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URGENT PRAYER NEEDED FOR JENNY (5pm Thursday, Feb 22, 2007)
Her teeth are chattering, finger nails are blue/purple, there is blue around her mouth and eyes and she is unable to stand on her feet. She is unable to keep anything in her stomach now and she is deteriorating fast. We hope with some meds she can stop nausea and keep down oral Coartem for malaria. If not she will die unless she is given IV quinine. This also has risks. She can loose hearing, some vision, and have heart problems but it is the only medication that can save her life. Our options are only this medication or death. Falciparum is a dangerous killer. Every 5 seconds a child dies of this malaria. The chances are higher if the intollerance to food is there. She has a 95-99 percent chance of death. PRAY.

Please Pray for Jenny

Dear Family and Friends,
Jenny’s blood is positive for falciparum malaria. She is very ill. Her nail beds are blue and oxygenation is low during attack at 5 pm tonight on way to meeting. (7AM your time). Jenny feels like she is dying. She commands me to tell you, she will meet you in heaven. She refused to be hospitalized and we have just started her on Coartem 20/120. She just took 4 pills as directed and another in 12 hours.
I feared for her life last night. I prayed all night.
We are in Kigali in Motel vacim Kibababaga
We have 4 days till departure to USA .

We went to do the meeting and as soon as we got there, she began chattering teeth and spiked fever again up to and above 104. She is vomiting now again. She had taken some fluids through the night and held them for 18 hours. I was pleased to see her hydrated due to the bronchitis which has gone into pneumonia. She has been on amoxcycillin and I added Bactrim yesterday and plan to continue it. She is feeling very low but did not want to concern you. Then she commanded me to tell you she will meet you in heaven.
She had a lab result showing she is in real bad shape. They wanted to start an IV drip of Quinine but another doc said the coartem would help her well enough so now. If she keeps this down, she can avoid hospitalization. It is so bad for the English is not understood neither French nor KinyaRwanda. All the meds are not familiar to me.
We are praying that God will see us through this.
04 Mar 2007 by Larose

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