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(7 COUNTRY AFRICA PROJECT: DRC, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Guinea, etc.)
Bullets, broken leg, thousands hungry for truth

We made it through bullets and cannon dangers in Kinshasa as we had 2 days wait for our flight to the jungle in the heart of DRC. Starvation left me going in and out of consciousness as we were dangerously low on funds. Visa debit usually our method of acquiring funds was not possible in DRC. Email took my last 5 dollars and my husband was finally able to send my daughter and I funds for food via Western Union. We used it all for flight into the jungle. On Thanksgiving we were grateful for our one bowl of rice to sustain our lives after 30 hours of hunger and several days of minimal food. We knew that God was preserving our lives and urging us on. Flight manager in booking office of Bravo Airlines held the plane 2 hours for us and by cell phone frequent calls followed our struggles out of the heart of Kinshasa to the airport. The tire blew and the taxi driver was extremely motivated to get us to the plane being delayed for us. He kept driving till there was nothing left but the rim. When we could see the airport at a great distance he stopped, opened his trunk and we were left with the transport mode God gave us-our legs. We ran the rest of the way. Now you have to realize that too is a miracle. Just 2 weeks before, my left leg slipped into a hole while I was hurring across a street at the Nairobi Airport in the dark in the rain. The rest of me kept going and sprawled on the street before oncoming cars. My glasses went flying. Jenny picked them up and a young man carred me back to the car. In agony, I was shocky and figured I had broken the leg.

Jenny put her hand on my leg as fast as she could reach me. She said, "God, you cannot let this be. You need to do something quick. Mama has to run in airports and treat the sick in clinics and preach for you. You've got to do something now." Her urgent plea was instantly answered and the pain left.I began thanking God while she prayed. I told Him I felt so much better. As soon as she said, "AMEN", I was on my feet and running back to the ticketing office to get my translators airline ticket. Those who helped me were open mouthed and eyes popping out and crying for joy at the mighty power of God.

I washed the sewer off my leg where we lodged for the night and put charcoal on the large area missing skin. At the airport by 3AM I asked for a nurse to give me an ace bandage. She was horrified and demanded a wheelchair. Our status as "on standby #29" was changed to boarding privileges on a fully booked flight. The man assisting me up the stairs into the plane begged me to walk on my own. The pain had increased and my knee was unstable. It moved forward on my leg. I knew the anterior cruciate ligament was destroyed and perhaps more. I was puzzling why God only took the pain away the night before.Why only a partial healing? It seemed He had healed a broken leg but not the ligaments. It became obvious He used this to get us onto that full plane. The next flight was in 7 more days. That would have put us past our alloted service time to Lubumbashi.

A wheelchair was not available in DRC upon arrival in that country so a van picked me up at the plane and delivered me to the VIP lounge while someone from the DIVISION scurried about with passport documents. While sitting there, I asked the LORD to finish the miracle with my leg. It would not be good to be carried to the crowd of 100 waiting to sing and greet me from the church headquarters all waiting at the airport for me. I needed skin on and the ligaments intact. I felt tingling and when I stood and tried to walk in faith, it was stronger with each step. By the time I reached the crowds of Adventists there to welcome us, not one even knew what I had just been through. 3 days later God put all new skin on.

SO 2 weeks later I was enabled to make the airport dash of about a 3/4 mile with equipment bags in Kinshasa. When we were finally on that plane into the jungle, we were exhausted. Suddenly there was a fee again for the luggage to go. I convinced them to move it on anyway and prayed all the way there that God would pay for it. ($600.) It was Thanksgiving morning when we tried the next day to get the Luggage out of hawk at the tiny jungle Bravo airline office and onto the dug out canoo. After 5 hours of struggle, they finally let us go with it crossing the river and going 5 hours by ADRA land rover through mud holes and rivers the 50 miles to Kalima. Coming out that same road this land rover turned onto its side. Some valiant strong natives were roused from their cots in their huts to set it back on its wheels. There are no gas stations, no tow trucks, no paved roads but the people are resourceful and by their own strength they accomplish amazing tasks.

The Bible hunger was so thrilling. We were the first white missionaries of our SDA church in there. A small group of Adventists that had no converts for many years helped us settle in. When we stopped preaching after an hour that first day, they said, "Why did you stop?" We spoke another hour and again they said they had to hear more. On Sabbath they kept asking like that, not even going home to eat. They got a total of 10 hours of Bible messages. My daughter and I took turns preaching. We also had someone read from their Swahili Bible while they watched the Mathew DVD. They did not have anything to eat. They eat small amounts only once a day.

THE FINAL EVENTS DVD was shown about the 3rd night. There was clapping and vocal sounds of rejoicing and whistling when they watched the resurection. There was another outburst when the second coming was seen. Such hope came to them as they learned of this promise. We had 1,500-2000 all packed in standing through this Final Events DVD. There were 94 baptisms that first Sabbath and another Sabbath 87. There are 200 more that pledged their lives for baptism and about 800 children beyond that.

After we finished the long 4 hours of evening program we went to the gate to shake their hands and they filed out then came back in and sat down wanting to hear more. They are tired of the wars that have devestated their economy and killed their family members. They have lost so much. They have hid in the jungle and people took over their homes. They have NO BIBLES. WE HAVE PRAYED and tried to get some in there. We took in 67 from Kenya but the Swahili is not understood. They mix in their local words and their Swahili Bibles are being printed in Kenya but cost 11 dollars each and they cannot keep up with the demands. There was no possible source for purchase while we were there. We feel driven to return to these people and do another program in nearby areas. The Lord has stopped their wars for the gospel to get in there. They are the best soil we have ever worked. But it was the most difficult to get in there. Every airport treated us as though we had entered a new country. Each filled in forms looking at our passports stamped with visa and charged us. The porters were slapping and kicking our bags. Satan did everything he could to prevent our obedience to God's command to enter this unreached area. God has won the battle and now there are many DVDs in the hands of government workers who do have players and electricity. Most of the village people do not even have a permanent home. They have no doctors or dentists for help when they need it. There is a local clinic they call a hospital but funds prohibit good access. We also did medical clinics out of the back rooms of the building seeing over a thousand desperatly sick people. I pulled teeth and did general practice medicine with a translator from Kenya, my daughter, and a local Dr. Matenda assisting.

War torn, starving country of DRC needs the gospel.

Thanks for your FRENCH translation of Final Events.

Now we are headed to Rwanda then Burundi in the next 60 hours. I will be doing a week of prayer at the SDA University in Kigalil where there are 640 of the 1,300 students that are non Adventist. I would appreciate your prayers. Miraculously the funds have come in for flight. The last Africa journey ended up totalling 35,000 in cost but God provided all. He allowed the hunger to teach us how these people feel and how difficult it is for even the SDA pastors are starving. They only are allowed funds from the offerings of their own little poor church. War torn areas seem to have different rules of church operation. I was greatly distressed to see that. The Kalima jungle school of 400 students has broken brick siding and a thatch roof with giant holes allowing rainforest buckets of water to enter onto the students trying to write. I could not hold back the tears. I have never seen such desperate conditions anywhere else in the world. I have seen India struggles and many little jungle villages but none like this. I am praying for 3 simple little churches and little schools in the different regions that these people walked from to get to meeting.
04 Mar 2007 by Larose

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