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Jenny Sick
February 7, 2007

Dear Friends and Family,

We had the worst day yesterday. Jenny could hardly breathe and responded a bit to prayer, eucalyptus and charcoal. She is weak and went anyway to preach. The power of God was seen as she preached strongly and freely for 2 hours, then sat down fainting when she finished.

During her effort, the projector flipped off every 2 minutes. I worked those buttons and figured the power supply form the generator was too weak. Of course the men argued with me and would not increase it. Suddenly without warning they sent a blast when the lights needed to be turned on and smoke signals arose from the power cord to the laptop and the power cord lit on fire. It was the last one working.
We prayed and I hurried through my presentation trying to get the pictures through and prayed for power charging on laptop as He had done in India. God did not give us that miracle. In 30 minutes we had no more power and I finished anyway without my notes and laptop. It was ok for it was the last section on my testimony.

The rain began to blast the audience at the beginning of the meeting and the people scurried home. We knelt and prayed for God to stop the rain. A pastor said he heard someone say "Let us see if God can stop the rain."
Immediately I saw the people putting away their umbrellas. These people are standing for 4 hours during the children's and adult programs. They pack in till there are about six thousand.

It seemed the crowd dropped to three thousdan during the rain and stayed low to the end of the meeting. But at the altar call there were 30 who came forward during mine and 30 during Jenny's. We expect this rate can keep going and we will see the blessing of God as He works out our problems.

I am next door to a computer shop which is trying to provide a power cord for the Toshiba. What a challenge! We know that God Is working. They just came and told me that they have a cord with 4 amps that is working for our laptop. Hooray!!! The other challenges are the usual resistance to allowing children to follow Jesus. They beat on the children but now are treating them more loving.

As I was making altar call last night suddenly there was burning on feet and legs and fire ants were stinging and biting. I kicked them off and kept going. Satan will not win! Sickness, stinging, fire and projector problems can not turn us away . We are determined all should be warned in these final days. They will be so happy we invited them. For eye hath not seen nor ear heard nor hath entered into the heart of man the glory of what God has prepared for those that love him.

I must run and look at Bibles next.

Love you all,
Your fellow co laborer in the Master's vineyard,.
Dr. Rose

You know God is making Jenny a bit better. Keep praying, for our challenges are great because Satan does not like losing his territory.
I am praying someone will send me Western Union funds for I am having difficulty. I will try the bank next but have been warned it will not be possible except by western Union.
The president of the mission in Burundi is located in Bujumbura and can be stated as my address at headquarters here. I guess you must look in the world book of Adventists for that address. They just left me taking my address book to the computer shop next door.
04 Mar 2007 by Larose

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