blood of those we could have warned.
Best email to write to us is : Bibles4you at yahoo dot com

Your fellow co-laborer in the Master's vineyard,
Dr. Rose
04 Mar 2007 by Larose

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