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GOOD NEWS: We made it home to USA and Jenny survived.

Praise God
AFTER THE LAST EMAIL requesting all to pray, things deteriorated.
Jenny did not keep oral medications down, and was hospitalized some 16 hours after diagnosis and the attempt to treat outside the hospital. She was immediately started on an IV drip of quinine. She was so close to death. She had no strength and color was ashen on Friday night. That night she was so very ill. Sabbath morning Diane called from USA and prayed with us and we saw her start to turn the corner. I was terrified of risk of secondary contaminations such as AIDS infection for there are so many patients of that diagnosis. The laundry could be seen drying on the line. I had to focus on heaven and trust in God's hand. Hand washed sheets and pillow cases drying in the sun at least was better than drying in some dark room avoiding rain. Needles used were new out of the sterile packet. The plates I was using for her eating were paper and paper cups. We even had some plastic forks for some of the meals. God did that for me to quiet my fears.

She had many IV restarts.Her IV did become infected and a red streak went up her arm and was sore for a day after discharge.

God worked so many miracles in the past 5 days. From the agony watching Jenny suffer every time she tried to eat, watching her hemoglobin dropping and seeing signs of deteriorating intestinal tract from falciparum malaria, we both feared it was the end. I did not want to close my eyes to sleep for fear I would not see her alive again. Each time she cried out in pain, I saw God work on her digestive system. I did not stop crying out to Him through the night. Her cries of pain were only relieved when we prayed. From what I was reading, her complications were grave. Her chances of surviving were so small. But because all of you were praying, God has raised her up.

When many came to sing to her Sabbath afternoon, she requested the song, "It is well with my soul." She said she was sure she was dying and she insisted on living. SINCE OUR HOME BURNED TO THE GROUND, MORE THAN 1000 have been baptized from our joint efforts in reaching for souls. Jenny told me she wants to keep on reaching for another 1000 this year.

When she was discharged from the hospital she told the doctor she was going to preach that evening and she did. That was a testimony which the whole church realized was nothing but the power of God. She even played her flute and sang. (She sat down often and was out of breath but was determined to do her part in the meeting)

Peter came into the hospital room Sabbath afternoon and said, now Jenny let us see if you can sing. Would you sing your song, "Hold out your light you heaven bound soldier". When she sang, her hearing was so bad (side effect of Quinine) but she kept on tune and was a bit out of breath but it cheered all who came to sing to her.

One child dies every 5 seconds of malaria. It is a sweet miracle from God to have Jenny out of danger. She had wheel chair service through all the airports and most of the time, I was able to ride also for I was porting her equipment and mine. We have safely reached home.
It was God's hand that Jenny did not reach crisis stage in Burundi and not be able to exit the blocked roads. Each evening by 5pm no one can leave the village for the capital city. Incubation is 7 days for falciparum but we were only 5 days after departing Burundi. It is estimated that the inoculation of malaria was received during outdoor preaching.

It was also God's hand that led Filipino couple to our meetings they had had a similar experience and understood our fears. She was educated well as a dentist and looked at the dangers the same way I did. She was not the only one struggling to find some food to interest Jenny. There were many fruits and vegetables offered her but she either rejected or vomited attempts. The Filipino dentist prepared gluten like I do and by Sabbath noon provided the first food in 5 days which interested Jenny. It was just right and Jenny began to recover after eating.

It was God's hand that gave me the strength to preach every evening and 3 times on Sabbath even after being up night and day with Jenny for 5 nights and I have been coughing. Only by God's strength, did I preach. Many came forward promising to be baptized.

Jenny's nurses watched all the visitors, choirs, and those bringing food and love. They said they had never seen one of Jenny's age so dedicated to God. One said she was going to visit our church. Jenny says if someone is saved because of her suffering, it was worth it to reach them for Jesus.

All are worried that I will be next. They have purchased the medications for me to keep in my pocket to take right away when symptoms come. I pray that those medications will not be needed. Malaria is a terrible killer.

We both are so happy to be home. We have 7 weeks of rest and then are going to seek souls in a very highly respected university in Rwanda. (Butari) God has told us to go April 17 and return May 15. That means we have time to do the request for Stephens village north of Kigali also if God grants his request. We will see what His will is. Let us now pray each day for angels to go ahead and begin stirring up a hungering for the word of God there.

Your fellow Co-laborer in the Master's Vineyard,
Dr. Rose and Jenny

04 Mar 2007 by Larose

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