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Jan 28 Re : Unforgetable tooth extraction
Going to Burundi
University work finished. 19 baptized.
Samuhudha finishing up. 42 plus are preparing for baptism
Making many new friends for Jesus
Staying with Jacki and Bosco who work in customs and the Airport. Their firstborn child is due to be born while we are in Burundi.
Jenny twisted her ankle and seems to have a bad strain. Pray for her. I am doing therapy and praying. She has so much running and walking for these feet that are so beautiful to God for spreading the gospel.

January 28, 2007


Dear Friends and family, prayer warriors and those who like to see the power of God,
(Written on January 26)
Yesterday during dental clinic I had quite a scare. The 45 yr old man had a molar that was ¼ missing. He insisted I remove the whole thing. While giving the anesthetic, the man had terror in his eyes and his hands were clenched in such fear. While I was pulling he was groaning. The tooth crumbled more and the nerve inside was so sensitive. I wanted to give more anesthetic for his comfort yet he refused. He broke out in a sweat and then crumpled and became non responsive. I tried to find a pulse and could not. His breathing was very shallow. We moved him from the chair onto the exam bed which was 3 church benches put together with a mat on it. When he regained consciousness, he refused to drink any water saying he never believes in drinking water. I had put charcoal in it to help counteract the anesthetic. I insisted till he drank it and in 30 minutes he looked so much better. Then he began to shake saying he was very cold. He had not eaten all day and it was 4pm. He asked for warm milk and the watchman brought some. After an hour and 15 minutes he was up walking. He was a Muslim man and he insisted I complete the task of extracting his bad tooth. I told him he had enough for one day and so did I. It was already after 5pm and time to start the evening meeting. I was exhausted.
I had prayed a lot for this man and thanked God that he survived the dental experience.

We are completing our work in Rwanda in the next 24 hours. We will be packing and planning our transport to Burundi. We have had such a struggle getting communication to Burundi. It was not accomplished before departure from USA and we are staying where we do not have access to internet. We see the church, the school, and our bed.
Jenny finished her children’s program for the school today. You should see the enthusiasm they have to answer questions. They love their little stickers, plastic frogs, snakes and memory verse picture cards.

Today we walked seeking to find flowers and palm branches for the final program called the “Lamb’s Wedding”. We are speaking about heaven through symbols found in the service of the Feast of Tabernacles of the Old Testament.

We found many large beautiful houses and one let us take blossoms from their garden. They even helped gather them into bags. Palm trees are scarce and that is our challenge for this weekend. There are several wanting to be baptized. I counted over 40 people. Many are children and about 10 adults. We did not see the mobile baptistery I imagine it will come soon so it will be ready for Sabbath.

FUNNY: WE asked children to bring us flowers and we would give them gifts. They went and plucked the flowers we had just put on the palm tree arches in the church. They held them out to us expecting a reward for destroying our decorations.

Pray for us as we plan for Burundi.
Your fellow co-laborer in the Master’s Vineyard,
Dr. Rose
04 Mar 2007 by Larose

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