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Bugs, Bats and Baptisms in Burundi
Dear Friends and Family,

I am forwarding this on to you because it touched my heart so much. If you would like to hear from Dr Rose from time to time you can join her mailing list by following the link at the bottom of this email. Dr. Rose is my sister and she travels extensively with her daughter Jenny doing medical work and holding evangelistic efforts centered around the Sanctuary model. Last year she was in 10 countries and was away from home for more than half the year Some of you may already be on her list and will receive this twice. My apologies.

Dr Rose and Jenny are in a difficult place and she is only able to send us email by loading them on a flash drive and sending them with someone to a place where they can be sent out. She asked me to pass on whichever of the notes below that I thought you might be interested in. Well.. I couldn't think of any to leave out. They certainly brought tears to my eyes as I felt their struggles in this difficult place and see their commitment to spreading the love of Jesus. Please continue to hold them up in your prayers. .... Jack Sample (Dr Rose's brother)


Dear Jack,
Please post these letters to all if you think all
would enjoy.
I am guessing you are in New Guinea. Praying for you.
I am in a place with no electricity. Generator
provides what we need and there are 5-6000 attending
per night. Last 3 nights we have had 150 requesting
Love ya

Dear husband,
I am sending out this message 7am on Wed in the hands
of someone promising to get these to the president of
Adventist work in Burundi who will send this email.
Thank you for praying. Life is very difficult as it
is a great controversy as Satan is loosing territory
in Buganda.
While I was preaching the bugs even entered my mouth
and inside my clothing biting and stinging. After the
altar call, I turned around and there was this huge
Rhinoceros beetle right at my feet. I am glad he never
struck me as he came forward during the altar call.
Jenny has put him in a container. The helpers wanted
to help her decide what to feed it. Butterflies are
also so interesting.
Last night an insect flew to me and clamped my mouth
shut with his claws like he was trying to stop me. I
shoved it aside and kept calling sinners to follow
You would be proud of your daughter in how she is
improving her public speaking and flute playing.
People think she is 20 years old instead of 15. She
still thinks like a child after meetings and clinic.
She still wants to play and cannot understand while
people shout at her to give them glasses. She says,
“mom, can you imagine demanding from a child that they
provide for your eyes?” I told her because she is
giving, she has left childhood in their minds and also
she is taller than mom.
Pray for Jenny, she is so sick it worries me.
Symptoms: nausea, head ache, sore throat, lungs
filling up, aching and shivering. She has a low grade
fever. We have mosquito nets but she did get some
bites at meeting. We are using insect repellent. We
both have fevers but Jenny has lung congestion. I will
take her for a walk each morning so she can get pure
air in the lungs. I scrubbed the room with Selsun blue
shampoo to destroy the mold. I washed our bathroom
more than 7 times and for now, It is a little better.
It seems there is bats in the roof and there are some
droppings and animal bite marks on our bowl of fruit
that appear to be rats. Pray for us. God can keep us
while we work for Him the best we can. Even while
plagued by fever, Jenny was strengthened and strongly
urged sinners to come to Jesus. As soon as she sat
down from preaching 2 hours, she was fainting. You
would be so proud of her determined heart to reach for
just one more soul to be able to hear the trumpet call
from Jesus and ascend in the sky for their home
because of her work for Jesus.
Last night she spoke with love about Patches who is
the first to greet us when we go home and how God kept
him alive when he was hit by a car. She tells all the
children of her dear daddy and her brothers. We sure
miss you and home. We pray daily for you.
I will try to get her antibiotics if I can get to
town tomorrow working on Bibles at the same time. If
it’s possible, please move some funds into Western
Union for us for BURUNDI. We will be in Bujumbura the
capital. There are road blockades that complicate our
travel. I will get there but the timing is not
certain. I have 9 more days.

Dear family,
I have a few specifics to certain ones helping us
right now on this project then a general note.

Dear Raymond, (nephew)
With joy we used the last of the battery on the
laptop this morning trying to defeat Satan in His
efforts to waken us with the beat and rhythm of the
jungle. Thousands are attending meetings and clinics
and we are in the waves of seas of people in the midst
of a famine. Government blocks roads by 5 pm to
control looting and selling of the food available in
this region. For several years these people have been
refugees in DRC and in Tanzania during war. Things are
peaceful. A few soldiers are guarding us each day at
our home and meeting and the captain of forces was at
clinic. This country is troubled with these final days
on this earth.
Thanks for singing for Jesus. Tears of joy come as
Jenny and I sing along with your reverent music.
( )Glad hymns of praise from your
heart bring us refreshment from the bombardment of the
beat which rocked our beds as we awakened this morning.
When we get home we hope to have some more music from
you to put on the laptop.
Thanks for letting God work through you.
Love auntie Rose

Dear Corrie, (niece)
We enjoyed your flute and your singing along. Jenny
dreamed she saw you and Raymond in heaven. Keep close
to our dear Jesus as you have in the past. May God
bless you in your training for Him.
Love auntie Rose

Dear Kody, (nephew)
WE did not get the Bibles needed for CONGO which is
just across the valley from us now. We are having
30-40 come forward each night for baptism and are
requesting Bibles for the baptism coming up on
Sabbath. Thanks for giving for Bibles. We are
investigating on these “Kirundi” Bibles.
Auntie Rose

Dear Kyle, (son)
Thank you for the art work which moves the audience
every meeting. Pray for the lighting to be covered
with clouds in the day time. The people come running
and press in to see the introduction video on the
sanctuary. Thank you for what you have done for Jesus.
I had a dream of this place before I came here. I
saw the beams on this building. The beams had birds on
them feeding their young. As I looked closer I saw the
birds were feeding people. Then yesterday I heard an
announcement after my church service. They were
reading a mandate from the governor demanding that
they not leave past the barricades to sell their food
to surrounding regions. The famine management was
planned to keep those growing food to keep their food.
It was the first I realized there was a problem with
food. The dream began to make sense.
I saw a little red bird on the beam and I remember
wondering how such a little red bird could have much
food for people. I found a red bird like the one in
the dream. It is about the size of the house finch,
maybe a little smaller. I don’t remember the other
birds, they were just coming and going.
At night we saw so many insects flying above the
curtains in the sanctuary under those beams. A bat
came in and was crawling about on the white sheet
eating up all he could hold. Many times while I am
preaching, the biting bugs enter my clothing and bite
me all over my chest. WOW, it is difficult to preach
while being bitten in such places. I just keep on
going and praying. While I was making the altar call,
a large insect came and gripped my upper and lower lip
shut like Satan was clamping my mouth shut and telling
me to stop. I just brushed it off and kept on calling.
There was a large number which I counted around 35 or
Love you
Dear Lloyd, (son)
I heard your voice in the night calling me. I began
praying for all my sons and husband at that hour of
3:41 in the afternoon for you on Sabbath or Sunday.
Hope all is well. I have no way of checking for
messages yet from you. I hope you all will write to
me. This seems our most difficult effort yet.
Pray for Jenny she is feeling so sick.

Dear Ian, (son)
I am praying for you every day. I am proud of you
for studying and planning to graduate. I expect to be
there. WE are in the end of time. I see so many signs
of it. I think we are near where Albert Switzer was
working for many of the words on the documentary are
spoken here. For example, the word for doctor is the
same. There is an old church from 1920 something that
is in ruins from the war which lasted up to a couple
of years ago. I was awake all Sabbath night. We have
had fever and headache every day except during our
presentations at meeting.
At first I was asked to walk the distance daily to
meeting but now they rent a taxi. It was impossible
for me to walk. I was fainting the first time I tried.
I looked up after praying and saw a bright rainbow
This audience is the largest one and tops our India
one. Last night the crowd seemed a bit smaller. Maybe
on the weekend it will be back up.
I think we are going next to Tanzania.

Dear family and friends,
We have held meetings now 5 days and the crowds are
greater than 5 thousand. It seems it has exceeded the
India crowds in 2003. WE see 1000 of them sitting in
the first few benches and beyond are people standing
packed around our “stadium” shelter where we are set
up. Pray for us to do a faithful job in spite of so
many challenges. Our work is so much but we have so
many wanting to help lighten our loads. We have made 3
calls and are pleased with the response. Children are
coming for both meetings and getting the greatest
information packet.
Not just people come to meeting. We have seen pigs,
goats, cattle, butterflies, creepy crawlies, bats,
dogs and……MOSQUITOES
Some big insects like the Rhinoceros beetle have
landed by us during meeting.
The lights attract so many bugs that they are
thicker than the cloth on the floor. The bites and
stings from them cause me to loose my train of thought
but God helps me get back onto the thought I was
trying to express.
They are doing their best to keep us comfortable.
We are getting hot water carried in by 6 AM and
good food for breakfast and lunch and supper. Clinic
keeps us busy with Adventists. Our room is very dark
and damp. We scrubbed it down again today after having
difficulty with fevers. We are happy for the progress
in the meetings. In clinic, we give health and Bible
messages before beginning We are trying to minister
to the non Adventists and win souls for the kingdom
but they don’t seem to want to allow it.
10 days and we will be back where we can
communicate. WE arrive on Sunday the 17th back in
Kigali and do a week of service there before flying
home. I think our next effort will be in Tanzania but
date is not yet fixed. We have lost communication line
with Janet who invited us. WE expect God will make it
clear soon as always.
God bless all of you
Pray for us to have enough Bibles for all who are
going to be baptized.
Your fellow Co-laborer in the Master’s Vineyard,
Dr. Rose
05 Mar 2007 by Larose

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