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Challenged by bronchitis, fever, and stomach pain yet strengthened for each meeting.
SURROUNDED BY 11THOUSAND, Bitten by hundreds of insects, Exhausted, Sun baked, and up late packing to move the sanctuary out of country of Burundi into country of Rwanda
Jenny and Rose leave by plane out of capital Bujumbura and materials travel by pickup to meet another pickup at the border.

During the night of packing, a very sick infant with high fever seemed to have meningitis. With roads blocked by soldiers till 8AM, there was no recourse of hospital therapy in the capital. Warm charcoal baths were done through the night by parents and morning showed great improvement.

We were so busy with the final days in Burundi. The Sabbath there started about 7 thousand attending by early morning Sabbath School. Then truck loads of people began arriving from distant villages. The baptism was at the end of Sabbath school. There were 203 baptized in spite of the resistance against the children ages 8-12 being baptized. Afterwards 100 more people wanted baptized. Jenny kept explaining how she was 7 years old when she took this step and began preaching at age 10. They argued it was just a gift. I told them, "NOT SO". When she was a baby I taught her chapters of Bible, all the Bible stories and doctrines. She had instruction of 3 hours a day and at all times of the day for we were always sharing our faith. Her messages are coming out of what I have taught her. They rejected this information thinking the messages were directly out of heaven. God does bless us when we study but it is not just suddenly transferred into our brains, it comes with study. She delivered 40 hours of Bible studies to the children and the pastors were amazed a child could know these things.
We saw them pick up stones and throw them at children. We saw them take sticks and beat the children when they came forward when Jenny called them to give their hearts to Jesus. We were horrified. We gently took sticks away and used many stories to illustrate the way of Jesus is gentle. These people have been in war. They think differently than we do. They respond to violence. BUT THEY ALSO RESPOND TO THE SWEET GENTLE WAYS OF JESUS.
We had many soldiers guarding us. When I was making the altar call, there was a soldier who came quickly to the stage. At first I wondered what I had done to disturb him. He was just coming as the first one to give his heart to Jesus. He was in uniform. Now, if he was baptized, I did not recognize him for I never saw a soldier enter the water with a uniform on. I hope he was among the 203 and not discouraged by scorning of comrads or threat of loss of job.
The crowd kept swelling Sabbath as the Holy Spirit came heavy on me and I continued delivering heaven's warnings and blessings till about 2:30 or 3pm. We had beautiful arches of palms and were telling them of the Feast of Tabernacles in the sanctuary and all the beauties of heaven in store for us. We completed more than 77 hours of Bible seminar for them. What a thrill to see the crowd growing. It was wrapped around the platform. We took a series of pictures to count the attendance. It was 9-11 thousand that final day. People were standing and others brought their own chairs and benches from all surrounding churches. God was there. I asked for cloud overcast so I could show pictures. We had the projector on "rear projection" and had it under our sheltered stage and projected through a sheet. It works great at night and God did give cloud cover but mostly I did the feast of tabernacles presentations without help of slides.
Cute little girls in rags were selected by Jenny and we placed on some white dresses and asked them to toss the flowers as they proceeded us up the palm arches. The ark was ported in next, and those little girls did their part so nicely. The rags we covered with white dresses made me think of that glorious day when Jesus will put His white robe on us. We will feel like even our nicest clothing is just rags. Our sinful lives will be covered with his spotless robe. Forever we can live with Him without any sin. Those little girls were given strings of flowers Jenny had sewn together. The fragrance and color against their dark faces was like a frame of heaven's glory.
The president of Adventist work in Burundi JETHRON, was always watching out for us and made sure we had anything we asked for. He thanked us with gifts and was very careful to have his pastors do follow up on all the interests generated from clinics and meetings.
It was fun to think that all the risks we took for Jesus would result in thousands just like them entering heaven with white robes to greet us in our mansion gardens.
THE RISKS we take for Jesus are nothing compared to the risk He took for us.
Urgent prayer for Jenny who is extremely ill.
After 3 nights of only 3 hrs sleep, resistance was so low that her illness is now quite serious. She is too weak to eat and is losing fluids. I will start an IV on her tonight to help. Her bronchitis has gone to pneumonia and the other concern is exposure to malaria. Pray for us. We are leaving on Northwest airlines next Tuesday morning. All who love her, please pray for her life. We now have mosquito nets. In Burundi we had them but she did get a couple bites while preaching. We are staying comfortably in a nice hotel just down the street from the English church. Church members are doing all possible to keep us comfortable. Updates on Burundi and Kigali

Dear friends and family,
Mosquitoes dive bombed my face from 1AM on till rising time. I kept repeating Bible promises and recounting all my blessings in the last village. Every hour I sprayed my hands and any exposed neck or head so those hungry mosquitoes would look elsewhere for food. I also sprayed Jenny but the mosquitoes were too interested to notice the repellant. Since all things work together for good to them that Love the Lord, I wondered what good those mosquitoes could have for me. I had a bit of a sore throat and was concerned for I still am preaching every night. With no rest, my resistance is down. I cannot loose the voice. Jenny prayed for me many times as I lay on the floor fainting and cold sweat and waves of pain went over me from my abdomen since last Wednesday but Sunday night was the worst yet. After prayers I was able to get up and return to bed and rest there. We pray that since all things work together for good and that God promises in Psalms 41 that He personally will help those who have helped the poor and then get sick. I know He has been close to me.
The computer cord that was broken was sent along with the elder so I could do the program last night with something working. The first location informed him it was broken and there was no hope. The second technician waited but gave up waiting for him meeting at the British embassy to finish. Then the third tech was consulted and he scolded for even having bothered him to look at the perfectly good cable. We praised God and used the cable knowing He did this miracle for us.
The sanctuary items were ported safely through the Burundi , Rwanda border for me while I flew. God blessed and they arrived before we did. In the mean time, God provided a lap top for the union office in Burundi and it had just the voltage and amps required to burn off a DVD of our program in the village for the treasurer. When I finish the stories and miracles accounts, I will burn off a complete one for president Jethron.
We were pleased to discover that the Burundi union treasurer was working in the garden for Jackie and Wes Parker many years ago on the mission. He tells me that many lawyers, doctors, teachers and leaders of countries have resulted from Parkers labors. He made a little video telling about them and I will include this on the DVD. We wondered why his pronunciation was so easy to catch. His English is good.
We have Wed-Sunday left to do and then pack for homeward bound. We are tired yet so happy for the 203 baptized in Burundi , the 19 at the University, and we do not have a report from Samuduha.
Pray for both Jenny and I to recover from illness before traveling the exhausting trek home Feb 27.
Your fellow co-laborer in the mosquito filled vineyard of the Master,
Dr. Rose & Jenny
04 Mar 2007 by Larose

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