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Needs for Our Next Africa Trip
Dear Family and friends,
Thanks for praying for Jenny, she is gathering Bible funds and making many cookies to sell to get more Bibles for Africa.

Every day we are packing and preparing for Butare University, Rwanda, Africa. We leave April 17. There is a mountain of work to do. God promises to strengthen us for getting it all done in time.
God really blessed us today as we are preparing DVDS of our answers to prayer. We ran out of supplies and had no functioning car to go to town. We called up our friend Betty. She does not let her number of birthdays stop her from working for Jesus. She is the one who housed us after the fire and after we were in the women's shelter. She loves Jesus. She is in her 80's. She loves to help with mission work so she quickly came over to take us to the computer store. The high speed DVDs usually cost 40 dollars for a package of 100 plus tax. These take less time to copy the volume we are doing. We were surprised that there was a managers special for 18 dollars. We praised God. The sale was only for Sunday March 18, that day. I think God made it happen just for our needs.
Betty asked if there was anything else we needed. Since we needed some hair gel, she took us to the General Store. We were surprised to see some giant suitcases for sale. Every trip takes its toll on our suitcases. The holes and zipper breakage is the usual by the time the cases have been through so many airports and traveled in pickups and back and forth each day to clinic. These sturdy cases have served well through mud, rain, being thrown 20 feet, and sat on. We have checked prices in other stores and we recognized this sale was good for us. We needed two sets but we wanted to be so careful with the few dollars we have since we still have Jenny's tickets to get. I wanted to also get the big red set for Jenny. We will go back and hope to find it later.
We had never seen suitcases for sale there. The price was better than we have found in other locations. God did this special blessing for us. AGAIN THESE BLESSINGS were a comfort to us. God cares about Butare University in Rwanda. He knows how many challenges we face and He is able to have people give and also to make special sales on items we need.
Jenny has a list of items for children's meetings. She spent all her allowance funds to get what she could but still there are many more items to get. Go to for details.
Your fellow co-workers in the Master's Vineyard,
Dr. Rose and Jenny

CHILDRENS LIST: Pencils, Nature stickers like butterflies, flowers, animals, birds; color crayons, toy cars, plastic frogs & snakes & geckos, markers, pens, animals, memory verse cards, picture rolls, book markers with Bible verses, pictures of Jesus and angels, ten commandments posters, seeds of flowers and vegetables
Medicine Bag NEEDS List: 2X2 gauze (200), 4 inch Kerlix dressing gauze rolls (25), Ophthalmoscope, thermometer, hot water bottle, ice bag, tongue blades, 2 inch and 4 inch and 6 inch ace bandages, large bandaids, activated charcoal 1 gallon, 4 towels, antibiotics, Rocephen 500 mg bottles, antibiotic skin cream, scabies medicine lindane lotion or qwell, bleph - 10 ophthalmic gtts, IV tubing set with butterfly #25 and 22, Metronidazole (flagyl) 500 mg, Malaria medications: Larium, Vitamin B complex, childrens chewable vitamins, prenatal vitamins #100
100-250 used glasses and 100 new reading glasses. ( dollar store has them $1 each)
Final Events DVDS: 300 in spools of 100 from Amazing Facts
BIBLES: 1000 BIBLES in local Africa language Kenyaruanda
BIBLE LESSON BOOK PRINTNG: Swahili translation being done
AIRLINE TICKETING NbO to KGL 980. Spokane to NBO 1,420.

Daily we are praying for funding for Jenny's airline tickets (1,420) and the Nairobi to Kigali portion which is (468) each plus tax. In Nairobi we have to wait 16 hours for our connection flight. If that one is booked by the time we have funds, we wait another 6 hours and take the evening flight. That makes us have to stay in Kigali over night and makes it so we cannot set up the sanctuary in time for the first 4 weekend programs.
20 Mar 2007 by Larose

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