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Safe arrival and what Rwanda looks like
Dear Friends and family,

Thank you for all your prayers
RE: Safe arrival and what Rwanda looks like

With passports found as we loaded the car and closed the door of our home, we praised God and began the long difficult journey. In Nairobi we had 20 hours wait for our next flight on to Rwanda and had planned to sit on a bench that long time for our next flight. The “transit visa” 40 dollars visa cost more than we had so we planned to wait inside the airport for exit to Rwanda. God had another plan. He saw how sick Jenny was and we had help from a kind student who wanted to take care of expenses and give us a rest. I felt so strange accepting this from a student but God whispered in my ear if I would accept this offer, HE could bless this student for his hospitality. This kind young man is the son of the family who hosted us in our October effort in Chepkumia, Kenya. This village is 6 hours North West of Nairobi. Elisha insisted on blessing us with arrangements at the guest house and then he purchased many delicious foods for us. His brother Robert provided his car and was also present to help at the airport. We had enough time in the morning to go to the park. Very few people were there and it was very restful and a great opportunity to stretch our legs that were so tired of sitting for 33 hours in flight.
There were 2 cute baby monkeys playing together. The smaller one was under the larger sibling and cried for help and mother monkey came to settle the situation. It was funny to watch the older one suddenly acting like Mr. perfect. He went over and tried to kiss his mother to get her to forget to punish him.

At the guest house we met a group going north in Kenya for evangelistic efforts. Pastor Sorenzil recognized me as one he met when Lois Phlugrad had us over to Port Angeles in 2001. We shared some experiences and one of the group wanted to write the story up for the Guide. This is a paper that the young people receive each week as they attend the Adventist church.

RWANDA at last
When we booked onto the Rwanda Express which cooperates with Kenya Airways, we were happy that God answered another prayer. We did not have to pay the luggage excess fees. We prayed for that miracle promising the funds reserved for that to be spent on Bibles. Jenny was only able to raise a small amount for Bibles and was so excited to have the funds we thought would have to be given for excess weight. Our last email mentioned we went in the wrong door in Spokane at the airport. All things worked together for we met friends who gave us funds for our excess baggage fines in Kenya. That money now is for BIBLES. We are so happy for that. Bibles will be given to those who are baptized. We will buy them in Rwanda. The president is not sure of the cost but states it is around 4-5 dollars. He says they will be even less than that when we get to Burundi.
The flight was a short one to Kigali. The thunder clouds about the plane had lightning flashes. Visa did not cost anything here. It was such a blessing. Jenny loaded the carts and firmly told the porters to leave her alone. She had to again put those bags through a screening machine before we exited the airport. When we loaded the cart again the bags kept falling off. We were happy to finally have made it to destination.

After 52 hours from the time we left home, we arrived in the home of the “rector” or president of the university in Kigali. The next day contact was made with Dr. Matenda arriving from Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo. We were thrilled to see the luggage arrived safely with Dr. Matenda. He said that the sanctuary disappeared and with many hours of anxiety on his and his wife’s hearts they found it. His wife had a dream that it would be found. Doctor had to call John Piere, the booking manager of Bravo in Kinshasa, DRC and it was discovered that it went back to Kinshasa instead of to Goma. Finally after it was taken to Goma, he transported it all to Kigali. At the border he was faced again with trouble as they tried to charge him duty taxes. He was so relieved that the Lord again interposed for him.
Our location: (Universite Adventiste D’ Afrique Centrale, B.P. 2461, Kigali, Rwanda, Telephone/fax : 250- 587-147. 519-779 (You can leave messages here)
Cell phone to my translator Dr. Phodidas 08772138

Dr. Phodidas and the church pastor met us at the airport and helped us with our 4 bags.
We were taken to the home of the president of the university. They are such a friendly couple from Hungary. She is a great cook, I might add.
We were warmly welcomed with a separate room provided for each of us. The home is spotless and has a great view from a little balcony off our rooms. I have seen only one mosquito so far. There was a great rainbow ring about the sun as we set up the sanctuary on Friday.
At the table we have many languages spoken. Jenny and I speak Spanish when just wanting to mention something to each other, and they speak Hungarian. Then if another is at the table from their country there is a language that is Kenyarawandan. Then when Dr. Matenda is there, it is French.
Jozef Szilvasi and his wife are from Hungary. Jozef is president of this university and has been here 6 years. He is in the process of building another university. The war at the time of the genocide caused the destruction of their facility. Near the airport a new one is being constructed while they are in a temporary location which was provided by the government. The old site is being used by the military.

The clouds came in and we stayed cool yet were thirsty and hungry after the great efforts of putting things together. It was very very difficult communicating. Finally Jenny would climb the ladder and try to put in a nail and hang the curtain. It is a sweet way she has of trying to act out her request. They were very willing to help but just stood there with the communication barrier. Until she did that, every time we asked for something they looked at us in a w
We were not watching for a pillar of cloud as we came near to completing the setting up of the sanctuary. Just as we finished what we could get done before Sabbath, there was a loud clap of thunder and rain came down. It was refreshing and reminded us of the pillar of cloud above the sanctuary we have seen so often. God was pleased with our best efforts.


Your fellow co laborer in the Master's vineyard
Dr. Rose
04 Mar 2007 by Larose

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